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  • Multiplex Pusti Ca (Calcium EDTA 10%) Crops Multiplex Pusti Ca (Calcium EDTA 10%)

    Multiplex Multiplex Pusti Ca (Calcium EDTA 10%)

    Product Description: Multiplex Pusti Ca Contains 10% Chelated Calcium in EDTA form. Calcium is responsible for the structural and physiological stability of plant tissue and hence makes plant leaves green and healthy. In general Calcium EDTA reduces blossom end rot in the case of Tomato, reduces bitter pit in apples, etc. It increases the quality and yield in all crops.  Mode of Application: Multipelx Pusti Ca can be used in Foliar spray Mode Of Action - Many soils are deficient in Calcium. Thus crops Grown on these soils suffer heavily resulting in low yields. Foilar sprays of Chelated Calcium Pusti Ca helps the farmers to over come this problem easily. Benefits 1. Calcium works for root development during early growth stage of plant 2. Calcium is essential for apical growth of plant. 3. Calcium is needed for transportation of other minerals within plant. 4. Calcium is a part of cell wall and hence related to cell division, cell elongation process Dosage: Use Multiplex Pusti Ca 0.5 g per liter of water for Spray Recommended Crops - All Vegetables, Plantation Crops etc Available Packing - 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm Recommended Time: Recommended to use at the low-temperature time of days like morning or evening and on a non-windy day.

    Rs. 204.45 - Rs. 1,318.92

  • Multiplex Chamak (Calcium Fertilizer) All crops Multiplex Chamak (Calcium Fertilizer)

    Multiplex Multiplex Chamak (Calcium Fertilizer)

    Mode of Application: Foliar Spray Product Description: Multiplex Chamak is available in powder form and contains mixture of Calcium & Boron nutrients. It induces better structural & physiological stability to crops and helps for better flowering and fruit setting. It is suitable for all crops and improves the shelf life of end products. Multiplex Chamak Also controls Bitter Pit in Tomato and Apple Dosage : Use Multiplex Chamak 3 gm/ltr for Foliar Spray

    Rs. 82.65 - Rs. 431.52

  • Multiplex Prokissan (Chelated Multi Micronutrient) Multiplex Prokissan (Chelated Multi Micronutrient)

    Multiplex Multiplex Prokissan (Chelated Multi Micronutrient)

    Product Description   Multiplex Prokissan is a chelated multi micronutrient fertilizer that contains essential micronutrients like Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper in chelated form and Boron & Molybdenum in non-chelated form. It can be applied to all crops.  Active Ingredients:   The active ingredients in Multiplex Prokissan are:  Zinc chelate (ZnEDTA) - 10%  Iron chelate (Fe-EDDHA) - 10%  Manganese chelate (Mn-EDTA) - 5%  Copper chelate (Cu-EDTA) - 2%  Boron - 0.5%  Molybdenum - 0.01%    Mode of Action:    Multiplex Prokissan chelated micronutrients can be applied as a foliar spray or a soil drench. Foliar sprays are more effective for correcting micronutrient deficiencies that are visible on the leaves, such as zinc deficiency. Soil drenches are more effective for correcting micronutrient deficiencies that are not visible on the leaves, such as boron deficiency.  Benefits   Corrects micronutrient deficiencies: chelated micronutrients provide essential micronutrients to the plant in a chelated form, which makes them more available to the plant. This helps to correct micronutrient deficiencies, which can lead to poor plant growth, yield loss, and susceptibility to pests and diseases.  Enhances the usage and availability of N, P, and K: Multiplex Prokissan can also help to enhance the usage and availability of N, P, and K, which are the major nutrients required for plant growth. This can lead to increased yield and improved tolerance to pests and diseases.  Increases yield: Multiplex Prokissan has been shown to increase yield in a variety of crops. For example, one study found that chelated micronutrients increased the yield of rice by 10%.  Helps plant in increasing tolerance against pests and diseases: Multiplex Prokissan can also help to improve the plant's tolerance to pests and diseases. This is because the chelated micronutrients in Multiplex Prokissan help to strengthen the plant's cell walls and improve its overall health.  Safe and easy to use: Multiplex Prokissan is a safe and easy-to-use product. It can be applied as a foliar spray or a soil drench.  Dosage recommendations for different crops:  Rice: 1 gram per liter of water for foliar spray and 150 grams per acre for soil drench.  Corn: 1 gram per liter of water for foliar spray and 150 grams per acre for soil drench.  Soybeans: 1 gram per liter of water for foliar spray and 150 grams per acre for soil drench.  Tomatoes: 1 gram per liter of water for foliar spray and 150 grams per acre for soil drench.  Potatoes: 1 gram per liter of water for foliar spray and 150 grams per acre for soil drench.   

