Best Insecticides for Black Thrips in Chilli

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  • Anshul Biofinish Bio Pesticide Anshul Biofinish Bio Pesticide

    Anshul Anshul Biofinish Bio Pesticide

    Anshul Biofinish is a broad spectrum bio-pesticide containing active ingredients derived from different plants. Mode of Application: Foliar spray Effective against a large number of sucking and caterpillar pests such as Planthoppers, Aphids, Psyllids, Whiteflies, Scale insects, Thrips, Gall midges, Fruit flies, Leaf eating insects, Stem borers, Pod/ Fruit borers in plantation, Fruits, Vegetables and cereals crops. Special feature it is also effective against fungal diseases. Dosage: 3-5ml.ltr

    Rs. 112.00 - Rs. 3,274.00

To control Chilli Black Thrips, implement regular monitoring and use appropriate insecticides or biological controls, ensuring thorough coverage of affected plants for effective suppression and prevention of further damage.


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