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  • Bayer Solomon Insecticide Bayer Solomon Insecticide

    Bayer Bayer Solomon Insecticide

    Mode of Action: Systemic & contact Product  Description: Bayer Solomon contains time-tested Imidacloprid and Beta- Cyfluthrin in an innovative oil dispersion formulation. It has a combination of systemic and contact properties which gives quick knockdown and anti-feeding effects. It is thus a broad segment insecticide for sucking and biting pests. The oil dispersion based on O-TEQ formulation (patent protected) ensures better rain fastness, optimized retention, and penetration activity. Dosage:0.75-1 ml per liter of water

    Rs. 363.00 - Rs. 3,300.00

  • Roundup Herbicide Roundup Herbicide

    Monsanto Monsanto Roundup Herbicide

    Technical Content: Glyphosate Roundup Herbicides are the flagship of Monsanto’s agricultural chemicals business. Roundup Herbicide and other glyphosate products can be used as part of an environmentally responsible weed control program and fit with our vision of sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. Roundup (glyphosate ) is a non-selective herbicide, which can eliminate almost any type of weed or grass. When the herbicide comes in contact with a weed, it targets an enzyme that is essential for plant growth. It controls very effectively both annual and perennial weeds. It is also used to control weeds in plantation crops, water channels, bunds and open fields. Mode of Action: Non-Selective post-emergent. Dosage: Use Roundup 0.8-1 liter/acre

    Rs. 660.00 - Rs. 3,899.00

  • Anshul Stick Max Wetting Agent Anshul Stick Max Wetting Agent

    Anshul Anshul Stick Max Wetting Agent

    Crop: All the crops where foliar spray is done. Dosage: 1.0 ml per litre of spray solution. Benefits: Better and immediate absorption of Insecticides or fungicides or micronutrients or other fertilizers when sprayed with Anshul Stickmax works as a spreading, penetrating and sticking agent. This will help to avoid drain off. It can also be used with herbicides for maximum coverage and can effectively control the weeds. Stickmax can also be used as cleaning agent, for sprayers and farm machinery at lower cost. It is non-toxic to plants and free from sodium.

    Rs. 77.00 - Rs. 1,402.00

  • UPL Lancer Gold Insecticide

    UPL UPL Lancer Gold Insecticide

    UPL Lancer Gold is designed to help vegetable famers control multiple insect pest cost effectively. It is a combination of two systemic insecticide from different class FEATURES Lancer gold offers a hassle-free premix solution for the management of multiple pests including thrips The active ingredients in Lancer gold Insecticide (acephate and imidacloprid) are water-soluble and readily absorbed by plant roots and foliage to give systemic control of feeding insects. Insect pests are generally controlled more effectively through ingestion than by contact. This insecticide is used to kill both chewing and sucking insects CROPS : Tomato, Potato, Cotton, Brinjal, Cucurbits, Plantation crops, Fruit crops, and Field Crops. INSECTS : Fruit borers, Caterpillars, Weevils, Aphids, Thrips, White Flies, Mealybugs. DOSAGE : 2g/litre of water

    Rs. 350.00 - Rs. 1,120.00

  • Anshul Ansucyper (Cypermethrin 10 % EC) Insecticide Anshul Ansucyper (Cypermethrin 10 % EC) Insecticide

    Anshul Anshul Ansucyper (Cypermethrin 10 % EC) Insecticide

    Technical Content : Cypermetrin 10% EC Contact & Stomach action Anshul Ansucyper is a contact insecticide which contains Cypermethrin 10 % EC. Ansucyper is a synthetic pyrethroid group. Non-systemic, Contact and Stomach action. Ansucyper controls the chewing pests of all crops. Ansucyper does not leave residue in the crops and due to this quality it can be applied a week before the harvest of the crop. Dosage : Use Anshul Ansucyper-1.5-2 ml/liter

