Oberon (Spiromesifen 240 SC 22.9 % w/w)

Bayer Oberon (Spiromesifen 240 SC 22.9 % w/w)

Nativo (Tebuconazole 50%+ Trifloxystrobin 25% w/w WG (75 WG))

Bayer Nativo Fungicide

Bayer Luna Experience (Fluopyram17.7%+Tebuconazole17.7% w/w (400 SC)

Mode of Action:Systemic

Product Description:Luna Experience offers a new way to protect plants against diseases which jeopardize the quality of the harvest. Therefore, Luna Experience has a direct impact on the marketability of the produce and business of the growers. The benefits of Luna Experience go beyond efficacy to help growers meet the increasing quality and safety needs of food chain and export.

Dosage: 1ml per litre of water



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Luna Experience (Fluopyram17.7%+Tebuconazole17.7% w/w (400 SC)