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  • Multiplex Chamak Plus + (Liquid Calcium) Deficiency Symptoms Multiplex Chamak Plus + (Liquid Calcium)

    Multiplex Multiplex Chamak Plus + (Liquid Calcium)

    Technical Content : Contains Liquid Calcium and Multi Micronutrients Benefits: Multiplex Chamak+ contains Calcium and Micronutrients in liquid from which are in easily available and absorbable for plants. It helps in better pollination, prevents spongy tissue disease in mango, bitter pit in apple and blossom end rot in solanaceous crops, improves pegging and pod formation in ground nut, enhances flowering & fruit setting. Improves yield both by quality and quantity. DOSAGE & Methods Of Application: Drip Irrigation: Mix 1 litre of Multiplex Chamak + in 200 litres of water & feed through drip. We recommend two to three applications during flowering and fruit development stage. Foliar Spray: Dissolve 3 ml of Multiplex Chamak + in one litre of water and spray on both the surfaces of the leaves and on fruits. We recommend 2 to 5 sprays depending upon the crop at an interval of 15 to 20 days between the sprays beginning with flower initiation. For better results mix Multiplex Maxiwet at one ml or Multiplex Nagastha-180 at 0.3 ml per litre of prepared spray solution.

    Rs. 184.44 - Rs. 590.73

  • Multiplex Pranam-Ca Secondary Nutrient Crops Multiplex Pranam-Ca (Liquid Calcium Fertilizer) - Agriplex

    Multiplex Multiplex Pranam-Ca (Liquid Calcium Fertilizer)

    Product Description Multiplelx Pranam-Ca is a Concentrated Liquid Calcium Fertilizer containing 11 % Water Soluble Organic Calcium Liquid Pranam-Ca Contains Water Soluble Organic Calcium. It is a multi-nutrient fertilizer, which has calcium (15.00%) along with other nutrients like Nitrogen and Boron in the easily available form to plants. This product is biologically derived from a biological source containing calcium and thus reduces the carbon footprint in the environment. This can be used for foliar spray as well as in drip irrigation. Recommended Dosage Mix 3 ml of Multiplex Pranam-Ca in one liter of water and spray on plants. We recommend using this product on Tomato, Chilly, Apples, Sugarcane, Cotton, Grapes, Citrus, and all vegetables.Note1. For better results spray during flowering & fruit development stages.2. Use the prepared spray solution immediately after preparation. Factors like rain and high temperature can reduce the efficiency of the product.CAUTION: Do not mix with Sulphur and Phosphorus containing fertilizers. BENEFITS OF MULTIPLEX PRANAM-Ca Plays an essential role in both plant nutrition and soil health     Reduces flower and fruit droppings. Increases chlorophyll content in leaves. Helps to build strong cell walls and gives firm structure to plants. Reduces bitter pit in apples, cork spot in pears, blossoms end rot in tomato and melons, firmness, and cracking in cherries.  

    Rs. 75.69 - Rs. 600.30

Liquid calcium fertilizers are a type of plant fertilizer that contains calcium as its primary nutrient. Calcium is an essential nutrient for plant growth, and it plays a number of important roles in plant development, including strengthening cell walls, promoting root growth, improving fruit development, and enhancing overall plant health. 

Liquid calcium fertilizers are available in a variety of forms, including water-soluble, foliar sprays, and granular. Water-soluble fertilizers are the most common type, and they can be easily dissolved in water. Foliar sprays are applied directly to the leaves of plants, and they are a good way to deliver calcium to plants that are experiencing a calcium deficiency. Granular fertilizers are less common than water-soluble and foliar sprays, but they can be a good option for plants that are growing in soil that is low in calcium. 

Generally safe to use, but it is important to follow the directions on the label. Over-fertilizing calcium can be harmful to plants, so it is important to apply the fertilizer at the recommended rate. 


  • They are readily available and easy to use. 
  • They are a good way to correct calcium deficiencies in plants. 
  • They can help to improve overall plant health and productivity. 

If you are looking for a way to improve the health and productivity of your plants, It can be a good option. Be sure to choose a fertilizer that is appropriate for your plants and to follow the directions on the label. 


  • Apply the fertilizer during the growing season, when plants are actively growing. 
  • Water the plants thoroughly after applying the fertilizer. 
  • Avoid applying the fertilizer to wet leaves, as this can cause leaf burn. 

With proper use, liquid calcium fertilizers can help your plants to thrive. 

Here are some additional details about liquid calcium fertilizers: 

  • The most common form of liquid calcium fertilizer is water-soluble. These fertilizers are easy to dissolve in water and can be applied to plants through the irrigation system or by foliar spraying. 
  • Foliar sprays are a good way to deliver calcium to plants that are experiencing a calcium deficiency. However, it is important to avoid spraying the leaves when they are wet, as this can cause leaf burn. 
  • Granular fertilizers are less common than water-soluble and foliar sprays, but they can be a good option for plants that are growing in soil that is low in calcium. Granular fertilizers are typically applied to the soil around the plants and then watered in. 

Liquid calcium fertilizers are a safe and effective way to improve the health and productivity of your plants. By following the tips above, you can ensure that your plants get the calcium they need to thrive. 



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