Control Downy Mildew and Late Blight with Acrobat Fungicide by BASF

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In the world of agriculture, protecting crops from devastating diseases is of utmost importance. Downy Mildew and Late Blight are two such diseases that can wreak havoc on fruits and vegetables. However, with the help of Acrobat Fungicide by BASF, growers can effectively manage these diseases and achieve peace of mind. This blog will provide a comprehensive overview of Acrobat Fungicide, including its features, advantages, mode of action, application methods, target crops, available packaging, and crop-specific dosage recommendations. 

BASF Acrobat Fungicide - An Overview:

Developed by BASF, Acrobat Fungicide is a systemic fungicide that contains Dimethomorph as its active ingredient. This potent fungicide is specifically designed to control Downy Mildew and Late Blight, which are caused by Pythium and Phytophthora species. With its unique mode of action and systemic properties, Acrobat has become a trusted solution for Indian fruit and vegetable growers, ensuring effective crop management and providing peace of mind.

 Mode of Action:

At the core of Acrobat Fungicide efficacy lies its active ingredient, Dimethomorph. This compound belongs to the morpholine fungicide class and acts by inhibiting the synthesis of sterols, particularly ergosterol, within the fungal cells. By disrupting sterol synthesis, Acrobat weakens the cell walls of the fungi, leading to their lysis or breakdown. As a result, the fungicide effectively controls Downy Mildew and Late Blight, safeguarding the health and productivity of crops. 

Advantages of Acrobat Fungicide

  • Excellent Disease Control:  Acrobat Fungicide offers outstanding control over Downy Mildew and Late Blight, which are notorious for causing significant damage to crops. With its systemic action, Acrobat ensures comprehensive protection throughout the entire plant.
  • Efficacy at All Stages: One of the key advantages of Acrobat is its efficacy against all stages of fungal growth. Whether it's the initial infection or the production of spores, Acrobat acts as a translaminar and anti-sporulant agent. It can penetrate plant tissues, protecting both sides of the leaf surface, while also reducing the production and spread of fungal spores. 
  • Peace of Mind: By utilizing Acrobat Fungicide, Indian fruit and vegetable growers can effectively manage the most devastating diseases that threaten their crops. Acrobat's reliable and consistent results provide growers with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on maximizing their agricultural production.

BASF Acrobat Fungicide

Application Methods and Target Crops:

Acrobat Fungicide is primarily recommended for use on grapes and potatoes. Below are the application details for each crop:


  • Target Disease: Downy Mildew and Late Blight
  • Dosage/Application Rate: Apply 1000 grams per hectare
  • Water Volume: Use 750 liters of water per hectare
  • Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI): Maintain a 16-day interval between the last application and harvest
  • Application Timing: It is advisable to apply Acrobat prophylactically, before disease onset


  • Target Disease: Late Blight
  • Dosage/Application Rate: For specific dosage recommendations, consult local agricultural experts or refer to the product label
  • Water Volume: Refer to local agricultural experts or the product label for water volume recommendations
  • Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI): Follow the recommended PHI provided by local agricultural experts or the product label
  • Application Timing: Consult local agricultural experts or the product label for specific application timing recommendations

Recommended Dosage of Acrobat Fungicide for Different Crops

Crop Target Disease Dosage Water Volume Waiting Period When to Apply
Grapes Downy Mildew & Late blight 250 gm 200 34 Foliar Spray
Potato Downy Mildew & Late blight 250 gm 200 16 Foliar Spray

Packing Available:

Acrobat Fungicide is available in various packaging options to cater to the diverse needs of growers. It is advisable to check with local agricultural suppliers or distributors to determine the specific packaging sizes available in your region. Typically, packaging options range from small containers to larger drums, ensuring convenience and flexibility for growers.

Potential Risks of Using BASF Acrobat Fungicide

While Acrobat Fungicide is generally safe when used as directed, it's important to be aware of potential risks. 

  • One risk is its toxicity to aquatic organisms, so it should not be used near water bodies or where runoff can contaminate water sources.
  •  Another concern is its impact on soil health and microbiota. Overuse can disrupt the balance of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
  • Excessive use can also lead to the development of resistant strains of fungi. To minimize this risk, it's important to follow integrated pest management practices and rotate fungicides. 

To ensure sustainable agriculture, use Acrobat responsibly by following label instructions, applying the correct dosage, and monitoring crops for disease. Incorporate integrated pest management strategies and cultural practices to reduce reliance on fungicides.


Acrobat Fungicide by BASF is a reliable and effective solution for controlling Downy Mildew and Late Blight in grapes and potatoes. With its unique mode of action, excellent disease control, and efficacy at all stages of fungal growth, Acrobat provides Indian fruit and vegetable growers with peace of mind. By following the recommended application methods and crop-specific dosage guidelines, growers can effectively manage these devastating diseases and ensure the health and productivity of their crops. Choose Acrobat Fungicide to protect your crops and maximize your agricultural yield.

Note: Always consult local agricultural experts, product labels, and official recommendations for precise dosage, application instructions, and safety precautions before using Acrobat Fungicide.)


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