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  • Coconut Tree Climbing machine with Safety Belt

    Others Coconut Tree Climber without Safety Belt

    Coconut Tree Climber is used to climb on a coconut tree manually. It is just of 7kgs weight but very strong. This is heavy duty Coconut Tree Climber Made up of stainless steel Rod. Not only used for coconut tree climbing but also areca nut tree, etc .It is specially designed for skilled & unskilled climbers ( Semi Skilled ) who wants to climb the trees.   The main advantage of Coconut Tree climber is that it can be used for the trees of different girth, this is possible by simply changing the wire rope. Salient Features : Two nos Stainless steel Vertical Rod With Double Rope Assembly Heavy Duty GI Wire Rope used  Person Weighing 150 Kg Can Climb Easily 360 Degree Rotation Made in India Coconut Tree Climber This coconut climbing machine comes with a Harness

    Rs. 3,150.00

  • STIHL FR 3001 Brushcutter Backpack Autocut - Agriplex STIHL FR 3001 Brushcutter Backpack Autocut

    STIHL STIHL FR 3001 Brushcutter Backpack Autocut

    1 review

    This brushcutter is very powerful and towards a slightly heavier side which makes it easy to work in bigger areas. This product has a 4 Stroke engine. You can execute tasks like cutting, trimming, and shaping with this machinery. With a displacement of 30.5 CC, this is an ideal tool. This machinery will help you manage weeds, crops, grass, paddy, woods, and other foliage. Along with that, the type of fuel used here is petrol. Stihl provides you with one of the best-powered brush cutters which could be used for various tasks.

    Rs. 12,960.00

  • STIHL SR 5600 Mist Blower - Agriplex STIHL SR 5600 Mist Blower

    STIHL STIHL SR 5600 Mist Blower

    SR 5600 Mist blower is the powerful mist blower for spreading pellets, grass seed, pesticides. Large range. Large-capacity spray tank. Versatile range of accessories.

    Rs. 20,740.00

  • Sampoorti Sprayer - Varsha Gold

    Sampoorti Sampoorti Sprayer - Varsha Gold (Double Motor)

    VARSHA GOLD is an 18-litre capacity battery operated knapsack sprayer with Dual motor and pump which generates high-pressure.   Features Single functional battery sprayer Dual motor and pump generates high-pressure Dual switch for dual motor control High-quality sprayer with a robust and durable design An additional set of lance, trigger assembly and nozzle for variable uses of  spray. Additional adjustable nozzles and measuring cup provided Double filter safety to protect nozzles from clogging Personal protection kit provided Easy to clean Specifications 18 L large tank capacity Battery 12V/12Ah Dual motor pump

    Rs. 3,700.00

  • Bypass Secateur -180mm - Agriplex

    Others Bypass Secateur -180mm

    Features: Bypass cutting action for a clean, close cut Long, 180mm blade for good reach Ergonomic handles for comfort and control Sharpened steel blades for a clean cut every time Spring-loaded mechanism for easy operation Benefits: Ideal for cutting young or soft wood Good for semi-woody garden bushes and shrubs Precise and clean cuts Durable and reliable Easy to operate Applications: Pruning trees and shrubs Trimming hedges Deadheading flowers Removing diseased or damaged branches Shaping plants

    Rs. 130.00

  • STIHL FS 230 Brushcutter Autocut - Agriplex STIHL FS 230 Brushcutter Autocut

    STIHL STIHL FS 230 Brushcutter Autocut

    Powerful and tough trimmer or brushcutter, this is it. With a high power-to-weight ratio and superior torque, the FS 250 bike handle trimmer will cut its way out of saw grass, Bahia grass, and heavy brush—without bogging down in tough conditions. NOTE: Barrier bar and large deflector must be attached when using a grass blade with a loop handle.

    Rs. 21,480.00

  • SAM Steel Wire Trimmer Head 6" - Agriplex

    Rs. 589.00

  • Sale -10% STIHL SR 450 Mist Blower - Agriplex STIHL SR 450 Mist Blower

    STIHL STIHL SR 450 Mist Blower

    SR 450 Mistblower fitted with a quick 2-in-1 conversion mechanism for dusting and spraying granules. Easy and precise dust metering.

    Rs. 39,908.00Rs. 36,000.00

  • STIHL BG 50 Blower, Handheld - Agriplex

    Rs. 13,882.00

  • SAM Brush Cutter Water Pump Attachment - Agriplex

    Rs. 851.00

  • STIHL FS 55 Brushcutter With Autocut - Agriplex STIHL FS 55 Brushcutter With Autocut

    STIHL STIHL FS 55 Brushcutter With Autocut

    Low weight, compact brushcutter with fully adjustable bike handle for larger mowing tasks. Practical control handle with integral throttle trigger and slide control run/stop selector.

