YUKTIX GidaBits Soil Sensor Node Smart Agriculture

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  • Irrigation alerts

    Irrigation alerts

    Manage irrigation precisely by optimising the usage of water

  • Disease & pest prediction

    Disease & pest prediction

    Get alerts for risk of disease and pest

  • Microclimatic forecast

    Microclimatic forecast

    Get farm level weather forecast with high accuracy

  • Daily Package of Practice

    Daily Package of Practice

    Get science and data intelligence based daily activity calendar for your crop

How YUKTIX works?

Yuktix GidaBits sensing device collect real time Soil VWC (Volumetric Water
content) and Soil temperature from the field using state of the art, research grade
sensors. It then publishes daily advisory on your phone using sensors values,
Weather Forecast, ETO (Evapotranspiration) and stage of your crop.

  • Irrigation
    Yuktix GidaBits® irrigation system provides the right amount of water to crops for better growth and quality. The amount of water is calculated using Evapotranspiration, soil moisture, soil texture, crop data and future rain forecasts. Water is also a precious resource and Irrigation consumes more than 75% of the groundwater in India. Water intensive crops can benefit from a smart irrigation system that calculates the actual water requirement and alerts when irrigation should be stopped
  • Disease and pest alerts
    Pathogens are expanding in new areas never affected before, exacting significant economic cost on the livestock and crop sector. Prevention and early warning for rapid response are essential. Yuktix GidaBits™ is a complete system for early warning and management of disease for farms. The system comprises of sensor devices that captures environmental determinants at the farm and a software that can run disease models to predict the onset of attack. The grower can get early warning and disease management help via Yuktix mobile app.
  • Weather forecast
    Receive AET and crop based daily water recommendations that factors in your irrigation parameters, stage, and farm conditions.
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