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  • Sempra Herbicide Dhanuka Sempra Herbicide Crops

    Dhanuka Dhanuka Sempra Herbicide

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    Product Description Dhanuka Sempra is a selective, systemic, post-emergence herbicide that is used to control yellow nutsedge and purple nutsedge in sugarcane and maize crops. It is also effective against certain broadleaf weeds. Sempra Herbicide is formulated as a water-dispersible granule (WDG) and is applied to the leaves of the weeds. Technical Composition Sempra contains 75% w/w of the active ingredient halosulfuron methyl. Halosulfuron methyl is a sulfonylurea herbicide that works by inhibiting the plant enzyme acetolactate synthase (ALS). ALS is essential for the production of certain amino acids, so when it is inhibited, the plant is unable to grow and eventually dies. Mode of Action Sempra Herbicide is absorbed by the leaves of the weeds and then transported throughout the plant. It accumulates in the meristem, which is the growing point of the plant. Once it reaches the meristem, halosulfuron methyl inhibits ALS, which prevents the plant from producing essential amino acids. This leads to the death of the plant. Features Selective: Sempra is selective for sugarcane and maize crops, so it will not harm the crop when applied properly. Effective: It is effective against yellow nutsedge and purple nutsedge, as well as certain broadleaf weeds. Long-lasting: Sempra has a long residual activity, so it can provide control of weeds for up to 30 days. Easy to use: It is easy to use and can be applied with a variety of sprayers. Benefits Increased crop yield: It can help to increase crop yield by controlling weeds that compete with the crop for water, nutrients, and sunlight. Reduced weed control costs: It  can help to reduce weed control costs by reducing the need for manual weeding. Improved crop quality: It can help to improve crop quality by reducing the incidence of diseases and pests that are transmitted by weeds. Dosage The recommended dosage of Sempra Herbicide varies depending on the crop and the weed pressure. For sugarcane, the recommended dosage is 36 grams per acre. For maize, the recommended dosage is 24 grams per acre. Targeted Weeds Sempra Herbicide is used to control of Cyperus rotundus in sugarcane and maize crops. It is also effective against certain broadleaf weeds Target Crops Sempra is approved for use on sugarcane and maize crops. It is also approved for use on other crops, such as barley, wheat, and sorghum Available Packing - 3.6 gm, 18 gm, 36 gm Manufacturing Or Marketing Company – Dhanuka Agritech Limited Mode Of Formulation – Wetable Powders Mobility In Plant - Systemic Application Method Direction Of Use- Foliage Spraying

    Rs. 790.00 - Rs. 1,410.00

  • Dhanuka Sakura Herbicide - 250 ML Weeds Dhanuka Sakura Herbicide - 250 ML Crops

    Dhanuka Dhanuka Sakura Herbicide - 250 ML

    Technical Content: Quizalofop Ethyl 10% EC Dhanuka Sakura is a Selective, systemic post-emergence Grassy Herbicide. Sakura belongs to a new chemical class of Aryloxy phenoxy-propionates group. It acts as Acetyl CoA Carboxylase inhibitor . Sakura is safe for broadleaf crops. Sakura has excellent translocation activity and absorbed by leaves within one hour – rain fastness. MODE OF ACTION Quizalofop Ethyl is a selective systemic herbicide, has a high selectivity between grass weeds & dicotyledons crop. It is absorbed in few hours by stem and leave & conducted to the whole body of annual weeds in 24 hours, mainly accumulating in the top organs & intraformational meristem. Weeds conduct Quizalofop Ethyl rapidly to subterranean stem after administration, having its internode & growth point destroyed & lose reproductivity.

    Rs. 581.00

  • Dhanuka Vitavax Power Fungicide - 100 GM Diseases Dhanuka Vitavax Power Fungicide - 100 GM Crops

    Dhanuka Dhanuka Vitavax Power Fungicide - 100 GM

    Technical Content : Carboxin 37.5% + Thiram 37.5% DSDhanuka Vitavax Power is a broad spectrum, dual action (systemic and contact) fungicide which controls seed and soil borne diseases, and also acts as plant growth stimulant. World wide, it is a specialized seed treatment fungicide for effective control and prevention of disease present externally and within the seeds, with increased level of disease control. MODE OF ACTION Vitavax Power protects the seed and emerging seedlings from seed and early seed borne diseases such as bunt, loose smut, covered smut, collar and charcoal rot, seedling diseases and blight in most of the crops.

    Rs. 261.00

  • Dhanuka Targa Super Herbicide weeds Dhanuka Targa Super Herbicide weeds

    Dhanuka Dhanuka Targa Super Herbicide

    Technical Content : Quizalofop Ethyl 5% EC Systemic herbicide of Aryloxyphenoxy-propionates group. It is used to control narrow leaf weeds in broad leaf crops. MODE OF ACTION Targa Super effectively controls the narrow leaf weeds like Echinochloa spp., Goose grass, fox tail, Cynodon (doob), Large crab grass, Saccharum sp. (kans), Hemarthria sp. (suttu), Wild sorghum, Volunteer paddy, Volunteer maize, Volunteer pearl millet, etc. Targa Super is very quickly absorbed by the weeds and translocated and kill the weeds. The affected weeds are unable to regenerate. It is quickly absorbed by the weeds, hence rain even one hour after spray does not affect its effectiveness. Weed leaves turn purplish/red within 5-8 days after Targa Super application and within 10-15 days are completely killed.  

