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  • BASF Sanrakshan -Kit

    BASF BASF Sanrakshan -Kit

    Close Up: The Professional Farmer Kit The Professional Farmer Kit consists of a pair of nitrile gloves, three particulate filter masks, a set of protective eyewear and an easy-to-understand, picture-based instruction lea et. • All of the kit components comply with US or EU certification standards (ANSI/NIOSH and EN). With a shelf life of at least two years, the kit is sufficiently robust to endure rigorous use over a single season. All the components in the Professional Farmer Kit are packed in a sturdy and compact fiberboard box with a transparent display panel, weighing less than 300g. BASF is providing these kits at cost and does not intend to develop this business like a pro generating revenue stream. This is about walking the talk for smallholders, living up to our promise to never compromise on safety. Pack Contains: Safety Glasses, Chemical Purifying Mask, Gloves, Body Cover

    Rs. 620.00

  • Anshul Phosper (Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria) - 1 KG Anshul Phosper (Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria) - 1 KG

    Anshul Anshul Phosper (Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria) - 1 KG

    Technical Content: Bacillus megaterium Mode of Application: Soil Application Product Description: Anshul Phosper contains bacteria, Bacillus megaterium.This microorganism possess the ability to solubilize inorganic phosphate and make it available to plants by releasing organic acids. It also suppresses the growth of plant disease-causing fungus. Anshul Phosper produces plant growth-promoting substances like IAA, GA, amino acids and vitamins. Anshul Phosper can increase the utilization of phosphorous which in turn increases the yield. Dosage: Anshul Phosper 250 ml - 500 ml or 2 kg should be mixed in 100 kg well-decomposed farmyard manure or Anshul Compact and broadcast in an acre of land.

    Rs. 115.00

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