Effective Management of Leaf Spots in Arecanut

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Pest and disease are common issues in any well-grown plantation of areca nut, coconut, rubber or any other plantation crop. Most farmers are aware of the plant protection measures that need to be taken up for general pests and diseases. But, in a few cases, novel or emergency new Pests or diseases would leave them confused about the right protection measures. Meanwhile, in the process of figuring out the right control measure, the pathogen would have spread to a wider area resulting in economic loss. 

Devastating and wider spreading areca nut leaf spot has been reported to damage both young seedlings to adult palms. The occurrence of this disease is mostly confined to post-rainy and summer seasons. The wrath of this disease was first identified in Tripura state later on it was reported in several states like Karnataka, north Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This blog throws light on the causative agent, disease symptoms and management practices.  

Causative agent 

Leaf spot in areca nut is caused by Phyllosticta arecae and Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes fungus. According to agricultural scientists occurrence of this disease can bring down the yield by 55 to 60 per cent. Leaf spot disease will not only reduce the yield exponentially but also have a long-term negative impact on the growth and development of the palm. 

Disease symptoms

Areca fronts will have greyish-brown spots surrounded by yellow Halo. Lower two fronts are usually more susceptible to this disease and the severity of the same has increased in recent days. However, as the disease incidence progress, the leaf spots enlarge in size and merge to form a bigger spot and the colour of the infested area darkens and turns black. Initially, these leaf spots can be noticed on the underside of one or two leaves later they will spread to adjacent leaves very rapidly leaving the entire farm with no healthy trees.   




  • The first and foremost aspect of the management of any disease is the discarding of infected portions and while doing this it is necessary not to drag the infected fronts as it might result in the deposition of pathogens into the soil. 
  • Generalized remedial measures like preparation and spraying of Bordeaux mixture can be helpful during the initial infection stages. 
  • This disease infestation is severe in plantations where the soil is having less potassium content or an unavailable form of potassium. 

Recommended Products - Dr. soil Slurry (k Mobilizing), Anshul Kmax, Multiplex Shakthi, Multiplex Only K

  • Application of 350 to 500 kg lime per acre is also necessary along with that spraying of the following products would be ideal

  • Two sprays would be required 
  • 1st - Multiplex Ziddhi or Anshul Suraksha + Multiplex Bio jodi + Multiplex Nagor 
  • 8 Days later - Adama Bumper or Crystal tilt + Multiplex Bio jodi

Other Products 

Multiplex Ziddhi

Anshul Suraksha

Multiplex Bio jodi 

Multiplex Nagor

Adama Bumper

Crystal Tilt

Dr soil soil slurry (k mobilizing)

Anshul K max 

Multiplex Shakthi



Multiplex Ziddhi - 2g

Anshul Suraksha - 2ml

Multiplex Bio jodi -5g

Multiplex Nagor - 2ml

Adama Bumper - 2 to 2.5 ml

Crystal Tilt - 1 ml 

Dr soil soil slurry (k mobilizing)

Anshul K max 

Multiplex Shakthi 


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