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    Multiplex Multiplex Annapurna Bio Fertilizer

    Multiplex Annapurna contains Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Rhizobium; Phosphate solubilizing bacteria; Potash mobilizing bacteria, Trichoderma sp., and Pseudomonas, etc. Mode of Application: Soil Application Product Description: Multiplex Annapurna improves soil structure & soil fertility. It helps for better root proliferation; minimizes the use of chemical fertilizers. It controls many soil-borne pests & diseases. Annapurna is a well-decomposed coco peat-based organic manure fortified with neem cake, castor cake, Pongamia cake, vermicompost. Dosage: For field crops: Use Multiplex Annapurna @ 90 -120 kg/acre; For other crops: Use Multiplex Annapurna @ 150 -200 kg/acre; For plantation crops: Use Multiplex Annapurna @ 3 kg per plant per year.

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