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  • Sumitomo Glycel Herbicide Sumitomo Glycel Herbicide

    Sumitomo Sumitomo Glycel Herbicide

    Technical Content: Glyphosate 41% SL Sumitomo Glycel is a systemic, broad spectrum, non-selective post emergent herbicide. It is effective in controlling all weeds including annuals, perennials, grassy, broadleaf weeds and sedges. Mode of action: Glycel works by being absorbed into the plant mainly through its leaves but also through soft stalk tissue. It is then transported throughout the plant where it acts on various enzyme systems inhibiting amino acid metabolism known as the shikimic acid pathway needed for plant growth. This pathway with Glycel slowly dies over a period of days or weeks, and because the chemical is transported throughout the plant, no part survives. Crops: Tea, Non cropped areas Weeds controlled: Arundinella bengalensis, Axonopus compressus, Cynodon dactylon,Imperata cylindrical, Kalm grass, Paspalum scrobiculatum, Polygonum perfoliatum, Soghum helepense , other dicot & monocot weeds in general. Dosage: 2-3 ltr/ha

    Rs. 755.00 - Rs. 3,780.00

  • आखिरी स्टॉक! Sumitomo IPL 505 Insecticide - 1 LT

    Sumitomo Sumitomo IPL 505 Insecticide - 1 LT

    Technical Content: Chloropyriphos 50%+cypermethrin 5% EC IPL 505 Insecticide: It is a broad-spectrum insecticide with contact, stomach poison with vapor action. It is having contact and stomach action against pod borers, fruit borers, stem borers, leaf miners, defoliating caterpillars, sucking pests, termites, etc. Combination results in synergistic action providing longer protection. Target Crops: Cotton, Fruits, Nut crops, Strawberries, Figs, Vegetables, Potatoes, Beet, , Soya beans, Sunflowers, Sweet Potatoes, Peanuts, Rice, Alfalfa, Cereals, Maize, Sorghum, Asparagus, Glasshouse and outdoor Ornamentals, Turf, Forestry, etc. Target Pests: Pinkboll worms, Spotted boll worms, American boll worms & Sucking insects like Aphids, Jassid, Thrips, Whiteflies   Dosage : Use Sumitomo IPL 505 2 ML / Lt of water for Foliar Spray.

    Rs. 800.00

  • Sumitomo Progibb Easy - 2.5 GM

    Sumitomo Sumitomo Progibb Easy - 2.5 GM

    Technical Content : Gibberellic Acid 40 % WSG It is a highly effective growth promoter – increasing size and quality of fruits, vegetables, and other crops, essential for optimum growth and development. It is also plays a role in the regulation of other plant processes such as flowering, seed germination, dormancy, and senescence.  

    Rs. 75.00

  • आखिरी स्टॉक! Sumitomo Progibb

    Sumitomo Sumitomo Progibb

    Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs), are molecules that influence the development of plants and are generally active at very low concentrations. Plant growth and nutrition substances have a key role in different physiological processes related to development of crops. Changes in the levels of plant hormones and nutrients due to stress can adversely affect crop growth. Sumitomo Chemical India Limited (SCIL), has a range of plant growth and nutrition products that help farmers improve crop yield.

    Rs. 60.00 - Rs. 230.00

  • आखिरी स्टॉक! Sumitimo Borneo Insecticide - 500 ML

    Sumitomo Sumitimo Borneo Insecticide - 500 ML

    Borneo is a powerful acaricide used to prevent the crops from the attack ofmites. Borneo controls the growth of mites and provides an excellent long term safety to the crop plants. Borneo works efficiently when it comes in contact with eggs, larvae and nymph of the mites. It prevents the development of respiratory organs in eggs and does not allow molting in nymphs. Borneo is ineffective on the adult mites but helps prevent development of eggs in an adult female mite.

    Rs. 3,375.00


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