    Rs. 191.40 - Rs. 6,712.05

  • Multiplex Neel Cu (Copper EDTA 12%) Crops Multiplex Neel Cu (Copper EDTA 12%)

    Multiplex Multiplex Neel Cu (Copper EDTA 12%)

    Mode of Application: Foliar spray Product Description: Multiplex Neel Cu is a Chelated micronutrient fertilizer containing copper 12% in EDTA form. Copper helps in enzymatic activity (ascorbic acid oxidase & other oxidase enzymes). It helps in chlorophyll formation, N-fixation, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. It also helps in maintaining the integrity of the cell wall. It helps to kill the fungal spores detrimental to plants. Dosage: Use Multiplex Neel Cu 0.5 g per liter of water

    Rs. 213.15 - Rs. 1,381.56

  • Multiplex Ruby Fe (Ferrous EDTA 12%) Crops Multiplex Ruby Fe (Ferrous EDTA 12%)

    Multiplex Multiplex Ruby Fe (Ferrous EDTA 12%)

    Product Description: Multiplex Ruby Fe is a chelated micronutrient which contains iron in form of Fe (Ferrous EDTA 12%). Iron is required in chlorophyll formation. It plays a crucial role in oxidation-reduction reactions, Nitrate reduction, Sulphate reduction, N fixation, N & S assimilation, etc. It also helps in increasing the defense enzymes in plants. Chemical composition - Chelated Iron 12% Mode of Action - Chelated micronutrient fertilizers are impostor physiological and biochemical processes of the plants. Ferrous deficient leaves show interveinal chlorosis and the leaf appears to be yellowish. In severe deficiency, leaves turn whitish, while veins remain green. Mode of Application: Foliar spray Benefits  - Benefits of Chelated Iron are  Chelated Iron Ruby Fe is a Free flowing fine powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water. It supply required micronutrient Iron (Fe) in optimum dose to crops. Ruby Fe helps to prevent Iron deficiencies in different crops occurred gradually at different growth stages of crops. It is a chelated agent and hence uptake of the nutrients is more compared to conventional micronutrient. Feature -  100% water soluble  Instantly mixes in water and It can be used in hydroponics and Aquaponics Best Results. Safe to the Environment.  Crop recommended:-  Cereal Crops: Rice, Bajra, Wheat, Maize, Oats, Barley, Rye, Millets, Sorghum,etc.Fruit Crops: Banana, Avocados, Apple, Guava, Mango, Orange, Papaya, Grapes, Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit, Watermelon etc   Dosage: Use Multiplex Ruby Fe 0.5 g per liter of water Packing Available -  100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg

    Rs. 113.10 - Rs. 1,254.54

  • Multiplex Swarna Zn (Zinc EDTA 12%) Crops Multiplex Swarna Zn (Zinc EDTA 12%)

    Multiplex Multiplex Swarna Zinc (Zinc EDTA 12%)

    Mode of Application: Foliar Spray Product Description: Multiplex Swarna Zinc contains Zinc in chelated form (Zn EDTA 12%). Zinc is essential for several enzyme systems, the production of auxins & protein synthesis. It improves disease resistance, promotes seed production, and hastens maturity. It is suitable for all crops. Swarna Zn Helps in the formation of chlorophyll and some carbohydrates. Helps in the conversion of starches to sugars and its presence in plant tissue helps the plant to withstand cold temperatures. Helps in the formation of auxins which help with growth regulation and stem elongation Dosage: Soil application - Use Multiplex Swarna Zinc 10kg/acre,               Foliar spray - Use Multiplex Swarna Chelated Zinc 0.5gm/liter 

    Rs. 108.75 - Rs. 1,653.00

  • Multiplex Magnum Mn (Manganese EDTA 12%)  All crops Multiplex Magnum Mn (Manganese EDTA 12%)

    Multiplex Multiplex Magnum Mn (Manganese EDTA 12%)

    Mode of Application: Multiplex Magnum Mn can be used in Foliar spray Product Description: Multiplex Magnum Mn contains is chelated micronutrient fertilizer which contains Manganese in chelated form as 12% EDTA. Manganese helps in photosynthesis, carbohydrate & N metabolism & assimilation. Activates (Catalyst's role) decarboxylase, dehydrogenase & oxidase systems in Kreb's cycle. It helps in translocating other nutrient ions as they enter the plant cell & direct them to their respective positions, where they carry out their functions in the plant. It is essential for splitting the water molecule during photosynthesis. Magnum makes plant resistant to virus multiplication in the plant system. Dosage: Use Multiplex Magnum Mn 0.5 g per liter of water

