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  • Tata Manik Insecticide Tata Manik Insecticide

    Tata Rallis Tata Manik Insecticide

    Technical content: Acetamiprid 20% SP Manik is a 20% Soluble Powder formulation of Acetamiprid. It is a highly effective systemic Insecticide for the control of Aphids, Jassids and White Flies in Cotton. It is an Insecticide belonging to the modern Neonicotinoid group of Insecticides. Manik controls sucking pests with both contact and stomach action. Manik has an excellent trans-laminar action, thus also controls the pests hiding on the lower side of leaves. Manik also has ovicidal property. Dosage : Use Tata Manik 0.5g per Lit of water for Foilar spray.

    Rs. 385.00

  • Tata Contaf Fungicide - 1 LT Tata Contaf Fungicide - 1 LT

    Tata Rallis Tata Contaf Fungicide - 1 LT

    Technical Conent : Hexaconazole 5% EC Features Contaf plus is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide having protective, curative and antisporulant activity. It provides phytotonic effect with longer duration of disease control. It is a safer formulation having rain fastness effect. Specification Crop and Target Diseases Mango Powdery mildew   Rice Sheath blight   Grapes Powdery mildew Available Packsize: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2.5L, 5L and 20L.  

    Rs. 450.00

  • Tata Tafgor (DIMETHOATE 30% EC)  Insecticide Tata Tafgor (DIMETHOATE 30% EC)  Insecticide

    Tata Rallis Tata Tafgor (DIMETHOATE 30% EC) Insecticide

    Technical Content : DIMETHOATE 3O% EC FEATURES Tafgor provides locally systemic and broad-spectrum contact activity It delivers powerful protection against key piercing, sucking and chewing insects It is highly compatible and has a synergistic effect with other insecticides Dosage : Use Tata Tafgor 1ml Per Lt of water for Foliar Spray

    Rs. 350.00 - Rs. 3,700.00

  • Tata Metri (Metribuzin 70% WP) Herbicide Tata Metri (Metribuzin 70% WP) Herbicide

    Tata Rallis Tata Metri (Metribuzin 70% WP) Herbicide

    Tata Metri is a selective herbicide used to control annual grasses and many broadleaf weeds.Metri is used as pre- and post-emergence herbicide. Tata Metri Herbicide is a 70% WP formulation of Metribuzin.  Crops: Wheat, Soybean, Potato, Tomato & Sugarcane.Dosage: Use Tata Metri 100-120 gm/acre.

    Rs. 203.00 - Rs. 920.00

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