Best Fertilizers for Tomato

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  • Syngenta Graliz Bactericide Syngenta Graliz Bactericide

    Syngenta Syngenta Graliz Bactericide

    Syngenta Graliz is a broad spectrum bactericide and one shot solution that uses a mixture of 2 active ingredients of strong proven performance against bacterial diseases. With its Contact & Systemic Action, when Graliz is applied in timely basis to the growing plant in the right dosage, it provides protection from major bacterial diseases like Leaf spots & blights etc. .

    Rs. 306.00 - Rs. 2,747.00

Nitrogen-rich (urea, ammonium nitrate), phosphorus-based (superphosphate, bone meal), potassium-containing (potassium sulfate, potassium chloride), organic matter (compost, manure), balanced NPK fertilizers (10-10-10).


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