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  • Indofil Indolizer PGR - 6 KG Indofil Indolizer PGR - 6 KG

    Indofil Indofil Indolizer PGR - 6 KG

    Indolizer Granules is product invented with I-net technology to increase the yield by increasing soil health and fertilizer use efficiency of the plant. Contains seaweed extracts, amino acids, humic acids and microbial metabolite composition.

    Rs. 600.00

  • Indofil Trucop Fungicide

    Indofil Indofil Trucop Fungicide

    Mode of Action: Contact Product Description: Broad-spectrum activity, controls a wide range of crop diseases. Provides thickness to leaves and hence preferred by the farmers. Provides Copper nutrition to crop. Very high Suspensibility and smallest particle size. Being natural compound, safe to mammals. Ideal fungicide during hailstorms/ rains. Dosage: 2.5 g per liter of water

    Rs. 400.00

  • Last stock! Indofil Z - 78 Fungicide

    Indofil Indofil Z - 78 Fungicide

    Mode of Action: Systemic Product Description: It is an unique fungicide, besides controlling many diseases, provides Zinc nutrition also. Broad-spectrum fungicide, which controls large number of diseases with its multisite action. Best molecule for Alternaria diseases in many crops. Indofil Z-78 sprays results in dark green coloured healthy leaves & ultimately increase in yield. Indofil Z-78 is safe to foliage, blossoms and fruits of many plants. Green triangle fungicide, indicates its safety to warm blooded animals. Dosage: 2- 2.5 g per liter of water

    Rs. 350.00


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