• Drupping of Plant

  • Larva feeding on stem

  • Deformed stem due to infestation


  • Larva bores into the stem of Crop.

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  1. Regent GR Fipronil 0.3 GR

    Regular Price: ₹2,650.00

    Special Price ₹2,300.00

    Regent GR Fipronil 0.3 GR (0.3% w/w),Regent is a Fipronil based phenyl pyrazole insecticide which is very effective for controlling stem borer and leaf folder in rice and termites and early shoot borer pests in sugarcane. Fipronil not only controls insect pests effectively but also shows plant growth enhancement effects like enhanced root growth, more number of productive tillers etc., which results in higher yields Learn More
    Price From: ₹410.00
    Polytrin C is a ready to use mixture of two active ingredients i.e. Profenofos and Pyrethroid Cypermethrin. Polytrin C is a non-systemic insecticide having contact and stomach action. It is effective against several insect pests (both chewing and sucking types). It has Synergistic power with powerful stomach and contact action. It gives Quick knock down and excellent control on hard to kill Boll-worm Complex. It helps to control insects like Caterpillars, DBM, Helicoverpa (Fruit Borer), Cutworm, Brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Headborer, Gram pod borer, Spotted Pod borer, etc Learn More
  3. Phendal
    Price From:

    Regular Price: ₹290.00

    Special Price ₹275.00

    Phendal, Phenthoate 50%EC is a non-systemic organophosphorus insecticide, a cholinesterase inhibitor with contact and stomach action, moderately toxic to mammals with no residual activity. Phendal is formulated as Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) of varying strengths. Phendal (Phenthoate) formulation has a board spectrum of effectiveness on crop pests especially against a wide range of chewing and piercing-sucking Phytophagous insect pests on vegetables, rice, cotton, pulses etc. It has a strong pungent odour which acts as a repellent for adult moths due to which, egg laying can be prevented. Learn More
  4. Lara
    Price From:

    Regular Price: ₹225.00

    Special Price ₹200.00

    Lara-909 (Chloropyriphos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% EC) is a combination of Organo Phosphates and Synthetic pyrethroids, which is Cholinesterase inhibitor and Na+, K+ Channel disrupter. It helps to control insects like Caterpillars, DBM, Helicoverpa (Fruit Borer), Cutworm, Brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Headborer, Gram pod borer, Spotted Pod borer, etc Learn More
  5. Bioclaim
    Price From: ₹270.00
    Bioclaim (Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG) is a non-Contact, Systemic insecticide which penetrates leaf tissues by trans-laminar movement. Bioclaim belongs to naturally occurring evermectin group of insecticide is good for controlling Lepidoptera such as boll worms in cotton and fruit and shoot borer in Okra (Bhendi) Learn More
  6. Tricel
    Price From: ₹190.00
    Features: • Tricel has a triple action: contact, stomach & vapor to ensure that no pest survives. • Tricel has an excellent soil action, which makes it the ideal weapon to fight against termites, cutworms, white grubs/root grubs etc • Tricel has a broad spectrum action that controls most of the sucking, chewing and biting insects on various crops. • Tricel can be used as a foliar spray, soil drench, seed treatment, broadcasting of oil/sand for termite control. • Compatible to other insecticides and fungicides hence can be used in combination. Target Pests: Aphids, Ants, Armyworm, Billbugs, Chinch Bugs, Corn Borers, Corn Earworm, Corn Rootworm, Cotton Leafworm, Cutworms, Flea beetles, Grasshoppers, Grubs, Lesser, Cornstalk Borer, Locusts, Mole Crickets, Seedcorn Maggot, Sow bugs, Hispa, Leaf Roller, Gall Midge, Stem Borer, Aphid, Pod Borer, Cutworm, Black Bug, Early Shoot And Stalk Borer, Pyrilla, Bollworm, White Fly, Grey Weevil, Root Grub, Shoot And Fruit Borer, Diamondback moth, Leafhopper, Black Citrus Aphid, Ground Beetle, Locust Hopper. Learn More
    Price From: ₹348.00
    Rimon (Novaluron 10% EC) is an insect growth regulator (IGR) having stomach action which interferes with chitin synthesis in larval stage, resulting in failure of cuticle development and mortality during moulting. Rimon has unique mode of action, chitin synthesis inhibition. Rimon gives excellent control of Spodoptera, Heliothis and other caterpillers for longer duration. Rimon exhibits excellent phytotonic effect. Rimon gives significant reduction in sprays of other insecticides which means longer duration of control. Rimon improves yield and quality and is safe to beneficial insects and environment. Rimon helps to control insects like Caterpillars, DBM, Helicoverpa (Fruit Borer), Cutworm, Brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Headborer, Gram pod borer, Spotted Pod borer, etc Learn More
  8. Proclaim
    Price From: ₹850.00
    Proclaim is an insecticide which belongs to avermectin group. It is an insecticide with stomach action and should be ingested by the larvae to be most effective. Affected larvae become paralyzed and stop feeding shortly after exposure to Emamectin benzoate 5% SG and subsequently die after 2-4 days. Powerful control at low use rates of Key lepidopteron pests on variety of crops. Learn More
  9. Ferterra
    Price From: ₹261.00
    DuPont Ferterra (chlorantraniliprole 0.4% GR) insecticide, is an insect control compound for sugarcane pest management from a new class of chemistry, the Anthralinic Diamides. When used early in the pest life cycle, Ferterra prevents the buildup of pest population and maximizes the crop yield potential. Learn More
  10. Nuvan
    Price From: ₹300.00
    Technical name: DICHLOROVOS 76% E.C. Target Pests: Brown plant Hooper ,cutworm/army warm,leaf folder in paddy, Caterpillar in wheat, Leaf eating caterpillar in soyabean, Payrilla in sugar cane, Red hair caterpillar in Groundnut, Painted bug in mustard, Cabbage looper and semi looper in sunflower, Red pumpkin beetle in vegetables, Apple borer in cashew Learn More

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