    Rs. 271.00 - Rs. 524.00

  • Godrej Gracia Insecticide

    Godrej Godrej Gracia Insecticide

    Gracia is a novel isoxazoline insecticide with broad-spectrum activity. The proactive spray of Gracia immediately after pest incidence ensures a longer duration of control. Its unique mode of action works effectively against both sucking and chewing pests.  Proactive: For bountiful yields, spray at the early stage of pest attack. Power: Effective control in thrips and borers. Its translaminar action ensures that the sucking pests under the leaf also get killed, providing complete protection. Protection: It is environment friendly. It is also safer for beneficial insects and mammals. MODE OF ACTION - It is a gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) - gated chloride channels antagonist. It is a translaminar insecticide effective through ingestion and contact. DOSAGE - Spray: Use Godrej Gracia1ml/ liter of water Crops Target Pest/Disease Dose per Acre (ml/ acre)  Brinjal Leaf hopper, Thrips, Fruit and shoot borer 160   Cabbage Diamond back moth, tobacco caterpillar, semilooper 160   Chilli Thirps, Fruit Borer, Tobacco caterpillar  160  Okra  Leaf hopper, Thrips, Fruit borer  160 Redgram   Spotted pod borer, pod borer 160   Tomato Thirps, Fruit borer  160 

    Rs. 2,300.00

  • FMC Benevia Insecticide Uses FMC Benevia Insecticide

    FMC FMC Benevia Insecticide

    FMC Benevia Insecticide is an anthranilic diamide insecticide in the form of an oil dispersion formulation designed for foliar spray. Benevia insecticide powered by Cyazypyr active exhibits cross-spectrum action on several sucking and chewing insects. An early application of Benevia in the crop life cycle helps the crop with a promising beginning and early crop establishment which paves the way for a superior yield and better crop quality. CROPS - Silverleaf Whitefly (Bemisia Tabaci) And Melon Aphid (Aphis Gossypii) As Well As Suppresses Green Peach Aphid (Myzus Persicae), Tomato Thrips (Frankliniella Schultzei) And Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella Occidentalis). INSECTS/ DISEASES - Cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera), Native budworm (Helicoverpa punctigera), and Tomato leaf miner (Phthorimaea operculella) and Cucumber moth (Diaphania indica). MODE OF ACTION - Benevia insecticide enters larvae primarily by ingestion, but also by contact. Exposure to the pest species typically results in rapid feeding cessation within a few hours of exposure, however, the time to death may take 3 to 6 days, depending upon the species. DOSAGE - 2ml/liter of water SPEICIFICATION Crop Insect/Pest Chilli Thrips, Fruit Borer, Tobacco Caterpillar Tomato Leaf Miner, Aphid, Thrips, Whitefly, Fruit Borer Pomegranate Thrips, Pomegranate Butterfly, Whitefly, Aphid Grapes Thrips, Flea Beetle Cotton Whitefly, Aphid, Thrips, Tobacco Caterpillar, Bollworm Watermelon Thrips, Whitefly, Aphid, Leaf Miner

    Rs. 820.00 - Rs. 1,970.00

  • Sumitomo Glycel Herbicide Sumitomo Glycel Herbicide

    Sumitomo Sumitomo Glycel Herbicide

    Technical Content: Glyphosate 41% SL Sumitomo Glycel is a systemic, broad spectrum, non-selective post emergent herbicide. It is effective in controlling all weeds including annuals, perennials, grassy, broadleaf weeds and sedges. Mode of action: Glycel works by being absorbed into the plant mainly through its leaves but also through soft stalk tissue. It is then transported throughout the plant where it acts on various enzyme systems inhibiting amino acid metabolism known as the shikimic acid pathway needed for plant growth. This pathway with Glycel slowly dies over a period of days or weeks, and because the chemical is transported throughout the plant, no part survives. Crops: Tea, Non cropped areas Weeds controlled: Arundinella bengalensis, Axonopus compressus, Cynodon dactylon,Imperata cylindrical, Kalm grass, Paspalum scrobiculatum, Polygonum perfoliatum, Soghum helepense , other dicot & monocot weeds in general. Dosage: 2-3 ltr/ha

    Rs. 755.00 - Rs. 3,780.00

  • Bayer Vayego Insecticide Bayer Vayego Insecticide

    Bayer Bayer Vayego Insecticide

    Bayer Vayego is a powerful, innovative insecticide that provides quick antifeedant and residual activity on all life stages from egg to adult on a broad spectrum of pests. The quick feeding cessation minimizes potential fruit damage in pome fruit, stone fruit and almond crops, plus a good IPM profile means Vayego is an ideal solution in effective crop protection programs. Vayego has proven efficacy on key pests such as codling moth, light brown apple moth, oriental fruit moth, carpophilus beetle, garden weevil, Fuller’s rose weevil and apple weevil. Active Ingredient: Tetraniliprole 200 g/l Dosage : 0.5 ML Per liter.

