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  • T Stanes Kurax Crops

    TStanes T Stanes Kurax - 500 ML

    (HERBAL BASED ANTI-VIRAL FORMULATION) Kurax is an eco-friendly immunomodulator capable of controlling viral diseases in agricultural crops by positively modifying the immune system against plant viral diseases. Benefits: Kurax is environment-friendly, and safe to users, and viral vectors are effectively controlled. Mode of Action: Kurax provides systemic acquired resistance in the plant system against viral diseases. Recommended Crops: All Crops. Viral Diseases controlled: Yellow Mosaic Virus, Leaf Curl Virus, Yellow Leaf curl virus, Spotted wilt Virus, Iris yellow spot virus, etc. Application Foliar Application: Kurax is applied 2 times at 10 days intervals. Combined application with Nimbecidine can control both sucking pests and viruses effectively. Dosage: 1.0 lit / acre  and 2.5 lit / ha

    Rs. 900.00

  • Geolife No Virus (Bio Viricide For Tomato & Cucurbit Chilli Plants) - Agriplex

    Rs. 365.00 - Rs. 1,285.00

  • No Virus (Bio Viricide) - Agriplex

    Rs. 295.00 - Rs. 1,014.00

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