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  • आखिरी स्टॉक! PI Snailkill - 1 KG

    PI PI Snailkill - 1 KG

    Technical Content : Metaldehyde 2.5% SNAILKILL is an excellent and renowned molluscicide which is a sure death to snails and slugs that are harmful and various pests to many important agricultural crops like Potato, Sweet potato, Carrot, Citrus plants, Grapevine, Tea plantations, Paddy seedlings and also in storage cellars, green houses, mushroom beds etc. SNAILKILL is a ready to use molluscicide. Dosage: Crops Pests Dosage (Per Ha.) Citrus, Rubber, Rice, Tea and Vegetables Snails, Slugs, Giant, African Snails Available in ready to use 2.5% Dust.

    Rs. 1,050.00

  • PI Keefun Insecticide - 250 ML PI Keefun Insecticide - 250 ML

    PI PI Keefun Insecticide - 250 ML

    Technical Content : Tolfenpyrad 15% EC Features Broad Spectrum of activity- Keefun is highly effective against broad range of sucking pest & Chewing & Biting pests ( Diamond Back Moth). Thus, Keefun works as one shot solution for more than one target pests and also reducing the cost of crop protection. Different mode of Action- Due to its different MOA, KEEFUN is an effective tool for IRM tool by rotating with other products to prevent resistance development. Highly effective on insects resistant to the other existing insecticides. Anti- feedent action- Due to its anti feedent action, target pests stops feeding immediately after coming in contact with Keefun. Active on different developmental stages- Due to keefun's activity on different developmental stages i.e eggs, larvae/ nymphs & adults of target pests. Keefun offers fast and effective control. Fast & effective controls on target pests leads to healthy crop. Dosage : Use PI Keefun 1000ml (150g a.i.) per Hectare.

    Rs. 790.00

  • PI Vibrant Insecticide - 1 KG PI Vibrant Insecticide - 1 KG

    PI PI Vibrant Insecticide - 1 KG

    Technical Content : Thiocyclam Hydrogen Oxalate 4% GR Benifits Plants protected by VIBRANT will achieve their full potential and result into more number of Sturdy and Productive Tillers. Application of VIBRANT at recommended time provides effective protection against stem borer in early phase of crop life cycle.Larvae trying to enter the base of Rice plant are checked as they die quickly after coming under influence of VIBRANT treatment The high quality granule formulation is easy to broadcast and dissolves well in water. Dosage : Use PI Vibrant 12.5 kg per Hectare.

    Rs. 328.00

  • PI Rocket Insecticide PI Rocket Insecticide

    PI PI Rocket Insecticide

    Technical Content : Profenofos 40% + Cypermethrin 4%EC Features Ready to use formulation- Synergestic effect with stomach and contact action. Fast knock down and excellent control on hard to control pest. Broad Spectrum- Effective control of eggs and different larval stages of insect. Translaminar action- Controls the pest which are present on lower side of leaf. Application Start application when the insect infestation reaches economic threshold level and repeat at an interval of 10-15 days depending upon environmental condition. Water dilution depends on the type of spray pump and crop growth. Dosage also depends on the pest intensity and crop growth. Stop last application 14 days before harvest of crop. Dosage : Use PI Rocket 1000-1500 ml (440 - 660 g a.i.) per Hectare

    Rs. 280.00 - Rs. 1,070.00

  • PI Nominee Gold Herbicide - 100 ML PI Nominee Gold Herbicide - 100 ML

    PI PI Nominee Gold Herbicide - 100 ML

    Technical Content : Bispyribac Sodium 10% SC Features NOMINEE GOLD controls major grasses, sedges and broad leaf weeds of rice. NOMINEE GOLD offers a wide application window from 2-5 leaf stages of weeds. NOMINEE GOLD gives freedom of need based application only when the weeds emerge. NOMINEE GOLD is safe for rice. NOMINEE GOLD gets absorbed quickly in weeds and results are unaffected even if it rains after 6 hours of application. NOMINEE GOLD has low dosage thus cost effective. Application Method Shake the bottle well before well Targeted weeds should directly be exposed to NOMINEE GOLD spray Use Flat fan / Flood jet nozzle only Ensure uniform spray only Avoid Spray if rain is expected in 6 hrs. Re-flood the field within 48 - 72 hrs. of application. Maintain water for 5-7 days to suppress weed emergence. Dosage : Use PI Nominee Gold 200 - 250 ml (20 - 25 g a.i.)

