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  • Multiplex Green Booster (Major Nutrients) Multiplex Green Booster (Major Nutrients)

    Multiplex Multiplex Green Booster PGI

    Multiplex Green Booster contains a complex mixture containing all major nutrients derived from organic source. it is enriched with humic acid, fulvic acid, and amino acids. all these ingredients are blended to form granulated shiny black beads. Mode of Application: Soil application Product Description: Better absorption of nutrients from soil and resulting in good plant growth and increased yield. It slowly release the nutrients, reducing the wastage due to evaporation and volatilization. Improves binding capacity of soil particles which prevents leaching loss of nutrients in soil. Improves enzymatic activities in plant, thereby increases stress resistance. Improves appearance and keeping quality of fruits and vegetables. Dosage: 2kg/acre

    Rs. 448.05 - Rs. 807.36

  • Aries Hortistar Secondary Nutrient Deficiencies

    Aries Aries Hortistar Secondary Nutrient - 500 GM

    Benefits Supplies required phosphorous and potash in balance proportion along with secondary nutrients. Improves flowering and fruit setting of the crop. Helps in better development of fruits and prevents splitting. Improves disease and pest resistance of crop. Imparts green colour and improves photosynthesis. Increases yield & quality of produce.

    Rs. 388.00

  • Aries Boron-20 Secondary Nutrient Multimicronutrients

    Aries Aries Boron-20 Secondary Nutrient - 250 GM (Pack of 3)

    Benefits Boron increases nitrogen availability to the plant. Boron influences cell development and elongation of cells. Boron is involved in the nodulation of legumes.

    Rs. 423.00

  • Anshul Zinc Max Micro Nutrient - 1 KG Anshul Zinc Max Micro Nutrient - 1 KG

    Anshul Anshul Zinc Max Micro Nutrient - 1 KG

    Technical Content: Major, Secondary and Micronutrients Anshul Zinc Max Contains Zinc sulphate 21.0 %. Mode of Application: Foliar Spray Benefits: Zinc promotes growth hormones & starch formation. It promotes seed maturation & production. It is required by several enzyme systems & auxins & in protein synthesis. It also improves disease resistance in plants. Dosage : Soil Application: Apply minimum  5.0 kg per acre at the time of sowing or transplanting. For horticulture crops, apply 50 - 75 g per tree/ palm, once in six months.Foliar Application: Dissolve 3.0 g in one liter of water and spray on both surface of the leaves.

    Rs. 230.00

  • Multiplex Twin (13:00:45) Fertilizer Crops Multiplex Twin (13:00:45) Fertilizer

    Multiplex Multiplex Twin (13:00:45) Fertilizer

    1 review

    Mode of Application: Foliar Spray, Fertigation Product Description: Multiplex Twin is 100% water-soluble fertilizer and contains Nitrogen (13%) & Potassium (45%).It is suitable for fertigation and foliar spray and can be used for correcting N & K deficiency symptoms. Twin can be used for all crops. Dosage : For foliar spray, dissolve Multiplex Twin @ 3–4g/liter of water. For Fertigation apply Multiplex Twin @ 4 -5 kg/acre on all crops.

    Rs. 435.00 - Rs. 10,605.30

  • Syngenta Filia Fungicide Application Syngenta Filia Fungicide Crops

    Syngenta Syngenta Filia Fungicide

    Syngenta Filia fungicide is highly recommended for major diseases of Rice crops. Filia is a specialty product for Blast disease and grain discoloration. Propiconazole in Filia fungicide interferes with the fungi's synthesis and permeability, thereby creating an unstable fungal body.

    Rs. 292.00 - Rs. 2,494.00

  • Bayer Melody Duo Fungicide Crop Bayer Melody Duo Fungicide Disease

    Bayer Bayer Melody Duo Fungicide

    1 review

    Product Description: Bayer Melody Duo is a modern fungicide containing two active ingredients Iprovalicarb and Propineb. It provides excellent control of a broad range of fungal species from Oomcytes class (eg. Plasmospora viola., Phytophthora spp., Pseudoperonospora spp., Peronospora spp.) with high plant compatibility. The major crops in which Melody Duo can be effectively used are those in which Downy mildew and Late blight are economically damaging viz. grapes and potato. Technical Content - Iprovalicarb 5.5% + Propineb 61.25% w/w WP (66.75 WP) Mode of Action - Iprovalicarb is a protective, curative and antisporulant fungicide with translaminar and acropetal mode of action. It gets distributed evenly in plants. It is an inhibitor of phospholipid biosynthesis and cell wall synthesis. Propineb is a non-specific, multi-site fungicide with protective action against germinating conidia. It works as a good curative and anti-sporulant on disease causing pathogens. Benefits Melody Duo is Very effective against Downy mildew in Grapes and Late blight in Potato. Melody duo is highly efficient – antisporulant, protective and eradicative in action. Good protection of young developing leaves and shoots. Melody duo improves quality and disease free produce at harvest Better resistance management, because of synergistic combination of two active ingredients. CROP AND TARGET DISEASE Potato: Give first spray as soon as late blight symptoms appear on the leaves and one or two sprays more depending on the disease intensity. Grape : Give the fist spray at 3-4 leaf stage (15 days after pruning) followed by 1-2 more sprays at 10-12 days interval based on the intensity of the disease. Crop Target Disease Potato Late Blight Grape Downy Mildew   Dosage:  Use Melody Duo 1.5 ml per liter of water Pack sizes: 100 g, 400 g, 800 g