    Rs. 596.00 - Rs. 2,766.00

  • BASF Exponus Insecticide BASF Exponus Insecticide

    BASF BASF Exponus Insecticide

    Technical Content : Broflanilide 300G/L SC BASF Exponus® insecticide is a powerful and versatile solution for farmers. Its new mode of action targets even the toughest chewing pests, certain thrips, Black Thrips and leaf miner. It offers quick and effective control over challenging insect populations. It contains Broflanilide 300G/L SC. BASF Exponus® prevents GABA from transmitting inhibitory signals causing over excitation of the nervous system leading to incapacitation of the insect NO CROSS RESISTANCE - Effective on targets which have developed resistance against multiple MOAs BENEFITS Powerful - Effective on resistant and toughest insects. Quick - Spreads and acts fast, resulting in quick control of insects. Versatile - Effectively controls many insects in different crops at different stages. Dosage : Use BASF Exponus Target crop Target Pest/ Insects Cropping Stage Dosage/acre (ml)  Chilli  Thrips & Lepidoptera  1st spray- Active vegetative growth stage with Thrips incidence  34ml/acre  Soyabean  Helicoverpa, Spodoptera & Semi looper spp. With pest incidence.2nd spray- 15days after 1st spray 17ml/ acre Red gram Maruca and Helicoverpa With pest incidence2nd spray- 20- 25 days after 1st spray 17ml/acre  Tomato Lepidoptera spp 1st spray- Before flower initiation2nd spray- before fruit inititation  25ml/acre  Brinjal  shoot & fruit borer  1st spray- Active vegetative growth stage2nd spray- 7-10days after 1st spray  25ml/acre

    Rs. 475.00 - Rs. 2,150.00

  • BASF Basta Herbicide - 1 LT BASF Basta Herbicide - 1 LT

    BASF BASF Basta Herbicide - 1 LT

    Technical Content : Glufosinate Ammonium 13.5 % w/w SL BASF Basta is a borad spectrum, non-selective, post emergent herbicide. Basta contains Glufosinate Ammonium 13.5 % w/w SL. Basta acts by contact action it is safer to the crops than other non-selective herbicides in directed spray. It exhibits better efficacy against certain hard-to kill weed species, which are not controlled by conventional products currently being used by growers. BENEFITS Broad-spectrum: Controls broad leaf and grassy weeds High Efficacy: Controls 'hard-to-kill' weeds like Borreria & Eleusine in tea gardens and other plantation crops. Safety: Being a contact herbicide, Basta is relatively safer to crop when sprayed with hood as compared to the non-selective systemic herbicides. It is safe to environment: No residues in soil, water and plant. Dosage : Use BASF Basta Target Crops Target weeds Dose (liter/acre) Time of application Cotton Echinochloa spp.Dactyloctenium sp.Cynodon dactylon. 1-1.2ltr At active vegetative growth stage of weeds Tea Borreria hispidaImperata cylindricaDigitaria sangunalisCommelina benghalensisAgeratum conyzoidesEleusine indicaPaspalum conjugatum Panicum repens 1-1.3ltr At active vegetative growth stage/flowering stage of weeds use a spray shield to prevent drift on the tea plants.

    Rs. 1,170.00

  • Last stock! PI Snailkill - 1 KG

    PI PI Snailkill - 1 KG

    Technical Content : Metaldehyde 2.5% SNAILKILL is an excellent and renowned molluscicide which is a sure death to snails and slugs that are harmful and various pests to many important agricultural crops like Potato, Sweet potato, Carrot, Citrus plants, Grapevine, Tea plantations, Paddy seedlings and also in storage cellars, green houses, mushroom beds etc. SNAILKILL is a ready to use molluscicide. Dosage: Crops Pests Dosage (Per Ha.) Citrus, Rubber, Rice, Tea and Vegetables Snails, Slugs, Giant, African Snails Available in ready to use 2.5% Dust.

