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  • Coromandel Neemazal T/S Neam Oil Coromandel Neemazal T/S Neam Oil Dosage

    Coromandel Coromandel Neemazal T/S Neam Oil

    Product Description: Coromandel Neemazal is a Azadirachtin based botanical pesticide which contains Azadirachtin at 10000 ppm concentration.Neemazal provides multiple modes of action such as Insect growth regulator, repellent, antifeedant, synergist etc.  Registered under CIB & RC with Azadirachtin at 10000 ppm concentration this helps in managing both chewings & defoliating pests. Neemazal controls insects during various stages of growth such as egg, larva/nymph, adult, etc Dosage: Use Coromandel Neemazal 3ml/lt for Foliar Spray

    Rs. 575.00 - Rs. 5,187.00


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