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  • Coromandel Fantac Plus - Agriplex Coromandel Fantac Plus - Agriplex

    Coromandel Coromandel Fantac Plus

    Product Description:  Fantac Plus is a  L-cysteine-based plant growth regulator it is a combination of all essential amino acids and vitamins required for both vegetative and reproductive growth of plants is an L-cysteine-based plant growth regulator available in the market. It is a combination of all essential amino acids and vitamins required for plant growth. It helps in both vegetative and reproductive growth. It helps to overcome stress conditions.  It helps in better flowering fruit development and yield. Mode of Action: Fantac Plus is Amino acid-based plant growth regulator. They represent building blocks for several other biosynthesis pathways and play pivotal roles during signaling processes as well as in plant stress response cytotoxicity:  What is Fantac plus used for? It is useful for agricultural and horticultural crops. Promotes flowering and reduces flower drop. Improves fruit quality (size, shape, weight, color, shine, etc.). Increases plant resistance to extreme temperatures, high humidity, frost, pest attach floods and drought. Increases crop yield significantly. Dosage: Apply 1-1.5ml/liter for foliar Spray Application Method Direction Of Use - Foliage Spraying Manufacturing Or Marketing Company - Coromandel International Limited Phytotoxicity: No Phytotoxicity was observed when used as per recommended label. Compatibility: It is compatible with all the insecticides and fungicides available in the market. Crop Dose (ml/acre) Vegetables, Cucurbits, Potato 100-150 ml/acre Horticultural Crops 100-150 ml/acre Cash Crops 100-150 ml/acre Cereals 100-150 ml/acre Flowers 100-150 ml/acre    

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