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  • Mahyco Yeshaswini Chilli Seeds Mahyco Yeshaswini Chilli Seeds

    Mahyco Mahyco Yeshaswini Chilli Seeds - 1500 SEEDS

    Mahyco Yeshaswini Chilli Seeds are the perfect choice for farmers looking for high yields and consistent quality. These hybrid seeds are known for their resistance to diseases and pests, making them a reliable option for both small and large farms.    Key features   High yield potential: Up to 20 tonnes per hectare  Excellent fruit size and uniformity  Long shelf life  Resistance to major diseases and pests  Suitable for cultivation in diverse climatic conditions  Adaptable to various soil types  Benefits  Increased profitability due to higher yields  Reduced risk of crop failure  Improved market value due to superior quality  Lower input costs due to disease and pest resistance  Sustainable cultivation practices     Land Preparation:    Number of ploughings: 2-3 ploughings are generally recommended to achieve a fine tilth.   Depth of ploughing: The first ploughing should be deep (18-20 cm) to break the hardpan and improve drainage. Subsequent ploughings can be shallower (10-12 cm).   Timing: Ploughing is best done during the summer months (April-May) to allow the soil to dry and aerate.   Moisture content: Ideally, the soil should have moderate moisture content during ploughing. Avoid ploughing when the soil is too wet or dry.   After ploughing, remove all weeds, stones, and other debris from the field. This will prevent competition for resources and facilitate smooth land levelling.   Incorporate well-decomposed farmyard manure (FYM) or compost at 15-20 tons per acre at the time of final ploughing. This improves soil fertility, water-holding capacity, and soil structure.   Incorporate well-decomposed farmyard manure (FYM) or compost at 15-20 tons per acre at the time of final ploughing. This improves soil fertility, water-holding capacity, and soil structure.   Apply a basal dose of fertilizers based on soil test recommendations. A general recommendation is 40 kg nitrogen, 60 kg phosphorus, and 40 kg potassium per acre.    Sowing   Sow  Mahyco Yeshaswini  Chilli seeds in a well-drained seedbed with fertile soil.   Sow seeds thinly, about 2-3 cm (about 1.18 in) apart.   Cover the seeds lightly with soil.   Water the seedbed regularly and keep it moist.   Mahyco Yeshaswini Chilli Seedlings should emerge in 7-10 days.    Transplanting:    Transplant Chilli seedlings to the field when they are 4-5 weeks old and have 4-5 true leaves.   Harden off seedlings for a week before transplanting by gradually exposing them to outdoor conditions.   Prepare the field by tilling, levelling, and making planting holes.   Space the plants 45-60 cm apart in rows that are 60-75 cm apart.   Make sure the roots are not bent when planting.   Water the plants thoroughly after transplanting.    Harvesting:   Chillies are ready for harvest when they reach full colour and size.   Ripe Mahyco Yeshaswini Chilli   Use sharp scissors or pruners to harvest the chillies.   Cut the stem about 1 cm above the fruit.   Harvest chillies regularly, as this will encourage further fruiting.   Storage:   Fresh Chilli can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.   Mahyco Yeshaswini Chilli stored in refrigerator   Wash chillies gently before storing them.   Place Chillis in a plastic bag and remove as much air as possible.   Alternatively, chillies can be dried or frozen for longer storage.   Drying of Mahyco Yeshaswini Chilli:   Wash chillies and remove stems.   Slice chillies into thin strips or leave them whole.   Spread chillies on a clean drying rack or trays in a well-ventilated area.   Drying chillies   Turn chillies regularly to ensure even drying.   Chillies are dry when they are brittle and break easily.   

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To control Chilli Black Thrips, implement regular monitoring and use appropriate insecticides or biological controls, ensuring thorough coverage of affected plants for effective suppression and prevention of further damage.


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