    Rs. 215.00 - Rs. 1,675.00

  • Dhanuka Onekill Herbicide Weeds Dhanuka Onekill Herbicide Crops

    Dhanuka Dhanuka Onekill Herbicide

    Technical Content : Quizalofop Ethyl 4% + Oxyfluorfen 6% EC Features:Dhanuka Onekill 10% EC is a complete solution for weed-free Onion crops. Onekill 10% EC is an innovative product developed by Dhanuka Agritech Limited. Onekill 10% EC is postemergence with a dual-mode of action that controls most of the annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. Onekill 10% EC is absorbed by foliage and root system. 1-2 hours rain fastness. Target Pests: Echinochloa Sp., Eleusine Indica, Digitaria Sp. (Narrow Leaf Weeds); Trianthema Sp., Amaranthus sp., Parthulaca Sp., Euphorbia Sp., Anagallis Arvensis, Chenopodium Album (Broad Leaf Weeds) Dosage: Use Dhanuka Onekill 400 ML Per Acre.

    Rs. 608.00 - Rs. 955.00

  • Dhanuka Lustre Fungicide - 84 ML Diseases Dhanuka Lustre Fungicide - 84 ML Crops

    Dhanuka Dhanuka Lustre Fungicide - 84 ML

    Technical content: Flusilazole 12.5% + Carbendazim 25% SE Features & Benefit Of Lustre Fungicide:Dhanuka Lustre provides broad spectrum control provides disease-free crop. It has a great phyto-tonic effect, which gives farmers a lush green healthy crop. Its DSC technology and acropetal & basipetal movement makes Lustre Fungicide a powerful fungicide, which enables the farmers to get better quality and enhanced yield thereby assures more profit of farmland. Mode Of Action: It has dual systemic action and acropetal & basipetal movement. It inhibits the development of fungi by interfering with spindle formation at mitosis. Lustre is a fungicide of Benzimidazole and Triazole group technology, it's a broad and strong systemic fungicide which has Phyto-Tonic effect. Lustre Fungicide interferes in process of building the structure of fungal cell wall. Finally, it inhibits the reproduction and further growth of fungus. It also interferes with respiration in plant pathogenic fungi.

    Rs. 1,230.00

  • Dhanuka Omite Miticide - 100 ML Crops Dhanuka Omite Miticide - 100 ML Pests

    Dhanuka Dhanuka Omite Miticide - 100 ML

    Technical Content : Propargite 57% EC Omite is a true miticide (Acaricide) of sulfite ester group, which gives effective control of mites through its contact and fumigant action. Omite is registered in 72 countries for the control of 36 species of mites. Omite is also effective against those mites which gained resistance against other miticides & gives immediate protection to crops because feeding activity of mites ceases immediately after its application. MODE OF ACTION Omite acts by direct contact, residual contact and vapour action in the dense crop canopy. Omite interferes with the key mite enzyme systems, which causes interruption of normal. metabolism, respiration and electron transport functions in the nervous system of mites.

    Rs. 196.00

  • Dhanuka Wetcit (Plant Growth Hormone) - 100 ML Crops Dhanuka Wetcit (Plant Growth Hormone) - 100 ML  Dosage

    Dhanuka Dhanuka Wetcit (Plant Growth Hormone) - 100 ML

    Dhanuka WETCIT is the leading Efficacy Enhancer that unleashes the complete potential of Herbicide, Insecticide, Fungicide, Miticide and PGRs sprays. WETCIT contains a blend of natural plant derived extracts with bio-degradable agents. This combination of components, collectively known as OROWET technology, is patented worldwide. This technology is unique and differentiates WETCIT from other adjuvants, giving the product a new mode of action and highly effectiveness. MODE OF ACTION WETCIT with TransPhloem TM technology quickens the translocation of systemic pesticides throughout the plant leading to a faster action of the recommended pesticide. WETCIT delivers more AI to plants faster than other types of adjuvants providing the potential to act on pest/disease faster and reducing the amount of water and nutrients they could steal from growers’ crops or cause damage to the crop.

    Rs. 200.00

  • Dhanuka Conika Fungicide - 250 GM Diseases Dhanuka Conika Fungicide - 250 GM Crops

    Dhanuka Dhanuka Conika Fungicide

    Technical content: Kasugamycin 5% + Copper Oxychloride 45% WP Features & Benefits Of Conika Fungicide:Dhanuka Conika fungicide has contact and systemic action, which gives all-around protection to crops. Conika fungicide has broad and cross-spectrum control, which effectively inhibits Bacterio-fungal complex formation. It’s rapidly absorbed by the plant through its systemic action and translocated in the whole plant, which helps in restricting the growth of disease-causing organisms. Mode Of Action: It’s a contact and systemic fungicide which interferes with the enzyme system of spores and mycelium and it inhibits protein biosynthesis. Dosage: Use Dhanuka Conika 1.5-2 gm/liter (300 gm/acre)

    Rs. 309.80 - Rs. 754.25



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