    Rs. 1,050.00

  • Bayer Sivanto Prime Insecticide Bayer Sivanto Prime Insecticide

    Bayer Bayer Sivanto Prime Insecticide

    Technical Content : Flupyradifurone Bayer Sivanto® insecticide precisely targets key damaging pests while helping safeguard beneficial insects to preserve the overall health of your plants and protect your investment in your crops Dosage: 2 mL/L of water. Formulation: SL 200 | Soluble LiquidFS 480 | Flowable concentrate for seed treatment Target Pests: Aphids, hoppers and whiteflies. It is also successfully effective against mealybugs, leaf miners, soft scales, citrus pysllids as well as some weevils, thrips and beetles.

    Rs. 372.00 - Rs. 3,211.00

  • Bayer Velum Prime Nematicide

    Bayer Bayer Velum Prime Nematicide

    Product Description: Bayer Velum Prime is a revolutionary Nematicide that offers long-lasting protection against Root-Knot nematodes. Nematodes attack the roots of the host crop and multiply very fast in favorable conditions resulting in the formation of big knots on the roots. Amongst all nematodes seen in India, Root-knot nematode is most prominently seen and causes substantial economic losses to the farmers. Dosage: Use Velum Prime 2-2.5 ml per lit of water

    Rs. 924.00 - Rs. 8,194.00

  • Excel Mera-71 Herbicide Excel Mera-71 Herbicide

    Excel Crop Care Excel Mera 71 Herbicide ( Glyphosate 71% Sg)

    Excel Mera 71 is a systemic, broad-spectrum, non-selective, post-emergent, herbicide. Excel Mera 71 gives complete and speedy control of hard to kill annual and perennial weeds. Technical Content : Ammonium salt of Glyphosate 71% SG Quicker & Higher absorption. Faster kill as compared to IPA salt. Higher loading (a.i.) per liter. Better control of Broadleaf and hard to kill weeds. Better rain fastness. Cost-effective weed management. Convenient to recommend, use and handle DOSAGE - Use Mera 71, 6-7 gm/liter of water or 1 kg per acre in 150-160 liter of water per acre.

    Rs. 158.00 - Rs. 1,350.00

  • BASF Cabrio Top Fungicide BASF Cabrio Top Fungicide

    BASF BASF Cabrio Top Fungicide

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    Technical Content : Metiram 55% + Pyraclostrobin 5% WG Mode of Action: BASF Cabrio Top is a Systemic Fungicide Benefits: BASF Cabrio Top is mixture of  two active ingredients i.e Pyroclostrobin and Metiram with added power of Zn. Cabrio Top Fungicide improves the quality and yield of your crop with its superior disease control. With its advanced plant health benefits, it gives longer duration protection with lesser sprays. Dosage: Use Cabrio Top Fungicide 2gm per liter of water for spraying on crop

    Rs. 740.00 - Rs. 5,990.00

  • Syngenta Ridomil Gold Fungicide Syngenta Ridomil Gold Fungicide

    Syngenta Syngenta Ridomil Gold Fungicide

    Syngenta Ridomil Gold is a broad spectrum fungicide which contains unique combination of Metalaxyl 4% and Manconzeb 64%. Ridomil Gold provides excellent crop protection due to hyper-systemic uptake and translocation properties. BENEFITS Unsurpassed protection against soil-borne oomycete diseases. Excellent crop protection due to hyper-systemic uptake and translocation properties. Flexible application methods for at-planting treatment. Easy-to-use formulation. CROPS : Potatoes, Grapes, Tobacco, Vegetables, Citrus, Tomato, Turf & Ornamentals. INSECTS/ DISEASES Specific fungicide for control of oomycetes fungi (e.g. late blight and downy mildew diseases). Can be applied to foliage, soil, or as a seed treatment. DOSAGE : 1-1.5 gm/ liter of water.