    Rs. 191.40 - Rs. 1,238.01

  • Multiplex Allbor - Boron 20% Crops Multiplex Allbor - Boron 20%

    Multiplex Multiplex Allbor - Boron 20%

    Mode of Application: Multiplex Allbor can be used in Foliar Spray Product Description: Multiplex Allbor contains Boron (20%) in partially chelated form and is easily available to plants. It is in powder form and is 100% water-soluble. Allbor contains boron in form of Di-Sodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate form. Multiplex Allbor helps in  improving flower & fruit setting and and also increases the size of the fruit. Allbor is highly recommended for crops that require more Boron e.g. Tomato, Chilli, Capsicum, and other fruit crops. Dosage: Use Multiplex Allbor 1gm/ltr of water for Foliar Spray

    Rs. 60.90 - Rs. 669.90

  • Multiplex Allbor +  (Boron 20%) Crops Multiplex Allbor +  (Boron 20%)

    Multiplex Multiplex Allbor + (Boron 20%)

    Technical Content :  Multiplex Allbor Plus contains 20 % Boron along with nitrogen Multiplex Allbor + is easily soluble in water. It increases the pigmentation and water retention capacity in leaves. It increases root elongation in seedlings, regulates growth hormones, it increases flower initiation and fruit setting. It enhances grain filling, sugar content of fruits and size of fruits. Dosage: Dissolve 1 to 5 g of Multiplex Allbor + in one litre of water and Spray on both the surface of leaves. We Recommend three sprays during critical growth and development stages of crops. First Spray 15 to 20 days after transplanting/sowing. Second Spray during flower initiation. Third spray during the fruit development stage. Multiplex Allbor + is suitable for soil application either through direct application or through fertigation.

    Rs. 104.40 - Rs. 667.29

  • Multiplex Sambrama Tablet (Complete Plant Food) - 5 GM Tablet Crops Multiplex Sambrama Tablet (Complete Plant Food)

    Multiplex Multiplex Sambrama Tablet (Complete Plant Food) - 5 GM Tablet

    Mode of Application: Foliar spray Product Description: Multiplex Sambrama increases the initial vigour of plants and induces disease & pest resistance. Helps plants to resist changes in the environment like stress in a better way. Improves the growth, yield and quality of the produce significantly encouraging visual effects can be seen within 6 - 7 days after the spray of Multiplex Sambrama. Dosage: Dissolve one Tablet of 5g tablet in 15 litres of water and spray.

    Rs. 64.38

  • Multiplex Pranam-Ca Secondary Nutrient Crops Multiplex Pranam-Ca (Liquid Calcium Fertilizer) - Agriplex

    Multiplex Multiplex Pranam-Ca (Liquid Calcium Fertilizer)

    Product Description Multiplelx Pranam-Ca is a Concentrated Liquid Calcium Fertilizer containing 11 % Water Soluble Organic Calcium Liquid Pranam-Ca Contains Water Soluble Organic Calcium. It is a multi-nutrient fertilizer, which has calcium (15.00%) along with other nutrients like Nitrogen and Boron in the easily available form to plants. This product is biologically derived from a biological source containing calcium and thus reduces the carbon footprint in the environment. This can be used for foliar spray as well as in drip irrigation. Recommended Dosage Mix 3 ml of Multiplex Pranam-Ca in one liter of water and spray on plants. We recommend using this product on Tomato, Chilly, Apples, Sugarcane, Cotton, Grapes, Citrus, and all vegetables.Note1. For better results spray during flowering & fruit development stages.2. Use the prepared spray solution immediately after preparation. Factors like rain and high temperature can reduce the efficiency of the product.CAUTION: Do not mix with Sulphur and Phosphorus containing fertilizers. BENEFITS OF MULTIPLEX PRANAM-Ca Plays an essential role in both plant nutrition and soil health     Reduces flower and fruit droppings. Increases chlorophyll content in leaves. Helps to build strong cell walls and gives firm structure to plants. Reduces bitter pit in apples, cork spot in pears, blossoms end rot in tomato and melons, firmness, and cracking in cherries.  

