Fueling Crop Yield: The Essentiality of Amino Acids as Bio-Stimulants in Modern Agriculture

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Amino acids, consisting of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, are vital organic molecules in plant growth and development. When amino acids join through peptide bonds, they form proteins, which play a crucial role in various plant processes. Plants can synthesize amino acids from nitrogen obtained from the soil, typically in the form of nitrate or ammonium. However, this nitrogen absorption process requires significant energy expenditure from plants.

To optimize plant growth and conserve energy, the application of amino acid products in agriculture becomes essential. By providing readily available amino acids, the need for energy-intensive nitrogen absorption is reduced. This redirected energy can then be utilized for vital processes like germination, flowering, fruit set, and fruit development. Incorporating amino acid products in agriculture offers benefits such as energy savings, improved crop quality, and increased productivity. Understanding the importance of amino acids in plant and agricultural systems enables us to embrace sustainable farming practices and enhance overall agricultural efficiency.

Amino Acids in Plant Physiology:

  • Protein synthesis: Amino acids are building blocks for proteins, which are involved in various cellular processes.
  • Nutrient uptake and transport: Amino acids facilitate the absorption and transport of essential nutrients, such as nitrogen and Sulphur.
  • Photosynthesis and carbon metabolism: Amino acids contribute to regulating photosynthesis and carbon utilization in plants.
  • Hormone synthesis and signaling: Amino acids serve as precursors for plant hormones and play a role in signaling pathways.

Amino Acid In plants

 Amino Acids in Agricultural Practices: 

  • Plant nutrition and fertilization: Amino acid-based fertilizers enhance nutrient uptake and improve plant health.
  • Stress tolerance and disease resistance: Amino acids help plants withstand stress and activate defense mechanisms against diseases.
  • Soil health and microbial activity: Amino acids promote soil microbial growth, nutrient cycling, and organic matter decomposition.
  • Sustainable agriculture and crop yield: Amino acids support sustainable farming practices, reduce environmental pollution, and enhance crop productivity

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Top-selling and used amino acids 

1) Multiplex Samras - Multiplex Samras acts as a natural chelating agent, facilitating the uptake of major, secondary, and micronutrients. By enhancing nutrient absorption, it improves flower and fruit setting and increases drought resistance in plants. Additionally,  Multiplex Samras promotes enzymatic activities, facilitates protein synthesis, and enhances photosynthetic activity, resulting in improved overall plant health and performance.

2) Syngenta Isabion - Syngenta Isabion, a natural biostimulant, is composed of a well-balanced mix of short-chain peptides, long-chain peptides, and free amino acids in an optimal ratio. It stands as the purest and most concentrated product of natural origin amino acids worldwide. By utilizing Isabion, plants are empowered to naturally enhance yield and improve the quality of their produce.

3) Syngenta Quantis - Syngenta Quantis, a biostimulant containing organic carbon, amino acids, and micronutrients, enhances plant performance and reduces yield loss caused by abiotic stress. Syngenta Quantis is best applied before or during critical physiological stages and suboptimal environmental conditions.

4) Bayer Ambition - Ambition, with its high amino acid concentration, promotes growth, vitality, and overall crop performance. It combines amino acids and fulvic acids, which enhance nutrient absorption and stress resilience. Additionally, Ambition improves flower retention, and fruit set, and increases the yield of marketable produce.

5) Anshul Navras - Contains a mixture of 17 natural amino acids, extracted from plant sources. Navras enhances the uptake of major, secondary, and micronutrients by acting as a natural chelating agent, thus, improving flower and fruit setting and enhancing drought resistance in plants


Amino acids are crucial for plant growth, and their application in agriculture has significant benefits. Understanding and utilizing amino acids can lead to improved crop yield, sustainable farming practices, and enhanced resilience in the face of environmental challenges.


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