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  • Bayer Laudis + Foost Herbicide Selective Herbicide Bayer Laudis + Foost Herbicide Crop

    Bayer Bayer Laudis Herbicide With Foost

    Product Description Bayer laudis is a post-emergence, selective herbicide that is used to control a range of broadleaf weeds in corn and soybean crops. It is formulated as a soluble concentrate (SC) and is applied to the leaves of the weeds. Technical Composition laudis herbicide contains 42% w/w of the active ingredient tembotrione. Tembotrione is a member of the PPO (photosynthetic electron transport inhibitor) family of herbicides. It works by blocking the production of ATP, which is a molecule that provides energy for plant growth. Mode of Action laudis herbicide is absorbed by the leaves of the weeds and then translocated throughout the plant. It accumulates in the chloroplasts, which are the plant's "powerhouses". Once it reaches the chloroplasts, tembotrione blocks the production of ATP, which prevents the plant from producing energy. This leads to the death of the plant cells and the eventual death of the plant. Features Selective: It is selective for corn and soybean crops, so it will not harm the crop when applied properly. Effective: It is effective against a range of broadleaf weeds, including lambsquarters, pigweed, and waterhemp. Long-lasting: It has a long residual activity, so it can provide control of weeds for up to 30 days after application. Easy to use: It is easy to use and can be applied with a variety of sprayers. Benefits Increased crop yield: It can help to increase crop yield by controlling weeds that compete with the crop for water, nutrients, and sunlight. Reduced weed control costs: It can help to reduce weed control costs by reducing the need for manual weeding. Improved crop quality: It can help to improve crop quality by reducing the incidence of diseases and pests that are transmitted by weeds. Dosage The recommended dosage of laudis herbicide varies depending on the crop and the weed pressure. For corn, the recommended dosage is 115ml/ acre. For soybeans, the recommended dosage is 0.2-0.4 Liters per hectare. Targeted Weeds Laudis is used to control a range of broadleaf weeds in corn and soybean crops. It is effective against lambsquarters, pigweed, waterhemp, and other broadleaf weeds. Target Crops laudis herbicide is approved for use on corn and soybean crops. It is also approved for use on non-crop areas, such as roadsides and ditches.  Frequency of application - Depends on pest incidence or severity of disease. Manufacturing Or Marketing Company – Bayer CropScience Mode Of Formulation - Emulifiable Mobility In Plant - Systemic Application Method Direction Of Use- Foliage Spraying

    Rs. 1,000.00 - Rs. 3,300.00

  • Bayer Sunrice Herbicide Crops Bayer Sunrice Herbicide

    Bayer Bayer Sunrice Herbicide- 50 GM

    Technical Content : Bayer's Sunrice herbicide contains Ethoxysulfuron 15% WDG Sunrice is a selective herbicide. Sunrice Herbicide Acts as post-emergence hence gives flexibility of application. Gives excellent control of difficult to control weeds like Monochoria and Scirpus. Effectively controls annual sedges like Cyperus rotundus. Sunrice Acts at very low dose being sulfonyl urea.

    Rs. 510.00 - Rs. 2,540.00

  • Bayer Whip Super Herbicide Crops Bayer Whip Super Herbicide

    Bayer Bayer Whip Super Herbicide

    Technical Content: Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl 9 EC (9.3% w/w) Mode of Action: Selective/Post emergence herbicide Product Description:Whip Super contains Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl as an active ingredient which is a selective herbicide having action against Echinochloa sp. and other grassy weeds in soybean, rice, cotton, black gram, and onion. It is a post-emergent herbicide having action on a broad spectrum of grasses. Dosage:2ml per liter of water

    Rs. 248.00 - Rs. 2,334.00

Herbicides for cotton, a boon to farmers' yield, efficiently control weeds, ensuring healthy growth in fields white as snow.


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