Management of Major Insects of Chilli

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Chilli was introduced to India by Portuguese traders but now it is the most cultivated crop across the country. Having cultivated mostly in open agricultural fields, the crop has been invaded by several Insects. In this blog let us understand the strategies for managing major insects of the crop. 


Chilli Aphids 

Chilli aphids are small in size but the damage caused by them is of great significance. They are pear-shaped insects with long, thin tail-like appendages they range in colour from green to brown. Aphids suck the sap from the leaves, causing the leaves to curl, the plants to grow stunted, and the flowers and fruits will be misshapen. 


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 Chilli Thrips/Western Thrips/Black thrips

Thrips are polyphagous pests that cause harm to a wide range of crops. They are hard to notice on the leaf because of their small size. They feed on the sap from the leaves and stem, resulting in silvery areas and black blotches. Recently the black thrips or the western thrips are causing sever damage. The thrips is often found on the flower sucking sap and also disorting the fruit shape, size, quality and yield. 

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Yellow Mites in Chilli

Mites belongs to the spider family are yellow in colour. They live on the underside of the leaves by webbing and feeding on the sap for the tissues. Infected leaves turn downwards and under severe conditions petiole become elongated. Symptoms also include a mottled appearance of yellow and green on fruits.


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 Chilli Fruit Borer

Fruit borer in chilli is not a major pest. Damage is caused by a lepidopteran larva which feeds on the young leaves and foliage. At the later stage, the larva may be seen drilling circular holes in the chilli fruits and feeding on the internal content. Fruit Borer Larva varies in colour from green to brown.

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