Nisarga (Trichoderma viride),Liquid

Multiplex Nisarga Trichoderma Viride Liquid

Multiplex Sparsha (Pseudomonas fluorescens), Powder |

Multiplex Sparsha Pseudomonas fluorescens -Powder

Multiplex Nisarga (Trichoderma viride) Powder

Multiplex Nisarga  contains Trichoderma viride 1.5% w.p / Trichoderma viride 5% L.F (Min. 2x106 CFU/ml for Liquid Based & min. 2x106 CFU /gm for Carrier Based) in powder form

Mode of Action: Multiplex Nisarga Contains Trichoderma and is a potential fungal bioagent that can also suppress other pathogenic fungi by means of antibiosis (Suppression by means of secondary metabolites) and competition for nutrients. Multiplex Nisarga secretes Cellulase and Chitinase enzymes which destroy the cell wall of the disease-causing pathogenic fungi or bacteria resulting in suppression of pathogenic load.

Product Description: Multiplex Nisarga also helps in Controlling seeds and soil-borne fungal diseases like root rot, damping-off, fungal wilts, etc., occurring in vegetables, fruit crops, field crops, pulses and plantation crops. Multiplex Nisarga Effectively controls Ganoderma wilts in Arecanuts and Coconuts.


For liquid based: use Multiplex Nisarga Liquid 1 litre / acre

For Carrier based: use Multiplex Nisarga Powder 4 kg/ acre



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Nisarga (Trichoderma viride) Powder