    Rs. 75.69 - Rs. 600.30

  • Multiplex Allborich Liquid Boron Fertilizer (Boron 10%) Multiplex Allborich Liquid Boron Fertilizer (Boron 10%)

    Multiplex Multiplex Allborich Liquid Boron Fertilizer (Boron 10%)

    Boron is required for many biological functions in plants. Boron highly influences reproductive function by enhancing pollination, seed and fruit development. It is primarily essential for cell division, cell elongation, amino acid formation, protein synthesis, and sugar translocation. However, the availability of boron in soil is very crucial. Low organic matter, high leaching, and high soil pH are the factors that affect the boron uptake in plants. Multiplex has come out with a research based product Allborich containing boron ethanolamine having boron 10%. Allborich is readily absorbed and utilized by crops. It is proven to be the most effective source of boron for plant metabolism and can be used as a foliar spray and through also fertigation. Allborich is highly recommended to prevent and correct boron deficiency and boost fertility in plants. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Foliar Spray: Mix 1 to 2 ml of Allborich in one liter of water and spray on both surfaces of the leaves. We recommend two foliar applications. The first spray is during the beginning of flowering/fruiting and the second spray is during fruit development. Fertigation: Allborich can also be used for drip irrigation with a recommended dosage of 250 ml per acre. BENEFITS OF MULTIPLEX ALLBORICH It is essential for pollen grain germination and pollen tubes' growth. It is key for seed and cell wall development and plays an important role in forming new cells. Plays a key role in nitrogen fixation and helps in nodulation in legume crops. Helps in the formation of sugar-borate complexes which is vital for sugar translocation and regulates carbohydrate metabolism. Increases pollen viability, improves fertilization and prevents flower shedding. Avoids fruit cracking, berry cracking, and nut splitting. Increases yield both by quality and quantity.

    Rs. 110.00 - Rs. 860.00

What are chelated micronutrients? 

Chelated micronutrients are micronutrients that are chemically bonded to an organic molecule, such as an amino acid. This bonding process, called chelation, protects the micronutrient from reacting with other compounds in the soil or water, which can make it unavailable for plant uptake. 

Why are chelated micronutrients important? 

Micronutrients are essential nutrients that plants need in small amounts to grow and thrive. However, micronutrients can be easily lost from the soil through leaching, erosion, and crop removal. Chelated micronutrients help to overcome these losses by making the micronutrients more available to plants. 

What are the best chelated micronutrients? 

The best chelated micronutrients for a particular plant will depend on the specific needs of the plant and the soil conditions. However, some of the most common and effective chelated micronutrients include: 

  • Iron (Fe): Chelated iron is essential for photosynthesis and plant growth. It is often used to treat iron deficiency chlorosis, a condition that causes yellowing of the leaves. 
  • Zinc (Zn): Chelated zinc is important for plant growth, reproduction, and disease resistance. It is often used to treat zinc deficiency, which can cause stunted growth and leaf spotting. 
  • Copper (Cu): Chelated copper is essential for plant respiration and photosynthesis. It is also important for the formation of chlorophyll and the development of fruits and seeds. 
  • Manganese (Mn): Chelated manganese is important for plant growth, photosynthesis, and reproduction. It is also involved in the formation of chlorophyll and the development of fruits and seeds. 
  • Boron (B): Chelated boron is essential for plant cell division and growth. It is also involved in the development of flowers and fruits. 
  • Molybdenum (Mo): Chelated molybdenum is essential for nitrogen fixation, a process by which plants convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form that they can use. It is also involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins. 

How are chelated micronutrients applied? 

Chelated micronutrients can be applied to plants through foliar sprays, soil applications, or fertigation. Foliar sprays are applied directly to the leaves of the plant, while soil applications are applied to the soil around the plant. Fertigation is a method of applying nutrients through the irrigation system. 

The best way to apply chelated micronutrients will depend on the specific plant, the soil conditions, and the desired results. 

What are the benefits of using chelated plant nutrients? 

Chelated plant nutrients offer a number of benefits over traditional fertilizers, including: 

  • Increased availability to plants: Chelated nutrients are more readily available to plants than non-chelated nutrients, which can help to prevent nutrient deficiencies. 
  • Improved soil health: Chelated nutrients can help to improve soil health by increasing the microbial activity in the soil. 
  • Reduced environmental impact: Chelated nutrients are less likely to leach into the environment than non-chelated nutrients. 
  • More convenient to use: Chelated nutrients are often available in soluble forms that can be easily applied to plants. 

Overall, chelated plant nutrients are a valuable tool for improving plant health and productivity. 


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