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  • T Stanes Bio-Nematon Nematicide - 1 LT T Stanes Bio-Nematon Nematicide - 1 LT

    TStanes T Stanes Bio-Nematon Nematicide - 1 LT

    Benefits: BioNematon effectively controls root knot nematodes, burrowing nematodes, cyst nematodes, lesion nematodes etc., that affect a wide range of crops. It controls the target nematode pests effectively. It is environment friendly and suitable for organic cultivation. It is an ‘organic certified’ product. Target Insects/Pests: Root-Knot Nematodes (WP formulation), Root-Knot Nematodes (LF formulation) Dosage: Use T Stanes Bio-Nematon Powder – 1.2 kg / acre and 3.0 Kg / ha Liquid – 2.5 liter/ acre and 6.0 liter/ ha First application: 20 days after planting.

    Rs. 380.00

  • Samruddi Jarilo Nematode Control Samruddi Jarilo Nematode Control

    Samruddi Samruddi Jarilo Nematode Control

    Chemical Composition :  Actives: Botanical extracts of Cymbopogon spp + Pinus spp 4-5%Enhancers: Botanical extracts of Citrus Spp + Pinus Spp + Citronella Spp + Eucalyptus Spp 4-7% Produc Stimulates the defence activities of the plant. It enhances the defence mechanism of plants, helping the plant to fight against Nematode. 1.After Mixing the solution should be used same day. 2. Spraying should cover the complete plant area 3. Effective on all types of Crops Dosage : Use Samruddi Hoori 500ml / acre Before Transplating or within 7 days of Transplanting.

    Rs. 218.50 - Rs. 381.00

  • Multiplex Safe Root (Bio Nematicide) - 1 KG Multiplex Safe Root (Bio Nematicide) - 1 KG

    Multiplex Multiplex Safe Root (Bio Nematicide) - 1 KG

    Technical Content: Multiplex Safe Root Contains Trichoderma harzianum1.0% WP (Min. 2 x 106 CFU /gm in Carrier-Based) Mode of Application: Multiplex Safe Root can be used for Soil application Product Description: Multiplex Safe Root Controls most of soil-borne nematodes (PPN) and works as Bio Nematicide. It Helps in healthy roots formation which will absorb plant nutrients & water as and when required by the plant. This will lead to healthy plant growth which in turn will result in increased yield. PRECAUTIONS: Don’t mix Multiplex Safe Root with Any fungicide & Harsh chemicals. Dosage: Seed Treatment: Multiplex Safe Root can be used for coating the seed  at the rate of 10 to 20 gm per kg of seed before sowing  Drenching: Mix 2 kg of Safe Root in 200 liters of water and drench the solution to the base of the plant with 1 to 2 liters per tree. Repeat the drenching after 15 days.  Soil Application: For one-acre mix about 2 to 5 kg Multiplex Safe Root with 100 kgs of Multiplex Annapurna /500 kg well-decomposed compost broadcast in the field.  Pit Application: For plantation crops apply 25 grams of Multiplex safe root in the pit before planting. After planting, about 25 grams of the safe root can be mixed with 2 kg compost and sprinkled around the plant in the soil.

    Rs. 438.00


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