    Rs. 860.00 - Rs. 1,680.00

  • Corteva Delegate Insecticide

    Corteva Corteva Delegate Insecticide

    FEATURES Delegate provides long-lasting, broad spectrum control of insect pests in a variety of crops. Delegate provide faster kill of insects. Delegate is active by ingestion (stomach poison) as well as contact. Delegate penetrates leaves (translaminar) to provide control of thrips and leaf miner. It is very effective at low rates and has low impact on most of the beneficial insects and non target organisms in field conditions Delegate is winner of ‘The Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award’ in the category for 'designing safer chemicals'. BENEFITS New insecticide with long-lasting broad spectrum control of insect pests in a variety of crops. DOSAGE Use Delegate 180 ml per acre in 200 liters of water

    Rs. 1,182.00 - Rs. 2,045.00

  • UPL Saaf Fungicide

    UPL UPL Saaf Fungicide

    UPL Saaf is a scientific combination of Carbendazim 12% and Mancozeb 63% WP. Its multisite protective and curative action prevents spore germination and ensures double protection from inside and outside. Saaf is compatible with commonly used insecticides and fungicides UPL Saaf is a proven & classic fungicide with systemic & contact action. Most trusted & widely used dual mode of action fungicide A cost effective proven fungicide with both Systemic & Contact action. CROPS AND DISEASES Crop Diseases Chilli Fruit rot,Leaf spot,Powdery mildew Grape Anthracnose, Downy mildew, Powdery mildew Groundnut Blast, Collar rot, Dry rot, Leaf spot, Root rot, Tikka leaf Mango Anthracnose, Powdery mildew Potato Black scurf, Early blight, Late blight Tea Black rot, Blister blight, Dieback, Grey blight,Red rust Paddy Blast CROPS DOSE/PACK SIZE Crop Dose/Pack Size Chilli 300G Grape 1.5 g / litre water Groundnut 200 g for Blast & Leaf spot,2.5 g / kg seed for Collar rot, Root rot, Dry rot &Tikka leaf Mango 1.5 g / litre water Potato 700G Tea 500-600G Paddy 300G

    Rs. 185.00 - Rs. 695.00

  • Multiplex Bactinash-200 (Bactericide) Multiplex Bactinash-200 (Bactericide)

    Multiplex Multiplex Bactinash-200 (Bactericide)

    Product description: Multiplex Bactinash-200 is An immunomodulator of plants. Contact bactericide and bacteriostatic. Bactinash can be used to control bacterial disease like Black Arm, Angular leaf Spot, Bacterial wilt, Bacterial wort, Bacterial leaf blight, Fire blight, Seedling blight, Twig blight, Crown Gall, Sheath Rot, StemRot and Tuber Soft Rot, Stem and Fruit Canker in crops like cotton, citrus, paddy, beetlevine, vegetables.  ACTIVE INGREDIENT: 2 BROMO 2 NITRO-PROPANE- 1,3 DIOL; 95 % w/w Dosage: Use Multiplex Bactinash 0.3 -0.5 g/liter of water for spray or drenching

    Rs. 67.00 - Rs. 672.00

  • BASF Polyram Fungicide BASF Polyram Fungicide

    BASF BASF Polyram Fungicide

    BASF Polyram is broad spectrum contact fungicide for wide range of crops with power of added Zinc (14%) supplement, which helps in better crop health. It contains Metiram as an active ingredient. Polyram has WG Formulation which gives easy dispersion in water & No stains on leaf The granules dissolve quickly and easy to mix. The Zn based formulation makes it much softer on the crops and provides an added nutrient benefit. FEATURES Broad spectrum disease control-Multisite action. More green crop. Ideal rotation partner in fungicide spray programme.

    Rs. 460.00 - Rs. 880.00

  • Bayer Gaucho Insecticide Bayer Gaucho Insecticide

    Bayer Bayer Gaucho Insecticide

    Mode of Action: Systemic Product Description: Bayer Gaucho is an improved, user-friendly seed treatment formulation containing the systemic insecticide Imidacloprid. Gaucho provides protection to the crop against highly damaging sucking pests from day 1 up to 30–40 days, thus eliminating the need for repeated sprays. The reduction of foliar applications makes it IPM (Integrated Pest Management) friendly. Dosage: Use Gaucho 1 to 3 ml per Kg of seeds

    Rs. 272.00 - Rs. 16,127.00

  • Sale -8% Swal Ferio Herbicide - 1LT Swal Ferio Herbicide - 1LT

    SWAL Swal Ferio Herbicide - 1LT

    Swal Ferio is a non-selective, post emergent herbicide used for the control of perennial weeds in plantation crops. It contains Glufosinate Ammonium as a active ingredient. Ferio has got broad-spectrum efficacy that can control broad leaf and grassy weeds. Ferio is contact herbicide, on be safe to the crop spray hood may be used to avoid spill of drift on crops. Borreria/Fern like hard to kill weeds can also be killed effectively in the crops that are planted in rows eg., cotton, chillies, vegetables, grapes, citrus, banana etc. Ferio causes no harm to soil and water.

