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  • Syngenta Sugar 75 Sweet Corn Seeds - Agriplex Syngenta Sugar 75 Sweet Corn Seeds

    Syngenta Syngenta Sugar 75 Sweet Corn Seeds

    Plant: Very good plant vigour and height of 5-6 feet. Recommended for winter sowing. Fruit: Long uniform cylindrical cobs. Golden yellow kernels. Excellent tip filling. Very sweet (TSS about 16%) High yielding variety. Maturity: 78-85 days Colour: Yellow Seed Count/kg : 7500-7700 Seeds Rate: 3 - 4 kg/acre Yield: Population / hectare: 55000-60000 Ear length: 8-8.5 inch Ear diameter: 1.8-2 inch No of rows: 14-16 kernels Silking: 50% silking in 53-55 days Sugar %: 15-16 Brix Both for Fresh as well as Processing market. Due to its very sweet taste and tenderness, this variety is the first choice of farmers.

    Rs. 2,600.00 - Rs. 25,650.00

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