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  • Swal Ferio Herbicide - 1LT Swal Ferio Herbicide - 1LT Non Cropped

    SWAL Swal Ferio Herbicide - 1LT

    Swal Ferio is a non-selective, post-emergent herbicide used for the control of perennial weeds in plantation crops. It contains Glufosinate Ammonium as an active ingredient. Ferio has got broad-spectrum efficacy that can control broad leaf and grassy weeds. Ferio is a contact herbicide, on being safe to the crop spray hood may be used to avoid spill of drift on crops. Borrelia/Fern-like hard-to-kill weeds can also be killed effectively in the crops that are planted in rows eg., cotton, chilies, vegetables, grapes, citrus, banana etc. Ferio causes no harm to soil and water.

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