    Rs. 928.00Rs. 850.00

  • Excel Tricel Insecticide

    Excel Excel Tricel Insecticide

    Technical Content : Chlorpyriphos 20% EC Tricel has a triple action: contact, stomach & vapor to ensure that no pest survives Tricel has a broad spectrum action that controls most of the sucking, chewing and biting insects on various crops Tricel can be used as a foliage spray, soil drench, seed treatment, broadcasting of oil/sand for termite control Compatible to other insecticides and fungicides hence can be used in combination. Dosage : Use Excel Tricel 2 - 4ml Foliar Spray.

    Rs. 360.00

  • Godrej Hitweed Maxx Herbicide - 500 ML Godrej Hitweed Maxx Herbicide - 500 ML

    Godrej Godrej Hitweed Maxx Herbicide - 500 ML

    Godrej Hitweed Maxx is a post emergence selective herbicide for broad leaved weeds control in cotton crop. Weed Stage: 2 -3 leaf stage of Broad Leaf weed.Soil Condition: Moist Soil. Dosage : Use Godrej Hitweed Maxx  250-300 ml/Acre in 200 lts water

    Rs. 1,655.00

  • Syngenta Polytrin C 44 EC Insecticide Syngenta Polytrin C 44 EC Insecticide

    Syngenta Syngenta Polytrin C 44 EC Insecticide

    Syngenta Polytrin C 44 EC Insecticide is a broad spectrum foliar insecticide with acardal properties for use in vegetable crops and cotton against caterpillars, aphids, mites and other sucking pests. CROPS - Tomatoes, Cucurbits and Cotton. INSECTS AND DISEASES - Caterpillars, Aphids, Mites and other Sucking Pests. MODE OF ACTION - Profenofos is a non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach ation. Has ovicidal action on lepidopterous eggs. Cypermentrhin is a non-systemic insecticide with strong contact action, rapid knock-down effect and excellent residual activity. Has repellent effect on flying moths. DOSAGE - Apply at 400ml/acre for vegetables. Apply at 400-600ml/acre for cotton.

    Rs. 291.00 - Rs. 1,116.00

  • Syngenta Polo Zapp Insecticide Syngenta Polo Zapp Insecticide

    Syngenta Syngenta Polo Zapp Insecticide

    Syngenta Polo Zapp is a contact insecticide which contains 47.8% SC Diafenthiuron. Polo Zapp offers unique and effective mode of action against whiteflies and mites on cotton crop. Polo zapp is powered by ZIP, ZAPP, ZOOM technology ensures effective and precise kill of the target insect, thus reducing economic loss.

    Rs. 778.00 - Rs. 3,527.00

  • Syngenta Ekalux  Insecticide Application Syngenta Ekalux  Insecticide uses

    Syngenta Syngenta Ekalux (Quinalphos 25% EC) Insecticide

    Technical Content : Syngenta Ekalux Insecticide contians Quinalphos 25% EC Syngenta Ekalux Insecticide is recommended for use on sucking pests leaf & plant hoppers, leaf roller and semi looper, boll worms, caterpillars, borers, leaf miners etc. on various crops like cotton, groundnut, paddy, vegetables, sorghum, wheat, sugarcane, fiber crops, plantation and fruits crops. Recommended Against bollworms, caterpillars, Borers, Leaf miners, Etc On Cotton, Paddy, Oilseeds And Plantation Crops. Dosage: Dissolve 2 ml of Ekalux in one Litre of water for Spray or 400 ml / Acre

    Rs. 257.00 - Rs. 810.00

  • Syngenta Calaris Xtra Herbicide Syngenta Calaris Xtra Herbicide

    Syngenta Syngenta Calaris Xtra Herbicide

    Technical Content : Syngenta Calaris Xtra Contains Mesotrione 2.27% w/w + Atrazine 22.7% w/w SC Syngenta Calaris Xtra is India's first pre-mix herbicide which delivers better and long duration control of grass weeds and broad leaf weeds. Recommended crops: Corn & Sugarcane Recommended weeds: Grass weeds & broad leaf weeds. Dosage : Dissolve Syngenta Calaris Xtra 1400 ml / acre

