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  • Multiplex Metarhizium (Powder) - 1 KG Crops Multiplex Metarhizium (Powder) - 1 KG

    Multiplex Multiplex Metarhizium (Powder) - 1 KG

    Technical Content: Metarhizium anisopliae Mode of Action: Contact Product description: Multiplex Metarhizium produces several secondary metabolites acting as mycotoxins (Insecticidal toxins) .One such Mycotoxin such a destruxin E, which is considered as next generation insecticide against many pests like Aphids, Moths and Larve. Dosage: Soil Application: 5 kg or 2 liters of Multiplex Metarhizium should be mixed thoroughly with 250 kg FYM in shaded area in the field and incubated for 15 days with intermittent sprinkling of water. After 15 days, the fungus enriched Farmyard manure should be used as soil application.  Foliar Spray: Mix 2 to 3 ml or 5 gm of Metarhizium in one liter of water and spray the suspension over the pant for 2 to 3 times at 15 days intervals. 

    Rs. 208.80

  • Bayer Jump Insecticide Application Bayer Jump Insecticide

    Bayer Bayer Jump (Fipronil 80 WG) Insecticide

    Product Description Bayer's Jump is a Fipronil-based phenyl pyrazole insecticide. Jump is very effective in controlling stem borer and leaf folder in rice. Fipronil not only controls insect pests effectively but also shows plant growth enhancement effects which result in higher yields. Bayer's Jump has a potent formulation. that enables effective control of pests at very low dose rates thereby resulting in a lower impact on the environment. Technical Composition Jump insecticide is a suspension concentrate (SC) formulation. It contains Fipronil 80 WG (80% w/w). Mode of Action Jump insecticide works by a combination of contact and systemic action. The thiamethoxam component is absorbed by the plant and moves throughout the tissues, providing protection from within. Insects that feed on treated plants will be exposed to the insecticide and killed. Features Long-lasting protection: It  provides long-lasting protection, keeping your crops safe for weeks or even months. Systemic action: Jump insecticide works both inside and outside the plant, providing comprehensive protection. Effective against a wide range of insect pests: Bayer Jump insecticide is effective against a wide range of insect pests, including aphids, beetles, caterpillars, leafhoppers, mealybugs, scale, spider mites, and whiteflies. Safe for use on a variety of crops: It  is safe for use on a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. Benefits Protects your crops from insect damage: It can help you protect your crops from a wide range of insect pests, including those that can cause significant damage to your yields. Improves the health and productivity of your crops: Jump insecticide can help to improve the health and productivity of your crops by reducing the amount of insect damage. This can lead to higher yields and better quality produce.  Dosage The recommended dosage of Jump insecticide varies depending on the crop and the severity of the infestation. For most crops, the recommended dosage is 0.3 gram per Liter of water. Targeted Diseases Bayer Jump is effective against a wide range of insect pests that can damage crops. These pests include: Stem Borer, Leaf Folder Caterpillars Thrips Aphids Diamondback moth Target Crops Jump insecticide can be used on a variety of crops, including: Fruits - mango, Guava, Litchi, Apple, Banana, Maize Vegetables - Tomato, Chili, Coriander, Ash Gourd, Brinjal Packing Available – 2 gm, 40 gm, 100 gm, Frequency of application - Depends on pest incidence or severity of disease. Compatibility - Compatible with sticking agents Frequency of application - Depends on pest incidence or severity of disease. Manufacturing Or Marketing Company – Bayer CropScience Limited Mode Of Formulation - Wetable Powders Mobility In Plant - Systemic Application Method Direction Of Use- Foliage Spraying  

    Rs. 80.25 - Rs. 2,425.00

  • PI Nominee Gold Herbicide - 100 ML PI Nominee Gold Herbicide - 100 ML Crops

    PI PI Nominee Gold Herbicide - 100 ML

    Technical Content : Bispyribac Sodium 10% SC Features NOMINEE GOLD controls major grasses, sedges and broad leaf weeds of rice. NOMINEE GOLD offers a wide application window from 2-5 leaf stages of weeds. NOMINEE GOLD gives freedom of need based application only when the weeds emerge. NOMINEE GOLD is safe for rice. NOMINEE GOLD gets absorbed quickly in weeds and results are unaffected even if it rains after 6 hours of application. NOMINEE GOLD has low dosage thus cost effective. Application Method Shake the bottle well before well Targeted weeds should directly be exposed to NOMINEE GOLD spray Use Flat fan / Flood jet nozzle only Ensure uniform spray only Avoid Spray if rain is expected in 6 hrs. Re-flood the field within 48 - 72 hrs. of application. Maintain water for 5-7 days to suppress weed emergence. Dosage : Use PI Nominee Gold 200 - 250 ml (20 - 25 g a.i.)

    Rs. 499.00 - Rs. 968.00

  • Syngenta Polo Insecticide Syngenta Polo Insecticide Crops

    Syngenta Syngenta Polo Insecticide

    Syngenta Polo® provides powerful control against aphids and whiteflies. It gives immediate crop protection through permanent feeding inhibition. Formulated with the active ingredient Diafenthiuron and suspension concentrate provides consistent biological efficacy. Technical Content: Syngenta Polo Insecticide contains Diafenthiuron 50% W Target Pests / Insects: Cotton - Whitefly, Thrips, Aphids and Jassids, Cabbage-Diamond Black Moth, Chilli-Mites, Brinjal-Whitefly, Cardamon-Thrips, Capsule Borer Major Crops: Cotton, Cabbage, Chilli, Brinjal, Cardamon Dosage: 250GM / Acer

    Rs. 795.00 - Rs. 3,496.00

  • Swal Mit Plus Insecticide - 500 ML Crops Swal Mit Plus Insecticide - 500 ML

    Swal Swal Mit Plus Insecticide - 500 ML

    Technical Name : Ethion 40%+ Cypermethrin 5% EC Mode of Action: Stomach and contact Major Crops: Cotton, Chilli, Pulses, Tea Target Pests: Mites, Thrips, Whitefly, Pod borer, American Bollworms, Heliothis & Spodoptera Dosage : Use Swal Mit Plus Per acer 400-500 ml

    Rs. 460.00

  • Swal Starclaim Insecticide - 250 GM

    Swal Swal Starclaim Insecticide - 250 GM

    Technical Content : Emamectin benzoate 5% SG. Mode of Action : Contact & Stomach. Major Crops : Cotton, Chilli, Tomato, Pulses, Okra, Brinjal, Cabbage, Grapes. . Target Pests : Heliothis, Spodoptera, DBM, Thrips. Starclaim Insecticide is water soluble granular formulation contains 5% active ingredient and is recommended for the control of bollworms on cotton and fruit and shoot borer on okra. Dosage : Use Swal Starclaim per acre : 100 g.

    Rs. 585.00

Nitrogen-rich (urea, ammonium nitrate), phosphorus-based (superphosphate, bone meal), potassium-containing (potassium sulfate, potassium chloride), organic matter (compost, manure), balanced NPK fertilizers (10-10-10).


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