    Rs. 16,728.00

  • STIHL AP 300 Battery - Agriplex

    Rs. 13,989.00

  • Professional Foldable Manual Saw - Agriplex Professional Foldable Manual Saw - Agriplex

    Others Professional Foldable Manual Saw

    Benefits: The folding design makes this saw easy to store and transport, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The durable carbon steel blade with hardened teeth is perfect for cutting through tough wood, branches, and other materials. The ergonomic rubber handle provides a comfortable grip, even when you're using the saw for extended periods of time. The safety lock prevents the saw from closing accidentally, keeping you safe while you're working. This versatile saw is ideal for a variety of cutting tasks, making it a must-have for any home or workshop. Applications: Pruning trees and shrubs Cutting firewood Camping and backpacking Construction and remodeling Woodworking

    Rs. 250.00

  • STIHL SR 420 Mist Blower - Agriplex STIHL SR 420 Mist Blower

    STIHL STIHL SR 420 Mist Blower

    SR 420 Mist blower is a powerful mist blower with comfortable shoulder straps. Standard with cone, deflection and double deflection mesh.

    Rs. 31,800.00

  • Gardening Gloves - Agriplex

    Others Gardening Gloves

    Benefits: Protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, and dirt Provide a secure grip on tools and plants Keep your hands cool and comfortable Make gardening more enjoyable Applications: Gardening Landscaping Yard work Flower arranging Plant care

    Rs. 120.00

  • Sampoorti Sprayer TINGU

    Sampoorti Sampoorti Sprayer TINGU

    Features Portable frame with ergonomic design and durability Long-lasting rechargeable battery Easy start and stop function Heavy-duty, high-pressure dual pumps Greater control over the spray pressure and volume Long-lasting brass joint and stainless steel lance Quality accessories including delivery and suction hose Specifications Battery 12V/12Ah Double motor pump Multipurpose connector High-pressure spray lance + normal spray lance 10-meter delivery Hose, Suction Hose, Strainer, Charger, Portable Frame, 35cm Spraying Lance, Tool Kit

    Rs. 4,400.00

  • STIHL MSA 200 Chainsaw - Agriplex STIHL MSA 200 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MSA 200 Chainsaw

    With the MSA 200 C-B chainsaw, just squeeze the trigger and start cutting. In addition to easy starting, our battery-powered tools produce zero emissions and are quieter than their gasoline-powered counterparts, making them an ideal choice for areas with emission or noise restrictions. Powered by an interchangeable STIHL Lithium-Ion battery, this chainsaw delivers enough power to take on just about any cutting job on your property.

    Rs. 23,123.00

  • STIHL MS 180 Chainsaw - Agriplex STIHL MS 180 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 180 Chainsaw

    Compact chainsaw for cutting firewood and property maintenance. The economical 2-MIX engine supplies the saw with plenty of power, whilst remaining light and well balanced. Easy access to the side chain tensioner offers a simple approach to basic maintenance.

    Rs. 16,356.00 - Rs. 16,788.00

  • STIHL FS 250 Brush Cutter - Agriplex STIHL FS 250 Brush Cutter

    STIHL STIHL FS 250 Brush Cutter

    Type 2 Stroke Engine STIHL HP 2.2 HP Displacement (CC) 40.2 cc RPM   Fuel Petrol + Oil Carry Type Side Pack Kgs 6.3 kg Free Accessories  

    Rs. 35,760.00

  • STIHL FS 120 Brushcutter - Agriplex STIHL FS 120 Brushcutter

    STIHL STIHL FS 120 Brushcutter

    Powerful professional brushcutter GeneralTechnical specificationsFeaturesCutting ToolsAccessoriesDocuments With perfect balance and an excellent power-to-weight ratio, it is ideal for professional brushcutting. A rigid drive shaft ensures top performance all day. Elastostart ensures easy start-up and a long-life filter system, with compensator and self-cleaning, considerably extends intervals between cleaning.

    Rs. 27,360.00

  • STIHL MM 56 Multi engine - witthout attachment - Agriplex

    Rs. 35,675.00

  • TAPAS PAHALWAAN-101 Single Motor Battery Sprayer - 12X8 - Agriplex

    Tapas TAPAS PAHALWAAN-101 Single Motor Battery Sprayer - 12X8

    Product Description This sprayer has multiple applications and is widely used in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, plantations, forestry, gardens, institutions, universities, etc. Suitable for spraying weedicides, Insecticides, and water-soluble medicines on crops, sanitizing infected objects, etc. It comes with a high tank capacity of 20 liters and four nozzles that displays different spraying volume when attached to it. Equipped with a High Performance and long-lasting 12Vx8A Dry Acid battery. The charging time of this Battery Sprayer is just 3 Hours and one can easily spray 15-20 tanks of liquid volume within a single charge. No manual efforts are required to create pressure. Easily Perform Continuous & Mist spray in 10 feet radius range. FEATURES & BENEFITS Top-selling Battery Sprayer in India. User-friendly operation. Spraying can be done by pressing a single button. Fitted with a regulator for controlling the pressure. Equipped with a Long-lasting and HI-performance Dry lead battery. Fitted with backrest and shoulder pad for comfortable spraying. 6 Months Warranty. Accessories and Spare parts available all over India. MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS Model: TAPAS 101. Brand: TAPAS. Capacity: 20 L. Item Dimensions: 39 x 22 x 49 Centimeters. Production Capacity: 12Volt x 8Ampere/hour. Gross Weight: 4.8 Kg. Avg. Work Pressure: 300 Kpa. Nozzles: 4 Different types. Color: Yellow. Power Source: Battery Water Flow: 3.1 L/Min Motor pressure :90 Psi

