Exponus Insecticide by BASF: Empowering Farmers with Effective Pest Control

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Farmers across the globe face numerous challenges in protecting their crops from insect pests while striving to increase productivity. BASF, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the agricultural industry, has developed BASF Exponus insecticide, a revolutionary pest control tool. Powered by the active ingredient Broflanilide, BASF Exponus offers a unique mode of action that targets even the toughest chewing pests, certain thrips, and leaf miners. In this blog, we will delve into the application, advantages, and working mechanism of BASF Exponus®, highlighting its significant benefits for farmers.

 Application of BASF Exponus:

BASF Exponus insecticide can be effectively used in a variety of crops, including soybean, chilli, red gram, tomato, brinjal, and more. Understanding the optimal application and dosage is crucial for achieving the best results. The recommended dosage is 25 ml per acre, with a water volume of 200 liters. The first spray should be applied during the active vegetative growth stage, followed by a second spray 7-10 days after the first application. It is important to consider the pre-harvest interval (PHI) specified for each crop to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Advantages of Using BASF Exponus In Crop :

1) Powerful: BASF Exponus is renowned for its effectiveness against resistant and tough insects. It empowers farmers with a potent solution to combat pests that have developed resistance to multiple modes of action. By incorporating BASF Exponus into their pest control strategies, farmers can overcome the challenges posed by stubborn pests and achieve improved crop protection.

2) Quick: Time is of the essence when it comes to pest control. Exponus acts swiftly, spreading rapidly and taking prompt action against the targeted insects. Its quick control mechanism ensures that infestations are tackled promptly, preventing further damage to crops and minimizing economic losses for farmers.

3) Versatile:  Exponus exhibits remarkable versatility by effectively controlling various insects across different crops and growth stages. This flexibility allows farmers to use BASF Exponus as a versatile tool within their integrated pest management programs, providing comprehensive protection for their crops. Whether it's protecting soybean from caterpillars, chilli from thrips, or brinjal from leaf miners, Exponus offers a reliable solution.

4) Sustainable Solution:  Exponus insecticide aligns with the principles of sustainable agriculture. With its unique mode of action, it enables farmers to combat pests effectively while minimizing the use of conventional chemical options. By reducing reliance on multiple modes of action and employing a targeted approach, BASF Exponus contributes to more sustainable pest management practices.

5) Resistance Management: One of the significant advantages of Exponus is its ability to overcome insecticide resistance. As pests develop resistance to conventional chemistries, farmers often face limited options for effective control. However, BASF Exponus belongs to the new IRAC group 30, representing a completely new class of insecticides (meta-diamides and isoxazolines). This new class has no known cross-resistance with existing products in the market. By introducing a novel mode of action, BASF Exponus provides farmers with a powerful resistance management tool.

6) Long-Lasting Protection:  Exponus offers effective and long-duration protection against insect pests. Its quick action and unique mode of action ensure that pest populations are swiftly controlled, reducing the risk of further damage to the crops. By providing long-lasting protection, Exponus minimizes the need for frequent reapplication, saving farmers time and resources.

7) Crop-Specific Benefits: Exponus insecticide provides specific benefits tailored to different crops. For example, in soybean cultivation, BASF Exponus demonstrates very good control overshoot and fruit borers. In chilli crops, it helps control thrips, a common pest affecting yield and quality. Red gram, tomato, and brinjal also benefit from BASF Exponus effectiveness in managing their respective insect pests. By addressing specific pest challenges, Exponus® contributes to better crop health and increased yields.

BASF Exponus Insecticide

Working Mechanism:

Exponus insecticide operates through a unique mode of action, leveraging the power of the active ingredient Broflanilide. It acts as a GABA-gated chloride channel allosteric modulator. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in insects. By preventing GABA from transmitting inhibitory signals, BASF Exponus disrupts the normal functioning of the targeted insects' nervous systems. This disruption leads to the over-excitation of the nervous system, ultimately incapacitating the insects. The incapacitation prevents the pests from causing further damage to the crops, ensuring effective pest control and reducing the reliance on other chemical options.


Effective Pest Control


Recommended Dose of BASF Exponus Insecticide in Different Crops



Dosages / Ha

Waiting period from the last spay to harvest (PHI) Days

Formulation (ml)



Fruit borer and Shoot borers (Helicoverpa armigera) Thrips (Scirtothrips dorsalis)


500 L



Pod borer (Helicoverpa armgera), Common cutworm (Spodepteralitura) Semillooper (Chrysodeixs acuta)


500 L



Gram pod borer (Helicoperpa armigera) Marucapod borer (Maruca vitata)


500 L


 As farmers embrace BASF Exponus insecticide, they gain a reliable and innovative tool for pest management. Its unique mode of action, compatibility with integrated pest management approaches, and ability to overcome resistance make it a valuable asset for farmers worldwide. BASF's commitment to sustainable agriculture and dedication to providing advanced solutions are evident in the development and launch of BASF Exponus. By equipping farmers with effective pest control tools, BASF supports their efforts in maximizing productivity and ensuring food security.

In conclusion, Exponus insecticide by BASF is a groundbreaking solution that empowers farmers with effective pest control capabilities. Its powerful, quick, and versatile characteristics, combined with its unique mode of action, make it a game-changer in the agricultural industry. By providing targeted and sustainable pest management, BASF Exponus enhances crop protection, helps overcome resistance, and contributes to the overall success of farmers worldwide. With Exponus, BASF reaffirms its commitment to innovation and supporting farmers in their quest for better yields and sustainable agricultural practices.


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