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  • Bayer Planofix PGR Bayer Planofix PGR Crops

    Bayer Bayer Planofix Plant Growth Regulator

    Product Description: Bayer Planofix is an aquous solution containing 4.5% (w/w) of Alpha napthyl acetic acid active ingredient. Planofix bayer plant growth regulator (PGR) used for the purpose of inducing flowering, preventing the shedding of flower buds and unripe fruits. Bayer plant growth regulator helps in enlarging fruit size, increasing and improving the quality and yield of fruits.     Bayer plant growth regulator reduces natural shedding of fruits & flowers     Reduces pre-harvest berry drop in grapes.     Increases fruit size in pineapple and grapes.     Mode of Action      When we spray bayer plant growth regulator on plants prevents the formation of abscission layer by suppressing ethylene gas produced and hence thereby prevents the shedding of flowers, buds and fruits.     CROPS AND TARGET PESTS     Pineapple: (a) Apply just before expected flowering. (b) Drench the whole fruit but avoid the spray drift to young crop. (c) Again, wet the whole fruit 2 weeks before harvest.     Tomato: At the time of flowering apply twice.     Chillies: 1. First spray during flowering. 2. Second spray 20-30 days after spray (2 applications).     Mango: 1. First spray when tender fruits are of pea size. 2. Malformation before fruit bud differentiation- approximate 3 month before flowering.     Grapes: 1. First spray at pruning, 2. Second spray when flowering starts.     Grapes: (To control berry drop) Spray on matured grapes branches 10-15 days before harvesting.     Dosage: Standard solution: 1 ml Planofix bayer in 4.5 L of water = 10 ppm    10 ml Planofix bayer in 4.5 L of water = 100 ppm     Benefits     Induces flowering in crops that are normally long-day plants, such as chrysanthemums and poinsettias.     Prevents the shedding of flower buds and unripe fruits, leading to increased yield.     Enlarges fruit size, improving the quality and marketability of fruits.     Improves the shelf life of fruits by delaying ripening.     Increases the resistance of plants to stress, such as drought and frost.     Application     Bayer plant growth regulator is applied as a foliar spray. The recommended dosage varies depending on the crop and the desired results. Bayer plant growth regulator is important to read the label carefully before applying Planofix bayer.     Safety     Planofix is a relatively safe product when used as directed. However, It is important to wear protective clothing when handling Planofix bayer, and to avoid contact with the skin and eyes.     Storage     Planofix should be stored in a cool, dry place. The product has a shelf life of 2 years.     For more information, please consult the product label.     Here are some additional things to keep in mind when using Plant growth regulator:     Planofix should not be used on crops that are already flowering.     Planofix can be phytotoxic to some plants, so it is important to test it on a small area before applying it to a large area.     Planofix can interact with other pesticides, so it is important to read the labels carefully and follow the instructions.     Planofix is a powerful plant growth regulator that can be used to improve the yield and quality of a variety of crops. However, Plant growth regulator is important to use, carefully and follow the label instructions to avoid any adverse effects.      

    Rs. 117.75 - Rs. 4,809.00

  • Bayer Movento OD Insecticide Bayer Movento OD Insecticide

    Bayer Bayer Movento OD Insecticide

    Mode of Action: Systemic Product Description: Movento is Bayer’s new standard for long duration control of hidden sucking pests. Its key active ingredient Spirotetramat is the only modern 2-way systemic insecticide in the world i.e. it translocates in the xylem and phloem and thus offers “shoot to root” protection of the crop leaving pests nowhere to hide. Movento has efficacy against the development stages of multiple sucking pests. Its unique 2-way protection enables it to translocate both upwatrds and downwards to ensure complete protection of all parts of the plant. Dosage: Use Bayer Movento 2ml/litre of water

    Rs. 505.00 - Rs. 4,820.00

  • Bayer Belt Expert Insecticide -100 ML Bayer Belt Expert Insecticide -100 ML  Crops

    Bayer Bayer Belt Expert Insecticide -100 ML

    Mode of Action: Contact Systemic Product Description: Bayer Belt Expert is a highly effective insecticide containing Flubendiamide and Thiacloprid as active agents. It sustainably controls and manages a broad spectrum of chewing and sucking pests from the early stage of the crop. Its unique safe formulation offers maximum protection and healthy, high-quality crops. Dosage: Use Belt Expert 0.3-0.5 ml per liter of water

    Rs. 864.55

  • Bayer Decis 100 EC Insecticide Crops Bayer Decis 100 EC Insecticide

    Bayer Bayer Decis 100 EC Insecticide

    Mode of Action: Bayer's Decis is a Contact insecticide  Product  Description: Deltamethrin is the world's most effective synthetic pyrethroid insecticide for use in agriculture, being photostable. Bayer's Decis is a non systemic insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion, and exhibits a broad-spectrum control of chewing and sucking insects. Decis acts on the insects by contact and ingestion. Its high lipophilicity provides a high affinity with the insect cuticle.  Dosage: Use Decis 1.5-2ml per liter of water

    Rs. 149.00 - Rs. 2,272.00


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