Terrace Gardening - Benefits and Drawbacks

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On the earth, many changes are occurring, and change or variety is the essence of life. Changes from a joint to a nuclear family, from a rural to an urban environment, and from poor to healthy eating habits. With so much change happening in the city, people have expressed an interest in having their garden or as we would say home garden. Most Indian towns are densely populated, it is difficult for everyone to have their ideal dream garden. On the ground, people are increasingly opting for a personalized garden on their balcony or terrace. This blog discusses terrace gardening, including how to get started and the benefits and drawbacks.

The art of growing flower or vegetable crops on a house's terrace rather than on normal ground is known as terrace gardening. A terrace garden is simple to set up because it just requires a few items such as pots or grow bags, media such as soil, vermicompost, or organic manure to raise plants, seeds, and rose can to meet irrigation demands. Anyone with a keen interest in plants can start a terrace garden. 


Terrace gardening holds several advantages like

  • Fruits and vegetables cultivated at home are free of pests and diseases, keeping us healthy
  • Rainwater harvesting is a modern urban concept, and the water so collected could be used for plant irrigation
  • The terrace garden not only provides vegetables for the daily food, but it also keeps the building cool.
  • Terrace gardens serve as artificial air purifiers  
  • Provides a hands-on experience in the cultivation of crops
  • Medicinal plants when part of the terrace garden can serve as a first line of defense
  • By reducing the need to purchase vegetables and fruits, the cost of living is reduced. 
  • Enhances the building's overall aesthetic value
  • Gardening even on a small scale can be a great stress reliever.


  • Water leaking from the terrace might be a menace 
  • Stagnation of water and soil deposition might be an issue 
  • Controlling rats, mice, frogs, and birds becomes challenging
  • A lack of knowledge regarding pest and disease management could be a problem.

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