    Rs. 340.00 - Rs. 2,182.00

  • PI Nominee Gold Herbicide - 100 ML PI Nominee Gold Herbicide - 100 ML Crops

    PI PI Nominee Gold Herbicide - 100 ML

    Technical Content : Bispyribac Sodium 10% SC Features NOMINEE GOLD controls major grasses, sedges and broad leaf weeds of rice. NOMINEE GOLD offers a wide application window from 2-5 leaf stages of weeds. NOMINEE GOLD gives freedom of need based application only when the weeds emerge. NOMINEE GOLD is safe for rice. NOMINEE GOLD gets absorbed quickly in weeds and results are unaffected even if it rains after 6 hours of application. NOMINEE GOLD has low dosage thus cost effective. Application Method Shake the bottle well before well Targeted weeds should directly be exposed to NOMINEE GOLD spray Use Flat fan / Flood jet nozzle only Ensure uniform spray only Avoid Spray if rain is expected in 6 hrs. Re-flood the field within 48 - 72 hrs. of application. Maintain water for 5-7 days to suppress weed emergence. Dosage : Use PI Nominee Gold 200 - 250 ml (20 - 25 g a.i.)

    Rs. 499.00 - Rs. 968.00

  • Syngenta Polo Insecticide Syngenta Polo Insecticide Crops

    Syngenta Syngenta Polo Insecticide

    Syngenta Polo® provides powerful control against aphids and whiteflies. It gives immediate crop protection through permanent feeding inhibition. Formulated with the active ingredient Diafenthiuron and suspension concentrate provides consistent biological efficacy. Technical Content: Syngenta Polo Insecticide contains Diafenthiuron 50% W Target Pests / Insects: Cotton - Whitefly, Thrips, Aphids and Jassids, Cabbage-Diamond Black Moth, Chilli-Mites, Brinjal-Whitefly, Cardamon-Thrips, Capsule Borer Major Crops: Cotton, Cabbage, Chilli, Brinjal, Cardamon Dosage: 250GM / Acer

    Rs. 795.00 - Rs. 3,496.00

  • Koppert Veni Micro Biostimulant

    Koppert Koppert Veni Micro Biostimulant

    • Protein hydrolysates biostimulant enriched with secondary & trace elements (Magnesium, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zinc) and encapsulated by biopolymer suspended in water. • Nano technological product • 100% water soluble and efficient in correcting nutrient deficiencies in crops • Suitable for foliar application and through drip application Dose: 2ml per litre of water as foliar spray/drip application at 15-20 days intervals (3 - 5 sprays/crop cycle, 500ml/ acre/ application)

    Rs. 140.00 - Rs. 960.00

  • Multiplex NP Plus (12:61:00) Fertilizer- 1 KG Crops Multiplex NP Plus (12:61:00) Fertilizer- 1 KG

    Multiplex Multiplex NP Plus (12:61:00) Fertilizer- 1 KG

    Technical Content : Multiplex NP Plus contains 12% Nitrogen & Phosphorus 61% in 100% water soluble form. Multiplex NP Plus is 100% water soluble fertilizer which contains Nitrogen and Phosphorus which are in easily soluble and available form. It improves root, shoot growth along with health of the plants. Reduces flower drop and increases fruit setting. Improves the yield both by quality and quantity Dosage : Dissolve 4 to 5 gram of NP Plus in one litre of water and spray on plants. Fertigation: Use 1 to 3 kg of Multiplex NP-Plus per acre either through drip or through sprinkler system of irrigation. Note: Multiplex NP-Plus should not be mixed with Calcium and Magnesium containing fertilizer.

    Rs. 400.20

  • Multiplex Falcon (Plant growth promoter) All crops Multiplex Falcon (Plant Growth Promoter)

    Multiplex Multiplex Falcon (Plant Growth Promoter)

    Multiplex Falcon contains major, minor plant nutrients, Alginic acid, Vitamins, Auxin and at least two Gibberellins and Antibiotics Mode of Application: Foliar spray Product Description: Multiplex Falcon contains antibiotics, Vitamins and other natural ingredients that gives more energy to plants and helps in inducing resistance against fungal diseases. It acts as biocatalyst and enhances the rate of metabolic activity in plants. Dosage: Use Multiplex Falcon 1 ml per liter of water

    Rs. 192.27 - Rs. 3,119.82

  • Swal Mit Plus Insecticide - 500 ML Crops Swal Mit Plus Insecticide - 500 ML

    Swal Swal Mit Plus Insecticide - 500 ML

    Technical Name : Ethion 40%+ Cypermethrin 5% EC Mode of Action: Stomach and contact Major Crops: Cotton, Chilli, Pulses, Tea Target Pests: Mites, Thrips, Whitefly, Pod borer, American Bollworms, Heliothis & Spodoptera Dosage : Use Swal Mit Plus Per acer 400-500 ml

