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Organic Manures

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  • Multiplex Annapurna Bio Fertilizer  All Crrops Multiplex Annapurna Bio Fertilizer

    Multiplex Multiplex Annapurna Bio Fertilizer

    Multiplex Annapurna contains Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Rhizobium; Phosphate solubilizing bacteria; Potash mobilizing bacteria, Trichoderma sp., and Pseudomonas, etc. Mode of Application: Soil Application Product Description: Multiplex Annapurna improves soil structure & soil fertility. It helps for better root proliferation; minimizes the use of chemical fertilizers. It controls many soil-borne pests & diseases. Annapurna is a well-decomposed coco peat-based organic manure fortified with neem cake, castor cake, Pongamia cake, vermicompost. Dosage: For field crops: Use Multiplex Annapurna @ 90 -120 kg/acre; For other crops: Use Multiplex Annapurna @ 150 -200 kg/acre; For plantation crops: Use Multiplex Annapurna @ 3 kg per plant per year.

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Organic Manures - Agriplex
Manures are organic materials derived from animal, human, and plant residues that contain plant nutrients in complex organic forms. Naturally occurring or synthetic chemicals containing plant nutrients are called fertilizers.


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