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  • BASF Sefina Insecticide BASF Sefina Insecticide Crops

    BASF BASF Sefina Insecticide

    BASF Sefina Insecticide contains Inscalis (New Active Ingredient) BENEFITS Novel mode of action for faster and exceptional control of Jassids and Whiteflies (both adults & early instar nymphs) Best choice for resistance management. The product comes with a unique formulation and inbuilt penetrant that ensures proper spread and efficacy of the product on the plant after spraying. Good plant growth, quality cotton. Reduced viral transmission & fresh vegetables.

    Rs. 640.00 - Rs. 5,800.00

  • BASF Macera Insecticide Crops BASF Macera Insecticide

    BASF BASF Macera Insecticide

    Technical Content : Emamectin Benzoate BASF Macera® is a Neuromuscular Disruptor Insecticide containing Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG. Macera causes paralysis of lepidoptera larvae due to the activation of chloride channel in the nervous System Macera BASF is most effective when ingested by larvae. The affected larva gets paralyzed, stops feeding shortly thereafter, and is killed within 2-4 days. Apply Macera BASF when the incidence of Larvae is first observed and repeat applications as necessary. Apply Macera BASF in a sufficient quantity of Water to ensure thorough coverage of the foliage.  Dosage Per Acre : Use BASF Macera for Cotton 76 to 88 gmOkra 54 to 68 gmCabbage & Cauliflower 60 to 80 gmChilli  80 gmBrinjal 80 gmRed Gram 88 gmGrapes 88 gmTea 80 gm

    Rs. 577.00 - Rs. 2,520.00


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