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  • Coromandel Neemazal T/S Neam Oil Coromandel Neemazal T/S Neam Oil

    Coromandel Coromandel Neemazal T/S Neam Oil

    Product Description: Coromandel Neemazal is a Azadirachtin based botanical pesticide which contains Azadirachtin at 10000 ppm concentration.Neemazal provides multiple modes of action such as Insect growth regulator, repellent, antifeedant, synergist etc.  Registered under CIB & RC with Azadirachtin at 10000 ppm concentration this helps in managing both chewings & defoliating pests. Neemazal controls insects during various stages of growth such as egg, larva/nymph, adult, etc Dosage: Use Coromandel Neemazal 3ml/lt for Foliar Spray

    Rs. 522.00 - Rs. 4,716.00

  • Coromandel Ortain Insecticide Coromandel Ortain Insecticide

    Coromandel Coromandel Ortain Insecticide

    Mode of Action: Systemic Product Description: Coromandel Ortain is An ideal insecticide for use on a wide range of food crops. It has prolonged effectiveness. It has moderate persistence with residual activity lasting for 10-15 days. It acts as a cholinesterase inhibitor. It works excellent against sucking and chewing pests. Dosage: Use Coromandel Ortain 1gm/lt for foliar spray.

    Rs. 560.00 - Rs. 1,020.00

  • Coromandel Permasect Insecticide Coromandel Permasect Insecticide

    Coromandel Coromandel Permasect Insecticide

    Product Description: Coromandel Permasect is an Insecticide which is suitable for the pests of Hemiptera Homoptera Lepidoptera Coleoptera and mites Knockdown effect Long residual activity. Permasect does not readily dissolve in water, Stays on surface hence it has long residual action. The repellent action of the pesticide does not allow the pest to lay eggs on the treated crops. Dosage: Use Coromandel Permasect 1 ml per liter of water for Foliar Spray

    Rs. 428.00 - Rs. 738.00

  • Coromandel Phendal Insecticide Coromandel Phendal Insecticide

    Coromandel Coromandel Phendal Insecticide

    Phendal 50 EC is a non-systemic organophosphorus insecticide Effective against Phytophagous insect pests on vegetables, rice, cotton, pulses etc. Formulated as Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) of varying strengths.

    Rs. 600.00 - Rs. 1,130.00

  • Coramandel Parryfos Inseciticide Coramandel Parryfos Inseciticide

    Coromandel Coramandel Parryfos Inseciticide

    Product Description: Broad spectrum insecticide having action on suckingchewing and boring insects. It also has good acaricidal action against large number of mite species. It has long residual action.Cholinesterase inhibitor. Dosage: 3-3.5 ml per liter of water.

    Rs. 225.00 - Rs. 650.00

  • Coromandel Optra Insecticide Coromandel Optra Insecticide

    Coromandel Coromandel Optra Insecticide

    Mode of Action: Systemic Product Description: Coromandel Optra is a broad-spectrum insecticide which contains Thiomethoxam 25% WG. It affects the insect's central nervous system as an agonist of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. Effectively controls Aphids & Jassids at low dosages. Rapidly absorbed in plants and transported acropetally in Xylem thus giving longer duration control even in high rainfall areas. It is safe for beneficial insects and can be used in IPM programs. Dosage: Use Coromandel Optra 0.5gm/lt for foliar Spray 

    Rs. 303.00 - Rs. 588.00

  • Coromandel Lancia Fungicide Coromandel Lancia Fungicide

    Coromandel Coromandel Lancia Fungicide

    Product Description: Coromandel Lancia is a patented and unique fungicide which prevents the fungus from penetrating the plant. Lancia is a patented and unique fungicide. Lancia has dual action having contact and systemic properties. Lancia is rapidly absorbed by the plants and translocated towards leaf tips. Dosage: 2.5gm/lt.

    Rs. 364.00 - Rs. 1,371.00

  • Coramandel Josh Insecticide Coramandel Josh Insecticide

    Coromandel Coramandel Josh Insecticide

    Mode of Action: Contact Systemic Product Description: Coromandal Josh Absorption by the plant system is faster and being systemic it is spread to the entire plant system in a shorter period. When applied insects immediately stop feeding on crops get paralyzed and finally die due to starvation. Effectively controls insects resistant to other insecticides. It is effective against insects mining in plants by its systemic action. Greater solubility in water than other granules. Dosage: Use Coromandal Josh 2ml/lt of water 

    Rs. 300.00 - Rs. 1,550.00



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