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  • Multiplex Yodha Insecticide Crops Multiplex Yodha Insecticide

    Multiplex Multiplex Yodha Insecticide

    Technical Content: EMAMECTIN BENZOATE 5% SG Mode Of Action: Chloride channel activators group insecticide with Contact & Stomach action. DOSAGE & Methods Of Application: 0.5 g/litre of water. Bollworm, Stem Borer, DBM, Leaf Folder, Fruit & Shoot Borer, pod borer, thrips and mites in crops like cotton, okra, cabbage, brinjal, chikpea, chilli and grapes.

    Rs. 283.62 - Rs. 1,870.50

  • Multiplex Samras (Amino Acids)

    Multiplex Multiplex Samras (Amino Acids)

    Product Description: Multiplex Samras contains 18 Types of plant Derived Amino Acids, which enhances the uptake of major, secondary and micronutrients By acting as a natural chelating agent, thus, improving flower and fruit setting and enhancing drought resistance in plants. Samras promotes enzymatic activities, protein synthesis & also increases the photosynthetic activity in plants. It also acts as Plant Bio Activator Benefits Enhances the uptake of major, secondary and micro nutrients by acting as natural chelating agent Promotes enzymatic activity in the plant system Increases the photosynthesis and enhances the protein synthesis Improves flower & fruit setting Controls flower & fruit dropping Improves size, colour and keeping quality of the produce · Enhances the drought resistance in plants Improves the yield both by quality and quantity DIRECTION FOR USE :  Dissolve 2 to 3 ml of Multiplex Samras in one litre of water and spray on both surfaces of the leaves. We recommend two to three sprays starting from flower initiation at an interval of 15 to 20 days. Samras can be given through drip irrigation at the rate of one litre per acre. Note: To get better results, it is recommended to apply it along with MULTIPLEX PROKISSAN by dissolving one gram in one litre of prepared solution. Multiplex Samras can also be used along with Multiplex Pramukh (Water soluble NPK fertilizers) at 5 gm per litre of prepared solution. This will enhance the availability of foliar applied nutrients. Packing: Samras is available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre & 5 Litre packing. Precaution: Avoid mixing of Sulphur and Copper based products along with Multiplex Samras

    Rs. 153.12 - Rs. 529.83

  • multiplex kranti micronutrient fertilizer Multiplex Kranti - Complete Plant Food

    Multiplex Multiplex Kranti Micronutrient Fertilizer - (Complete Plant Food)

    Product Description Multiplex Kranti is a complete plant food that contains all essential Major nutrients like  N,P,K, Secondary Nutrient Ca, Mg, S and multi-micronutrients like Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Boron & Molybdenum in balanced quantity. Benefits Multiplex Kranti increases the initial vigor of plants and induces resistance to disease & pests. It helps plants to resist environmental stress in a better way, improves significantly the growth, yield and quality of the produce. Remarkable visual impact can be seen within 6.7 days after the spray. Multiplex kranti is compatible with most of the pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers that are commonly used. Mode of Application: Foliar Spray / or Drip Irrigation Target Crop - All Crops Dosage: Multiplex Kranti can be used for both Foliar and Drip Irrigation               For Foliar spray -  use Multiplex Kranti , 2 ml per liter of water NOTE - For better result it is advisable to use suitable wetting and dispersing agent like Multiplex Maxiwet 1.0 ml per litre of spray solution of Multiplex Kranti

    Rs. 153.12 - Rs. 4,450.05

  • Multiplex Allbor - Boron 20% Crops Multiplex Allbor - Boron 20%

    Multiplex Multiplex Allbor - Boron 20%

    Mode of Application: Multiplex Allbor can be used in Foliar Spray Product Description: Multiplex Allbor contains Boron (20%) in partially chelated form and is easily available to plants. It is in powder form and is 100% water-soluble. Allbor contains boron in form of Di-Sodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate form. Multiplex Allbor helps in  improving flower & fruit setting and and also increases the size of the fruit. Allbor is highly recommended for crops that require more Boron e.g. Tomato, Chilli, Capsicum, and other fruit crops. Dosage: Use Multiplex Allbor 1gm/ltr of water for Foliar Spray

