Is It Possible To Increase Yield By Treating The Seeds?

Seed is one of the primordial inputs in agriculture. It has been and will continue to be the most cost-effective method of crop propagation.  Seeds hold tremendous potential to multiply profusely. It is the key to feeding the hungry world. Talk of the hour in recent days is can seed treatment really boost the growth, development and yield. 

What exactly is seed treatment?

The process of disinfecting or removing harmful pathogens from the seed surface is known as seed treatment. It protects the seeds from harmful microorganisms and increases the plant's initial vigour.


How do you treat seeds?

The first step in farming is seed treatment. The most important aspect of seed treatment is improving seed quality, which can be accomplished through size garding, priming, or hot water soaking, etc,. Once the seed quality has been improved, the seeds are spread on a polythene sheet and the active ingredient (organic or inorganic) is poured if liquid and dusted if powder, followed by adjuvants such as stickers or jaggery solutions. This mixture of seed, active ingredient, and adjuvants is thoroughly mixed so that it spreads uniformly on seed surface.

Advantages of seed treatment

  • Treating the seed will help eliminate the harmful pathogens from the seed and soil. 
  • Seed treatment saves farmers money on costly plant protection chemicals
  • It promotes early crop growth, as well as overall health and vigour.
  • The removal of unwanted pathogens would aid in increasing yield
  • Organic Seed treatment - Organic seed treatment is an age-old practice of treating the seeds with natural elements (Water, fire etc.,), biocontrol microorganisms and natural herbal extracts. Among the various options available biocontrol agents are mostly preferred for farmers, especially in organic agriculture. 

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  • Chemical Seed treatment - Chemical seed treatments refer to the process of protecting the seeds from harmful pathogens using chemical fungicides, bactericides or a combination of both. By and large, farmers use this method to get quick knockdown effects against harmful pathogens.


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    Given the seed treatment methods and benefits, it is obvious that treating seeds with a biological or chemical active ingredient would result in a higher yield.

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