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  • Anshul Phalmax (Liquid Fertilizer) Anshul Phalmax (Liquid Fertilizer)

    Anshul Anshul Phalmax (Liquid Fertilizer)

    Anshul Phalmax is a Bio-activator containing Seaweed Extract, Amino Acid Mixture, Vermi Wash Liquid, Humic Acid, and Fulvic Acid along with traces of Micronutrients. Mode of Application: Foliar spray • It helps plants to grow healthy by absorbing all plant nutrients from the soil at different growth stages. • Helps in better fruit setting, development and maturity of fruits. • It induces disease resistance in plants.• It improves yield both by quality and quantity. Dosage: Foliar Spray: Dissolve 2 to 3 ml of Anshul Phalmax in one liter of water and spray liberally on both surfaces of leaves. Use Anshul Stickmax 1 ml per liter of the spray mixture to increase the spray efficacy.

    Rs. 152.00 - Rs. 522.00

  • Anshul Areca Star (Liquid Fertilizer for Arecanut) Anshul Areca Star (Liquid Fertilizer for Arecanut)

    Anshul Anshul Areca Star (Liquid Fertilizer for Arecanut)

    Anshul Areca Star is the microbial consortium containing nitrogen fixing bacteria (Azotobacter and Azospirillium), Phosphate Solubilising Bacterias and Potash Mobilizing Bacteria along with Zinc solubilising Bacterial and plant growth promoting bacterial strains. Mode of Application: Soil application and Drip irrigation • Helps in better fruit setting • Keeps plant healthy and green •Increases number of bunches • Prevents premature dropping of nuts • Prevents cracking of nuts • Helps in avoiding soil borne diseases. Dosage : For drip irrigation: Use 2 litres of Anshul Areca Star for one acre of land. For soil drenching: Dissolve one litre of Anshul Areca Star in 200 litres of water and drench each plant with one litre of prepared solution.

    Rs. 965.00 - Rs. 4,586.00

  • Multiplex Sampurna (Multi Micronutrients) Multiplex Sampurna (Multi Micronutrients)

    Multiplex Multiplex Sampurna (Multi Micronutrients)

    Mode of Application: Foliar Spray Product Description: Multiplex Sampurna contains all essential plant nutrients like major nutrients – N, P, K; secondary nutrients–Ca, Mg, S, and micronutrients like Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Boron & Molybdenum. It contains a high quantity of magnesium & potassium and it is ideally suitable for Banana crops.  Dosage: Dissolve 2.5 ml of Multiplex Sampurna in one liter of water and spray on both surfaces of leaves.4–to 5 sprays are recommended for the banana crop. First, spray 45–50 days after transplantation. Second spray: 40 – 45 days after the first spray. The third spray: should be given as cone treatment (250 ml of solution per plant: 2.5 ml of Multiplex Sampurna /liter of water) 40 – 45 days after the second spray. Fourth spray: after 20 – 25 days of bunch initiation and Fifth spray after removing flower head.

    Rs. 244.00 - Rs. 3,677.00

  • Multiplex Aadhar Bio Fertilizer - Liquid Multiplex Aadhar Bio Fertilizer Benifits

    Multiplex Multiplex Aadhar Bio Fertilizer - Liquid

    Technical Content: Azospirilium brasilensis Mode of Application: Soil Application Product Description: Multiplex Aadhar is a Bio-fertilizer that contains Azospirillum spp. a free-living nitrogen fixing bacteria. It fixes atmospheric nitrogen to the soil and is useful in the cultivation of several non-leguminous & vegetable crops. It induces plants to produce beneficial hormones like IAA, GA, Cytokinins, and several vitamins. It also induces plants to produce antibiotics which inhibits soil & plant pathogens. Dosage: Mix @ 250 ml / 2 kg of Aadhar with 100 kg of well-decomposed farmyard manure or Multiplex Annapurna and broadcast in the main field just before transplant/sowing.

    Rs. 80.00 - Rs. 1,725.00


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