    Rs. 584.00

  • PI Kitazin Insecticide - 100 ML PI Kitazin Insecticide - 100 ML

    PI PI Kitazin Insecticide - 100 ML

    Technical Content : Kitazin 48% EC Features KITAZIN is a strong systemic fungicide with curative and protective action. KITAZIN is absorbed and translocated through roots, sheath and leaves. KITAZIN is low toxic to mammals and fish. KITAZIN has moderate insecticidal activity against hoppers. KITAZIN has phytotonic effect on the plants. Application Apply KITAZIN under moderate temperature and high humidity weather conditions, for preventive usage or immediately after disease symptoms appear for curative usage. Make homogenous solution of KITAZIN with required quantity of water and spray uniformly on entire canopy of the crops. Repeat the application within 10 to 15 days interval depending upon environmental condition. Dosage : Use PI Kitazin 0.20% Solution Per Hectare  

  • PI Fosmite Insecticide PI Fosmite Insecticide

    PI PI Fosmite Insecticide

    Technical Content : Organo-phosphorous 50% EC Features Broad Spectrum- Works on wide range of chewing and sucking pest. Works even on Mites. Safe and Convenient- Does not leave any undesirable residues at recommended dose. Relatively safer for beneficial insects. Compatible with most commonly used pesticides. Application Method Use 150 - 200 Litre of water volume per acre for effective spray.

    Rs. 278.00 - Rs. 570.00

  • PI Elite Herbicide - 75 ML PI Elite Herbicide - 75 ML

    PI PI Elite Herbicide - 75 ML

    Technical Content : Topramezone 33.6 % SC Application Method ELITE should be applied at 2-5 leaf stage of the weeds. ELITE should be applied in combination with SOLARO & OUTRIGHT. Combined application of ELITE+ SOLARO gives synergistic effects. ELITE+ SOLARO stock solution should be prepared before application. ELITE should be applied under moist field conditions using flat fan nozzle. Benefits Effectively kills all major narrow & broad leafy weeds of corn. Completely safe for all the corn species at all the growth stages. Reduces Crop Weed Competition by killing all major weedsYield increases & cost of cultivation reduces Dosage : Use PI Elite 75 to 100ml(25.2 to 33.6 g a.i.)+ MSO adjuvant @2ml/L water per hectare.

  • PI Biovita Seaweed (Plant Growth Regulator) - 1 LT PI Biovita Seaweed (Plant Growth Regulator) - 1 LT

    PI PI Biovita Seaweed PGI - 1 LT

    Features PI BIOVITA provides over 60 naturally occurring major and minor nutrients and plant development substances comprising of enzymes, proteins, cytokinins, amino acids, vitamins, gibberellins, auxins, betains etc. in organic form. BIOVITA contributes to greater microbial activity when applied to soil and thus increasing the nutrient availability to plants. BIOVITA is an ideal organic product for better growth and productivity, which can be used on all types of plants, whether indoor, outdoor, garden, nursery, lawns, turf, agriculture or plantation crops. Application Method Spray as mist on entire canopy of the plants, using high volume sprayer on field and plantation crops. For small sized flower beds or pot plants, mix 1 to 2 ml of BIOVITA liquid with one litre of water and spray the mixture uniformly on entire canopy. Recommended Dosages FORMULATION CROPS DOSE (Per Ha) BIOVITA Liquid Field crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Plantation crops, Flowers & pot plants, Turf and Lawns Minimum 500 ml 

    Rs. 740.00


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