    Rs. 1,093.00 - Rs. 4,724.00

  • FMC Coragen Insecticide

    FMC FMC Coragen Insecticide

    FEATURES Coragen® insecticide insect control powered by Rynaxypyr® active is a breakthrough Group 28 mode of action insecticide that delivers excellent protection from target pests BENEFITS This breakthrough technology controls all economically important Lepidoptera & select other species. This unique formulation provides ease for application along with rapid activity, high insecticidal potency, long duration control and an excellent safety to crops & non-target organisms. Working primarily through ingestion, Coragen® insecticide manages insects at all stages from immature to adult stage thereby, providing excellent and long-lasting crop protection. Exposed insects stop feeding within minutes and extended residual activity protects crops longer than competitive options. CROPS AND DISEASES Crop Insect/Pest Sugarcane Termites, Top Borer, Early Shoot Borer Soyabean Green Semilooper, Stem Fly, Girdle Beetle Maize Spotted Stem Borer, Pink Stem Borer, Fall Armyworm Groundnut Tobacco Caterpillar Bengal gram Pod Borer Rice Stem Borer, Leaf Folder

    Rs. 475.00 - Rs. 2,051.00

  • Bayer Confidor Super Insecticide Bayer Confidor Super Insecticide

    Bayer Bayer Confidor Super Insecticide

    Mode of Action:  Confidor Super works as Systemic Insecticide  Product Description: Confidor Super combines the proven properties of Imidacloprid, one of the world's bestselling insecticides, with a superior improved suspension concentrate formulation enabling better absorption and resulting in longer persistence. Confidor Super is very effective against most sucking insect pests.Dosage: Use Confidor Super 0.3 to 0.5 ml per liter of water

    Rs. 309.00 - Rs. 5,774.00

  • Bayer Confidor Insecticide Bayer Confidor Insecticide

    Bayer Bayer Confidor Insecticide

    Mode of Action: Systemic Product Description: Bayer's Confidor contains Imidacloprid 200 SL (17.8 % w/w).  Imidacloprid acts by interfering with the transmission of impulses in the nerve system of insects. It acts by exciting certain nerve cells acting on a receptor protein. Treated insects die as a result of the dysfunction of the nervous system. It is characterized by its excellent systemic properties. Dosage:0.75 to 1 ml per liter of water

    Rs. 182.00 - Rs. 3,163.00

  • Bayer Nativo Fungicide Bayer Nativo Fungicide

    Bayer Bayer Nativo Fungicide

    Product Description: Bayer Nativo Fungicide is a new combination fungicide containing Tebuconazole and Trifloxystrobin. Nativo Fungicide is a systemic broad-spectrum fungicide with protective and curative action which offers not only a disease control but also improves quality and yield of crop. In rice, it improves the yield quality by reducing incidence of dirty panicle in later crop stages. In tomato, Nativo protects foliage from early blight, enhances plant health and lays a strong platform for higher and quality yield. Timely application of Nativo has excellent efficacy for managing mango powdery mildew and anthracnose diseases, which leads to high and quality yield of mango. Nativo protects the flag leaf of wheat from yellow rust and powdery mildew and contributes to improving the yield and quality of grains. Dosage: Use Nativo Fungicide 0.5 gm per liter of water for Spray

    Rs. 92.00 - Rs. 8,523.00

  • Bayer Laudis + Foost Herbicide Bayer Laudis + Foost Herbicide

    Bayer Bayer Laudis + Foost Herbicide

    Technical Name: Tembotrione 42% SC (34.4% w/w)  Description: Laudis is a broad spectrum post emergence herbicide recommended for use along with surfactant for control of broad leaf and grassy weeds in corn. Tembotrione, the active ingredient in Laudis, represents the latest innovation in the well-proven bleacher technology from Bayer CropScience. The addition of isoxadifen, Bayer's proprietary saftener, protects corn from herbicide stress and offers crop tolerance, even under very challenging corn growing conditions.

    Rs. 1,050.00 - Rs. 3,750.00

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