Frequently Bought with Major Nutrients & PGR

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  • Aries Fertisol PGR Growth Regulator

    Aries Aries Fertisol PGR- 1 KG

    Benefits Potassium is involved in production of protein and starch. It improves yield and quality of crop & It is essential for fruit formation. Magnesium enhances formation of enzymes and improves absorption of phosphate. Sulphur is essential for protein and amino acid formation.

    Rs. 305.00

  • Aries Chelmin PGR Crops

    Aries Aries Chelmin PGR- 250 GM

    Benefits Chelamin promotes growth of healthy green leaves Chelamin reduces withering in patches and stops the formation of abnormally small leaves. Chelamin is proven to substantially increase yield. It also reduces the intensity of chlorosis, flower and fruit drop. Chelamin also helps in the growth of shoots and the formation of grains and fruits.

    Rs. 365.00


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