Management of Major Disease in Cucumber

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Management of Major Diseases of Cucumber 

Cucumber is one of the most popular vegetables consumed in raw form. It is a warm-season crop usually cultivated in both protected and open field conditions. It is widely cultivated in the southern part of India. The crop growth and development have been hindered by several Pathogens. In this blog let us understand the strategies for managing major Diseases of the cucumber. 

Damping off 

Damping off in cucumber is caused by a soil-borne fungus called Pythium. There are two types of damping off in cucumber pre-emergent and post-emergent. In the pre-emergence, the seedlings are killed just before they reach the soil surface and in the post-emergence phase, water-soaked depression near the collar regions above the soil can be noticed. Which in later stages leads to the collapsing or wilting of seedlings in portray. 

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Biological Control: Trichomax, Biocure F, Chirayu 

Chemical Control: Ridomil Gold, Blitox, Blue copper, Aliette, Bavistin

Cucumber wilt

In the cucumber crop, there are two types of wilts noticed - Bacterial wilt and Fusarium wilt

Bacterial Wilt

Bacterial wilt disease of cucumber is caused by Ralstonia bacteria. Under the bacterial infestation, cucumber plants wilt all of a sudden followed by plant death. This disease is also referred to as green wilting. 

Cucumber Fusarium Wilt 

Fusarium wilt disease in cucumbers is caused by the fungus known as fusarium. In this case, plants generally turn yellow and then wilt and die gradually. 


Recommended products 

Biological Control:  Trichomax, Biocure F, Pseudomax, Biocure B, Nisarga, Sparsha 

Chemical Control:  Bactinash 200,  Bavistin, Cystocycline, Blue copper, Dhanuka Conika, Nagcopper, Nagcarzim 

Powdery Mildew in Cucumber

Powdery mildew in cucumber is caused by a fungus that is prevalent during the early growth stages. Initially, light yellow spots can be seen on the leaves, and at later stages, mass deposition of powdery-like material can be observed. Disease occurrence is high during low temperatures, cloudy climates, and moderate sunlight. 

Biological Control:  Trichomax, Biocure F, Pseudomax, Biocure B, Nisarga, Sparsha

Chemical Control:  Anshul Dost,  Multiplex Jodi, Luna experience, Anshul liquid Sulphur, Contaf Plus, Folicure

Downy Mildew 

Downy mildew in cucumber is a common disease. Initially, leaves turn light green and then turn pale yellow. These yellow patches on the upper leaf surface if untreated would turn brown and defoliation could also be noticed. 

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Cucumber Anthracnose 

Anthracnose in cucumber is one of the most devastating diseases bothering the cucumber cultivators. The disease is caused by Colletotrichum fungus. The Spread of the disease is faster during warm and rainy climates. The fungus causes water-soaked circular lesions in the initial stages which in later stages form sunken lesions with a dark brownish-black margin. The rapid spread of disease is associated with low-quality produce and yield. 

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 Multiplex Jodi, Olander, Merger, Ishan 

Cucumber Mosaic Virus Disease

Mosaic disease of cucumber is caused by a virus which is spread by aphids. Affected plants become stunted, the leaf will be small with a mosaic pattern (Light green and yellow) on the leaf. Under severe infestation, crops fail to flower and even deformed fruit can be observed. 


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