    Rs. 60.90 - Rs. 669.90

  • Multiplex Sulphur Liquid Fertilizer Multiplex Sulphur Liquid Fertilizer

    Multiplex Multiplex Sulphur Liquid Fertilizer

    COMPOSITION: Contains Sulphur 20% Product Description: Multiplex Sulphur Liquid Fertilizer keeps the plant healthy and vigorous and thus increases the yield and quality of produce. It induces frost resistance in winter crops and also disease and pest tolerance. Dosage: Mix 2.5 ml Of Multiplex Sulphur Liquid Fertilizer in a litre of water and spray on plants either in the morning or in the evening. NOTE: In sulphur deficient plants, younger leaves turn yellowish-green or chlorotic. Shoot growth is restricted and the diameter of the stem is reduced.

    Rs. 133.98 - Rs. 7,360.20

  • Multiplex Plant Aid (Root Enhancer) PGI Crops Multiplex Plant Aid (Root Enhancer)

    Multiplex Multiplex Plant Aid (Root Enhancer) PGI

    Technical Content: Multi Micronutrients Multiplex Plant Aid contains mixture of, Indole Acetic Acid (IAA), Indole Butyricacid (IBA), Gibberlic acid (GA3) and Alpha Napthyl Acetic acid which are rootgrowth hormones and hence stimulates profuse root growth. It increases the rootlength, branching and density of root hairs. Dosage: • For Root Dipping: Dissolve 1 gram of Multiplex Plant Aid in one liter of waterand dip the cuttings for 30 minutes before planting.• For Nursery Beds: Dissolve 1 gram of Multiplex Plant Aid in one liter of waterand drench the solution on the nursery bed.• Drip Irrigation: Dissolve 100 to 200 grams in 200 liters of water and feed theplot through drip for one acre.

    Rs. 206.19 - Rs. 368.88

  • Multiplex Allborich Liquid Boron Fertilizer (Boron 10%) Multiplex Allborich Liquid Boron Fertilizer (Boron 10%)

    Multiplex Multiplex Allborich Liquid Boron Fertilizer (Boron 10%)

    Boron is required for many biological functions in plants. Boron highly influences reproductive function by enhancing pollination, seed and fruit development. It is primarily essential for cell division, cell elongation, amino acid formation, protein synthesis, and sugar translocation. However, the availability of boron in soil is very crucial. Low organic matter, high leaching, and high soil pH are the factors that affect the boron uptake in plants. Multiplex has come out with a research based product Allborich containing boron ethanolamine having boron 10%. Allborich is readily absorbed and utilized by crops. It is proven to be the most effective source of boron for plant metabolism and can be used as a foliar spray and through also fertigation. Allborich is highly recommended to prevent and correct boron deficiency and boost fertility in plants. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Foliar Spray: Mix 1 to 2 ml of Allborich in one liter of water and spray on both surfaces of the leaves. We recommend two foliar applications. The first spray is during the beginning of flowering/fruiting and the second spray is during fruit development. Fertigation: Allborich can also be used for drip irrigation with a recommended dosage of 250 ml per acre. BENEFITS OF MULTIPLEX ALLBORICH It is essential for pollen grain germination and pollen tubes' growth. It is key for seed and cell wall development and plays an important role in forming new cells. Plays a key role in nitrogen fixation and helps in nodulation in legume crops. Helps in the formation of sugar-borate complexes which is vital for sugar translocation and regulates carbohydrate metabolism. Increases pollen viability, improves fertilization and prevents flower shedding. Avoids fruit cracking, berry cracking, and nut splitting. Increases yield both by quality and quantity.

    Rs. 110.00 - Rs. 860.00


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