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  • Crystal Blue Copper Fungicide - 500 GM

    Crystal Crystal Blue Copper Fungicide - 500 GM

    Technical Content : Copper Oxychloride 50WP Blue copper is a copper based broad spectrum fungicide which controls the fungal as well as bacterial diseases by its contact action. Blue copper also effectively controls the fungus resistant to other fungicides. Blue copper sticks to the leaves due to its fine particles and helps to restrict the growth of the fungus. Blue copper gradually releases copper ions due to less solubility, thereby it controls the disease for a longer period. Dosage : Use Crystal Blue Copper Fungicide 1- 2 ml / lt of water for Foliar Spray.

    Rs. 410.00

  • Crystal Topper-77 Herbicide Crystal Topper-77 Herbicide

    Crystal Crystal Topper-77 Herbicide

    Crystal Topper 77 Herbicide contains Glyphosate 71% sg and Is A Non-Selective, Systemic Herbicide Of Organo Phosphorus Group, Which Inhibits Epsp Synthesis In Weed Plant. Due To Its Non-Selective Action It Kills All Types Of Weeds Topper 77 Is Absorbed By The Weed Plants Very Rapidly And Kills The Plant From The Root With 7-12 Days After Its Application, Apart From Annual And Perennial Weeds Also Kills The Aquatic Weeds Efficiently Topper 77 Does Not Affect The Germination Of Ensuing Crops And Any Crop Can Be Grown After Its Application. Dosage :  Use Topper 77 Herbicide 1 ML / Litre of Water

    Rs. 110.00 - Rs. 1,200.00

Crystal Crop


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