Management of Nutritional Deficiencies in Chilli Crop

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 Chilli is an important vegetable crop in India that is widely grown for its spicy and pungent qualities. It is grown all over India, although the majority of it is produced in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Orissa. Because the nutritional capacity of the soil in India varies, the crop will inevitably show nutrient deficiencies when it is cultivated. To avoid economic loss, a grower must recognise, analyse, and comprehend the symptoms and take corrective action. This blog provides a clear picture of the major nutrient deficiency symptoms of the chilli crops and their maintenance.


Nitrogen Deficiency in Chilli

Nitrogen is a major crop nutrient when it is deficient in soil plants show stunted growth, short branches, and older leaves could be found turning light green and under severe incidence, it could turn yellow. Fruit size will be reduced and even chlorotic spots can be noticed. 

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Phosphorous Deficiency in Chilli

Phosphorous is one of the important major nutrients when it is less in soil. Plants will show reduced leaf growth, root development will be less. Older leaves of the plant will show a pinkish or purple colour margin and uneven flowering and fruit development might be noticed. 

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Potassium Deficiency in Chilli

Potassium is a major crop nutrient when it is deficient in the soil, plant leaves will show necrotic margins or as commonly referred to as marginal scorching.  

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Calcium Deficiency in Chilli

Calcium deficiency in chilli is also known as blossom end rot disorder. Calcium is a secondary nutrient very important for crop growth and development. Deficiency symptoms in plants are seen on the growing tips as necrotic spots. This is one of the major problems faced by chilli growers. 


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Magnesium Deficiency in Chilli

Magnesium is also a secondary nutrient required by the crop in huge quantities but undersupplies of the same are the reason for the deficiency. Symptoms of the deficiency are interveinal chlorosis of the leaf while the leaf margin remains green. Deficiency symptoms start from the margin and progress towards the centre.

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Iron Deficiency in Chilli

Young chilli leaves generally show Iron deficiency. When the crop faces a dearth of iron the symptoms are visible on young leaves as turning yellow but with green veins. The yellow leaves gradually turn completely chlorotic.

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