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  • How to use Shuddi Hand wash Chemical Free Hand wash

    SHUDDI Shuddi Hand Wash

    Multiplex Shuddi Hand wash is a novel biological product made of naturally occurring microorganisms . Shuddi Hand wash containing metabolites (Organic acids/ enzymes & antimicrobial) of microbial consortium which helps in inactivating bacteria, fungi, and viruses. HOW TO USE: Apply a sufficient quantity of Multiplex Shuddi Hand Wash on wethands, gently wash hands with clean water. BENEFITS  Natural cleansing Pleasant aroma Assures long-lasting anti-germ protection Refreshes your skin Cleanliness feeling of hands for a long time  Kills 99.9% of germs and gives total protection against diseases   Frequently Asked Question Q: Why Should I choose Multiplex Shuddi Hand Wash?  A: Multiplex Shuddi Hand Wash is the ideal choice for clean, nourished hands. Crafted with natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens, it effectively cleanses while keeping skin healthy .  Q: How does this hand wash work?  A: Shuddi Hand Wash creates a luxurious foam that deeply cleanses, removing dirt and germs without drying out skin. It leaves hands feeling refreshed, hydrated, and enveloped in a fresh aroma that revitalizes with every use.  Q: Can I use your hand wash if I have sensitive skin?  A: Absolutely! Dermatologically tested and formulated with all-natural ingredients, Shuddi Hand Wash is gentle on sensitive skin, providing effective cleansing without irritation, keeping your loved ones safe. 

    Rs. 165.00 - Rs. 630.00

  • How to use Shuddi Multi Cleaner Shuddi Multi Cleaner

    SHUDDI Shuddi Multi Cleaner

    SHUDDI MULTI CLEANER is a ready to use multipurpose spray is an innovative biochemical product. Active ingredients derived from metabolites of naturally occurring microorganisms. (Organic acids/ enzymes and antimicrobial compounds) that help in removing dirt, stains and gives glittering shine to surfaces. Internationally accepted and trusted brand for household, industry, and institutional use. HOW IT WORKS: Cleans the surface and gives glittering shine to glass, mirror, window panels, refrigerator, TV, oven, kitchen cabin, etc. It kills harmful germs and removes bad odor. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spray the ready-to-use liquid onto the glass, shiny surface body & interiors of the car and wipe with a clean cotton cloth. Carpet 101 non-washable carpet, spray the liquid uniformly and allow the carpet to dry naturally. Repeat the spray once a week. SPECIAL FEATURES Non Toxic  Safe for users  Eco-friendly  Free from chlorine  No chemical   Frequently Asked Question Q: How does Shuddi Multipurpose Spray work its magic?  A: Shuddi Multipurpose Cleaner makes cleaning a breeze—just spray, wipe, and watch dirt and germs disappear! It’s your go-to for a spotless space.  Q: Where can I put Shuddi’s Multipurpose Spray cleaning prowess to the test?  A: Whether it’s kitchen counters, bathroom tiles, or even your trusty coffee table, Shuddi Multipurpose Cleaner handles any mess with ease. No surface left uncleaned!  Q: Can Shuddi Multipurpose Spray handle my little one’s toys without any worries?  A: Absolutely! Shuddi Multipurpose Cleaner is gentle yet tough on messes, ensuring your kids’ toys are squeaky clean for playtime fun. Bye-bye, sticky residue!

    Rs. 165.00 - Rs. 320.00

  • Shuddi Floor Cleaner Shuddi Floor Cleaner

    SHUDDI Shuddi Floor Cleaner

    Multiplex Shuddi Floor Cleaner is a bioremediation and cleaning product containing naturally occurring microorganisms. Shuddi Floor Cleaner is a eco-friendly product which is extremely efficient in removing dirt, and stains and in killing germs thereby keeping the floor surface clean, shiny, and hygienic.HOW IT WORKS: Shuddi Floor Cleaner removes dirt, stains, and bad smell-producing elements & germs by digesting them through its inherent action. Shuddi Floor Cleaner also doesn't cause any corrosion on Tiles and keeps them shining DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Prepare the required quantity of solution by mixing 10ml of Multiplex Shuddi in 1 liter of clean water &mop the floor thoroughly. BENEFIT Shuddi Floor cleaner keeps the floor clean and fresh. Brings long-lasting shine to the surface Kills harmful germs Repels House flies, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, etc., from the treated area

    Rs. 205.00 - Rs. 410.00

  • Shuddi Toilet Cleaner Shuddi Toilet Cleaner

    SHUDDI Shuddi Toilet Cleaner

    Multiplex Shuddi Toilet cleaner is a bioremediation and cleaning product containing naturally occurring microorganisms. This eco-friendly product is extremely efficient in removing dirt, and stains and in killing harmful germs thereby keeping the toilet clean and hygienic.  HOW IT WORKS: Shuddi Toilet Cleaner Removes dirt, stains, bad smell-producing elements and harmful germs by digesting or by producing antimicrobial compounds Through its inherent action DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Prepare the required quantity of solution by mixing 10 ml of Multiplex Shuddi Toilet Cleaner in one liter of water. Sprinkle on the toilet uniformly. Allow it to stay for 2 to 3 hours and clean with water or squeeze liquid around the bowl, under the rim, and any other places if required. For better results allow the solution is to stay overnight before cleaning BENEFITS Keeps the toilet clean & fresh Acts as a repellent to Kills harmful germs Mosquitoes, Houseflies, Cockroaches, Rats, etc., Removes bad odor Brings a long-lasting hygienic environment. It keeps the toilet shiny

    Rs. 190.00 - Rs. 360.00

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