Management of Major Insects in Cotton Crop

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Cotton is one of the most important fibre crops in India. It is also regarded as white gold owing to the profitability of the crop. Although the crop is grown in most of the states several farmers are unaware of the plant protection practices that are to be done for the crop. Since the crop is grown in open fields there are high chances that it might get infected by several diseases. This blog highlights the major insects of cotton and suitable control measures for the same. 

Cotton Leaf hoppers 

Cotton Leafhopper is a major pest that causes problems for cotton growers across the country. This pest has also been associated with crop damage in okra, tomato, potato, brinjal, castor, and sunflower. By sucking sap, both the younger and adult stages harm the crop. Excessive sap sucking causes the leaf to turn yellow at the margin, which later turns brown, and the leaves to curl downwards at the margin.

Recommendation - BASF Safeena, Bayer Confidor Super, Lancer Gold

Cotton Aphids 

Aphids in cotton are a very troublesome pest because both the nymph and adult feed on the leaf sap. Aphids range in colour from light green to brownish and are found on the underside of the leaf. They typically suck sap from young leaves and twigs, causing the leaves to curl downwards. Aphids secrete a honeydew-like substance that attracts undesirable fungi known as sooty moulds.


Organic - Multiplex Metarhizium Powder, Multiplex Metarhizium Liquid

Chemical - Movento OD, Alanto, Dantotsu

Cotton Thrips

Thrips in cotton are a serious pest at the seedling stage. This sucking pest sucks sap from underneath the leaf which causes. Which causes leaf curl, wrinkle and if left untreated would lead to the death of plants.  

Thrips are a serious pest in cotton seedlings. This sucking pest sucks sap from beneath the leaf, causing. Which causes leaf curl and wrinkle and, if left untreated, plant death.

Recommended products 

Organic -  Neem oil (Azadirachta indica), Baba (Beauveria Bassiana), Varsha(Verticillium lecanii).

Chemical - Alanto, Regent gold.

Cotton Whitefly

Cotton leaf curl is a major yield reducer among cotton diseases, and this devastating virus is spread by whiteflies. This pest is known to cause crop damage from start to finish. They live on the underside of leaves and suck sap, and they attract sooty mould with their honeydew-like secretion. These sooty moulds reduce the cotton market value by contaminating it. 

Recommended products - Anshul Ikon (Acetamiprid), Keefen, Actara (Thiamethoxam)



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