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  • STIHL MSA 200 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MSA 200 Chainsaw

    With the MSA 200 C-B chainsaw, just squeeze the trigger and start cutting. In addition to easy starting, our battery-powered tools produce zero emissions and are quieter than their gasoline-powered counterparts, making them an ideal choice for areas with emission or noise restrictions. Powered by an interchangeable STIHL Lithium-Ion battery, this chainsaw delivers enough power to take on just about any cutting job on your property.

    Rs. 22,670.00

  • STIHL MSE 250 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MSE 250 Chainsaw

    Very powerful electric chain saw General Technical specificationsFeaturesAccessoriesDocuments Powerful STIHL electric chain saw for demanding tasks when building with wood. With a 3/8" RS3 saw chain for high cutting performance, side-mounted chain tensioning, fully electronic engine function control, soft grip for comfortable working, QuickStop Super chain brake, LED overload indicator

    Rs. 43,065.00 - Rs. 43,640.00

  • STIHL MSE 230 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MSE 230 Chainsaw

    High-performance electric chain saw GeneralTechnical specificationsFeaturesAccessoriesDocuments High-performance electric chain saw for building with wood. STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning for quick and easy chain tensioning without tools, QuickStop Super chain brake, which stops the saw chain in seconds when releasing the rear handle, soft handle for comfortable working, LED overload indicator

    Rs. 28,295.00

  • STIHL MSE 210 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MSE 210 Chainsaw

    The MSE 210 C-B features zero fuel costs, no fuel mixing and no engine maintenance. Great for firewood cutting, woodworking and carpentry, this electric chainsaw delivers the power you need for tasks around the home (even indoors). The MSE 210 C-B weighs under 9.5 pounds and features a wide trigger switch and toolless Quick Chain Adjuster for easy chain operation. There’s even a coast-down brake which quickly stops the rotating chain when the trigger is released.

    Rs. 23,395.00

  • STIHL MSE 190 Chainsaw 16 Inch

    STIHL STIHL MSE 190 Chainsaw 16 Inch

    Excellent for building and cutting firewood with improved cutting performance. Optimum ergonomics for effortless working, QuickStop Super chain brake, the saw chain immediately comes to a stop when releasing the rear handle, soft handle for a good grip and comfortable working, overload protection

    Rs. 19,390.00

  • STIHL MSE 170 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MSE 170 Chainsaw

    The MSE 170 C-B delivers dependable cutting power for the home – even indoors. With a powerhead weight of just under 8.5 pounds, the MSE 170 C-B is light enough for agile cutting work and features a wide trigger switch and the toolless Quick Chain Adjuster for easy operation. There's even a coast-down feature which quickly stops the rotating chain when the trigger is released. No gas and thus no mixing oil with gas. No seasonal engine maintenance. Just plug it in and put it to work.

    Rs. 15,805.00

  • STIHL MSE 141 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MSE 141 Chainsaw

    This chainsaw’s unique design makes it compact and portable, while its amazing price makes it an ideal choice for homeowners and carpenters. With its powerhead at just over six pounds, the MSE 141 is our lightest electric chainsaw, making it perfect for a variety of outdoor and indoor tasks like firewood cutting, storm cleanup, and woodworking

    Rs. 10,945.00 - Rs. 11,295.00

  • STIHL MS 462 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 462 Chainsaw

    Description : Very Powerful saw. Extremely robust and hard-wearing. Highly recommended for the effective harvesting of big timber. Choice of professionals. Specifications : Model No. : MS-462 Product Type : Chainsaw Brand : Stihl Fuel Tank Capacity : 250ml Fuel Used : Petrol Oil Tank Capacity : 145ml Chain Pitch : 3/8 Inch Displacement : 72.2cc Engine Power : 6hp, 4.4 kW Bar Length : 25 Inch Engine Type : 2 Stroke Frequency : 50 Hz Guide Size : 25 Inch Weight : 6 Kg

    Rs. 71,240.00 - Rs. 75,040.00

  • STIHL MS 382 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 382 Chainsaw

    Very robust and strong 3,8kW forestry saw GeneralTechnical dataFeatures Great for working in low-density and medium-density stands. Side-mounted chain tensioning for safe and easy chain tensioning, tool-free fuel caps for simple and safe refuelling 25'' - 36 RMX Saw Chain 36 RSC Saw Chain For both Duromatic Guide bar and Rollomatic Guide bar

    Rs. 47,620.00 - Rs. 48,760.00

  • STIHL MS 260 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 260 Chainsaw

    Robust chainsaw for forestry work GeneralTechnical specificationsFeaturesAccessoriesDocuments Convenient, durable and robust with minimum weight, the STIHL MS 260 can come with a number of optional features to make the job even easier. Recognised as a leading saw in the forestry industry, it is available in guide bar lengths 13"/32cm to 18"/45cm. Can also be used with hedge trimmer attachment HS 246

    Rs. 37,230.00 - Rs. 37,840.00

  • STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw

    A step up from the MS 230, the MS 250 is light enough to move through smaller tasks like clearing or cleanup but packs a powerful enough punch to cut through small limbs and trees. A combination of features and a high power-to-weight ratio makes this one of the best homeowner chainsaws on the market.

    Rs. 27,650.00 - Rs. 28,245.00

  • STIHL MS 230 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 230 Chainsaw

    With more power than the MS 211 and the same features as the MS 250, this occasional use chainsaw can definitely hold its own. With a high power-to-weight ratio for maximum performance and an ergonomic design, the MS 230 is built for a variety of purposes like trimming trees or cutting firewood.

    Rs. 25,890.00 - Rs. 26,490.00

  • STIHL MS 170 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 170 Chainsaw

    The STIHL MS 170 is the perfect lightweight chainsaw for homeowners seeking a great value. Compact, lightweight with just the right amount of power, the MS 170 makes quick work of trimming or cutting small trees, fallen limbs after a storm, and other tasks around the yard. And even at its great price, the MS 170 has many of the same design features the professionals depend on.

    Rs. 13,525.00 - Rs. 13,650.00

  • STIHL MS 180 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 180 Chainsaw

    Compact chainsaw for cutting firewood and property maintenance. The economical 2-MIX engine supplies the saw with plenty of power, whilst remaining light and well balanced. Easy access to the side chain tensioner offers a simple approach to basic maintenance.

    Rs. 16,035.00 - Rs. 16,635.00

  • STIHL MS 194 T Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 194 T Chainsaw

    STIHL's versatile arborist saw. For a range of tasks such as crown maintenance, dead wood removal, and removal of trunk and branch shoots. With a 3/8" P saw chain, for a precise cut. Improved cutting performance due to the new 2-MIX engine.

    Rs. 33,405.00

  • STIHL MS 210 Chainsaw

    STIHL STIHL MS 210 Chainsaw

    Great for cutting firewood. STIHL anti-vibration system, tool-free fuel cap. Anti-Vibration System. Chain Quick Tensioning (B). Ematic Chain Lubrication System. Quickstop Chain Brake. Side Chain Tensioner.

    Rs. 22,550.00 - Rs. 22,780.00



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