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  • Syngenta Thionutri Fungicide Crops Syngenta Thionutri Fungicide

    Syngenta Syngenta Thionutri Fungicide

    Technical Content: Syngenta Thionutri contains Sulphur 80% WDG Mode of Action: Contact Fungicide Product Description: Thionutri contains Sulphur 80% WDG it has a dual mode of action. It as a contact fungicide and as a secondary nutrient it nourishes the plant growth and development. It is very effective for control of Powdery mildew in mango. Dosage: Dissolve Thionutri1-2gm/ltr of water for spray  

    Rs. 164.00 - Rs. 1,389.00

  • Syngenta Graliz Bactericide Syngenta Graliz Bactericide

    Syngenta Syngenta Graliz Bactericide

    Syngenta Graliz is a broad spectrum bactericide and one shot solution that uses a mixture of 2 active ingredients of strong proven performance against bacterial diseases. With its Contact & Systemic Action, when Graliz is applied in timely basis to the growing plant in the right dosage, it provides protection from major bacterial diseases like Leaf spots & blights etc. .

    Rs. 306.00 - Rs. 2,747.00

  • Syngenta Revus Fungicide Crops Syngenta Revus Fungicide

    Syngenta Syngenta Revus Fungicide

    Technical Content: 23.4% SC Mandipropamid Benefits Highly effective on the target fungus Complete protection against the fungus Stops the secondary spread of the fungus Mode Of action: Syngenta Revus inhibits the biosynthesis of phospholipids and cell wall deposition, thus effectively inhibiting the germination and spread of fungus For better disease management, it is advisable to use Revus fungicide in preventive spray programme. Mode Of application: For Grapes first application- Bud bursting stage, Followed repeat application as per protocol .Vegetables- Applied at Initiation of reproductive stage, generally at 45-55 Days after transplanting. Dosage: 0.8ml / liter of water

    Rs. 363.00 - Rs. 6,750.00

  • Syngenta Filia Fungicide Application Syngenta Filia Fungicide Crops

    Syngenta Syngenta Filia Fungicide

    Syngenta Filia fungicide is highly recommended for major diseases of Rice crops. Filia is a specialty product for Blast disease and grain discoloration. Propiconazole in Filia fungicide interferes with the fungi's synthesis and permeability, thereby creating an unstable fungal body.

    Rs. 292.00 - Rs. 2,494.00

  • Syngenta Polo Insecticide Syngenta Polo Insecticide Crops

    Syngenta Syngenta Polo Insecticide

    Syngenta Polo® provides powerful control against aphids and whiteflies. It gives immediate crop protection through permanent feeding inhibition. Formulated with the active ingredient Diafenthiuron and suspension concentrate provides consistent biological efficacy. Technical Content: Syngenta Polo Insecticide contains Diafenthiuron 50% W Target Pests / Insects: Cotton - Whitefly, Thrips, Aphids and Jassids, Cabbage-Diamond Black Moth, Chilli-Mites, Brinjal-Whitefly, Cardamon-Thrips, Capsule Borer Major Crops: Cotton, Cabbage, Chilli, Brinjal, Cardamon Dosage: 250GM / Acer

    Rs. 795.00 - Rs. 3,496.00

  • Dividend Fungicide Syngenta Syngenta Dividend  Fungicide  Crops

    Syngenta Syngenta Dividend (Difenoconazole) Fungicide - 5 KG

    Syngenta DIVIDEND® is a high-performance, broad spectrum seed applied fungicide. It has systemic action. Dividend penetrates into the seed and is also able to control deep-seated pathogens like wheat loose smut whose inoculum is located in the embryo. DIVIDEND® has outstanding efficacy against major seed & soil borne diseases on cereals. Unique activity against Loose Smut in wheat. This results in better root development for a healthy crop establishment due to efficient utilization of nutrients.  DIVIDEND® provides excellent crop safety. Dose: For Wheat Crops use Syngenta Dividend @ 2gm/kg of seed

    Rs. 8,357.00

Nitrogen-rich (urea, ammonium nitrate), phosphorus-based (superphosphate, bone meal), potassium-containing (potassium sulfate, potassium chloride), organic matter (compost, manure), balanced NPK fertilizers (10-10-10).


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