Zinc - Vital Micronutrient for paddy

Zinc - Vital Micronutrient for paddy 

More than half of the world's population relies on rice as a staple food crop. Paddy cultivation has been practised by humans since time immemorial. Presently it is grown all over the world and extensively in Asian countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam etc. The majority of the land used for paddy cultivation is low land, meaning it is grown in submerged conditions. Soil nutrients play a pivotal role in paddy growth and development, a balanced application of major, secondary, and micronutrients is required to reap the benefits of increased production and productivity.

Healthy paddy crop in field Healthy Paddy Panicle

Zinc (Zn) is an important nutrient for paddy next to nitrogen and phosphorus. According to soil scientists, Indian soils are deficient in Zn.  By 2025, 63 per cent of Indian soils are predicted to have insufficient Zn concentration. The first person to notice and report the Zn deficiency in paddy grown in north Indian calcareous soils was Dr. Nene Y L.  In paddy, it is the most pervasive micronutrient disorder. In India, this condition was referred to as Khaira disease of rice.

Broadcasting of fertilizer to paddy field

Zinc deficiency and its role in plants

The Zn deficiency in soil is caused due to several factors like flooding, low total zinc in soil, Unavailability to plants due to fixation, high phosphorus application, high pH, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium and low organic carbon. Zn is required for most enzymatic activities, including photosynthesis, protein synthesis, and hormone synthesis. Application of Zinc appropriate rate to paddy crop would increase yield by 10-15 per cent. 

Reasons for Zinc deficiency

Symptoms of Zn deficiency in paddy 

Yellowing of leaves, chlorosis, bronzing, shortening of internodes and rosetting are common symptoms observed when zinc is deficient in soils. However, in the case of paddy symptoms like young leaves exhibiting chlorotic midribs which later turn mild brown (as referred to as brown blotches). Stunted plant growth in patches and spikelet sterility are also common. Zinc nutrient deficiency in paddy is prevalent from nursery to harvest stage hence, management of Zinc deficiency in paddy is crucial for boosting the crop yield. 

Zinc deficiency in paddy crop Brown blotches in paddy leaf  Zinc deficiency exhibited on paddy leaves

Management of Zinc Deficiency


Multiplex Zinc B (Bio fertilizer) or Multiplex Trishul (VAM)


Anshul Mono Zinc Fertilizer or Anshul Zinc Max Fertilizer or Multiplex Swarna Zn fertilizer or Multiplex Zinc Sulphate fertilizer


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