    Rs. 460.00

  • Multiplex Multi Pk (0:52:34) Fertilizer - Agriplex Multiplex Multi Pk (0:52:34) Fertilizer - Agriplex

    Multiplex Multiplex Multi Pk (0:52:34) Fertilizer

    Product Description Multi PK is 100% water soluble fertilizer which contains Mono Potassium Phosphate (00:52:34) .Multi PK contains two major plant nutrients viz., Phosphorus and Potassium essential for plant nutrition and growth. Chemical Composition:  Multi PK contains Phosphorus as P2O5  (52%) & Potassium as K2O (34%) Mode of Application: Foliar Spray, Fertigation Benefits: Increases in the Quality and yield of the crop. Helps in better fruit formation Increases fruit Size, shelf life and quality Suitable for all crops Improves luster, color uniformity and taste Suitable Crops All Vegetable Crops - Tomato, Chili, Coriander, Potato etc All Fruit Crops - Banana, Papaya, Watermelon etc All Field Crops - Wheat, Paddy, Soyabean etc. All Horticulture Crops - Coconut, Arecanut etc Dosage : For foliar spray, dissolve @ 3–5g/litre of water. For Fertigation apply @ 4-5 kg/acre on all crops. Packing Available - 500G, 1KG, 25KG Note Fertigation: Use dosage based on results of the soil analysis, crop and its growth stage. However, do not mix with calcium and magnesium fertilizers.

    Rs. 448.05

  • Geolife Nano Mn (Manganese Micro Nutrient) Fertilizer - Agriplex Geolife Nano Mn (Manganese Micro Nutrient) Fertilizer - Agriplex

    Rs. 890.00

  • Multiplex Magzinc (Micronutrient Fertilizer for Cereal Crops)- Powder Crop Multiplex Magzinc (Micronutrient Fertilizer for Cereal Crops)- Powder

    Multiplex Multiplex Magzinc (Micronutrient Fertilizer for Cereal Crops)- Powder

    Technical Content: Contains secondary & Micronutrients like Magnesium, Zinc, Boron and other Bio-stimulants. Mode of Application: Foliar spray. Product Description: Multiplex Magzinc is a multi micronutrient fertilizer designed for cereal crops. Magzinc keeps the plant healthy, improves drought and disease resistance in plants. It helps in uniform maturity, size, color, shape and enhances sweetness in fruits. Improves the yield both by quality and quantity. Dosage: Use Multiplex Magzinc 2-3 gm/acre.

    Rs. 330.60

  • Swal Starclaim Insecticide - 250 GM

    Swal Swal Starclaim Insecticide - 250 GM

    Technical Content : Emamectin benzoate 5% SG. Mode of Action : Contact & Stomach. Major Crops : Cotton, Chilli, Tomato, Pulses, Okra, Brinjal, Cabbage, Grapes. . Target Pests : Heliothis, Spodoptera, DBM, Thrips. Starclaim Insecticide is water soluble granular formulation contains 5% active ingredient and is recommended for the control of bollworms on cotton and fruit and shoot borer on okra. Dosage : Use Swal Starclaim per acre : 100 g.

    Rs. 585.00

  • Dividend Fungicide Syngenta Syngenta Dividend  Fungicide  Crops

    Syngenta Syngenta Dividend (Difenoconazole) Fungicide - 5 KG

    Syngenta DIVIDEND® is a high-performance, broad spectrum seed applied fungicide. It has systemic action. Dividend penetrates into the seed and is also able to control deep-seated pathogens like wheat loose smut whose inoculum is located in the embryo. DIVIDEND® has outstanding efficacy against major seed & soil borne diseases on cereals. Unique activity against Loose Smut in wheat. This results in better root development for a healthy crop establishment due to efficient utilization of nutrients.  DIVIDEND® provides excellent crop safety. Dose: For Wheat Crops use Syngenta Dividend @ 2gm/kg of seed

    Rs. 8,357.00

  • Multiplex Fallout Pheromone Trap Crop Multiplex Fallout Pheromone Trap for Fall Armyworm

    Multiplex Multiplex Fallout Pheromone Trap for Fall Armyworm

    Benefits: Multiplex Fallout is a pheromone trap for Fall Armyworm. Fall Armyworm (FAW) Spodoptera frugiperda is a major and serious insect pest on maize. Infestation in India due to FAW ranges from 2 to 35 per cent on maize. Use Multiplex Fall-Out for monitoring and effective management of Fall Armyworm. It is called armyworm because in its larval stage,individuals gather in huge masses (army), which can destroy large tracks of crops. DOSAGE & Methods Of Application: Use 6 Fallout traps for half acre Time Of Erection: 15-20 days after sowing of seeds

    Rs. 847.38

Nitrogen-rich (urea, ammonium nitrate), phosphorus-based (superphosphate, bone meal), potassium-containing (potassium sulfate, potassium chloride), organic matter (compost, manure), balanced NPK fertilizers (10-10-10).


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