    Rs. 2,450.00

  • SAM Saw Blade 16" - Agriplex

    SAM Spare Parts SAM Saw Blade 16"

    Rs. 483.00

  • STIHL FSE 81 Brushcutter Autocut - Agriplex STIHL FSE 81 Brushcutter Autocut

    STIHL STIHL FSE 81 Brushcutter Autocut

    High-performance electric brushcutter with loop handle and soft grip, ideal for mowing large areas near the home. With Tap´n´go AutoCut C 5-2 line head. Powerful 1000 W electric motor with electronic speed control. Vibration dampening soft grip handle and gauge wheel to protect objects from the cutting line.

    Rs. 10,685.00

  • STIHL FR 230 Clearing Saw Backpack Autocut - Agriplex STIHL FR 230 Clearing Saw Backpack Autocut

    STIHL STIHL FR 230 Clearing Saw Backpack Autocut

    For mowing work in areas that are difficult to access. Great for mowing tasks, with metal tools and a nylon mowing head. Multi-function handle, loop handle, padded carrying system.

    Rs. 23,236.00

  • MD-10H FLY MORE- Agriculture Pesticide Spraying Drone MD-10H FLY MORE- Agriculture Pesticide Spraying Drone

    M-Drone MD-10H FLY MORE- Agriculture Pesticide Spraying Drone

    MD-10H series agricultural drone is a Hex-copter drone manufactured with high-strength carbon fibers, impact-resistant molded materials, and aerospace-grade aluminum materials. MD-10H is an 10 kg payload drone for spraying agricultural inputs in farming land.  MD-10H FLY MORE Includes  16000 mAh Battery x 8 Terrain Radar Obstacle Radar T12 Camera PC1080 Charger x 1  Comprehensive Tool Box Hard Case Comprehensive Insurance 1 Year Complimentary AMC

    Rs. 1,000,000.00

  • SAM BC 3mm Round Rope Bundle(Glass) - Agriplex

    Rs. 902.00

  • Gardeining Secateur - Agriplex

    Others Gardeining Secateur

    Benefits: Makes pruning easier and more efficient Reduces the risk of damaging plants Promotes healthy growth Lasts for many years with proper care Applications: Pruning flowers, shrubs, and trees Trimming hedges Harvesting fruits and vegetables Removing dead or diseased branches Shaping plants

    Rs. 250.00

  • SAM Trolley Type Brush Cutter Wheel - Agriplex

    Rs. 534.00

  • SAM 3mm 50mtrs Steel Rope - Agriplex

    SAM Spare Parts SAM 3mm 50mtrs Steel Rope

    Rs. 589.00

  • SAM Trolley Brush Cutter Drive Shaft - Agriplex

    Rs. 1,058.00

  • SAM BC 28mm Clutch Drum Housing - Agriplex

    Rs. 761.00

  • Sampoorti Sprayer - Balwan

    Sampoorti Sampoorti Sprayer - Balwan (20 Liter Sprayer)

    Sprayer Balwan is a 20-litre capacity battery operated knapsack sprayer. It is particularly useful in medium to large scale agricultural systems to spray pesticides and weedicides. Features 2 in 1 multi-functional sprayer– both battery and manually operated Heavy-duty, high-pressure pump High-quality sprayer with a robust and durable design Long-lasting brass joint, stainless steel lance and heavy trigger Additional adjustable nozzles and measuring cup provided Double filter safety to protect nozzles from clogging Personal protection kit provided Additional LED light for night work Easy to clean Specifications 20 L large tank capacity Battery 12V/12Ah. LED bulb 5 Watt. 4 lpm pump

    Rs. 3,800.00

  • STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw - Agriplex STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw

    A step up from the MS 230, the MS 250 is light enough to move through smaller tasks like clearing or cleanup but packs a powerful enough punch to cut through small limbs and trees. A combination of features and a high power-to-weight ratio makes this one of the best homeowner chainsaws on the market.

    Rs. 27,360.00 - Rs. 28,810.00

  • STIHL MS 194 T Chainsaw - Agriplex STIHL MS 194 T Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 194 T Chainsaw

    STIHL's versatile arborist saw. For a range of tasks such as crown maintenance, dead wood removal, and removal of trunk and branch shoots. With a 3/8" P saw chain, for a precise cut. Improved cutting performance due to the new 2-MIX engine.

    Rs. 34,073.00

  • STIHL FSE 52 Trimmer Autocut

    STIHL STIHL FSE 52 Trimmer Autocut

    Light, quiet and powerful electric grass trimmer in a modern and functional design with improved features (wire spacer bracket) and AutoCut 2-2 mowing head. Perfect for all garden trimming and thinning jobs.

    Rs. 6,222.00

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