Best maize seeds for Southern India

Best maize seeds for Southern India


Maize is one of the most important crops cultivated in India. It is frequently referred to as the "queen of cereal crops." It is the only grass family crop that does not produce tillers. It is used as food, feed, and fodder. Maize is grown all over the world, but it is especially popular in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. Maize is grown extensively in the country as demand for it rises year after year. It is critical to choose the right seed for the right location. Using quality seeds promotes early crop growth and results in good silking and cob filling. This blog depicts the most popular maize seeds on the market for increasing yields.



Pioneer Seeds


P3396 and P3344 are two famous high yielding maize seeds for Kharif sowing in Andrapradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Maharastra. They produce uniform cobs which are longer in size, high shelling percentage and excellent yield. 




Dekalb DKC 9178 and DKC 9081 are two hybrids suitable for southern India. They are very high yielding and produce attractive cobs that are long and robust, the number of rows per cob is high. Their performance is excellent if the nutrient management is appropriate.




Syngenta is a big name and maize seeds like NK7328 and NK30 Plus are very popular amongst maize growers in their own unique ways. NK 7328 produces high grain weight, excellent tip filling in cob and produces orange colour seeds. NK 30 Plus maize hybrids have heavy grain weight, early maturing nature and are high yielding. 


CP seeds 


CP seed has become popular in the cotton segment of late. C.P. 818 seeds with High yielding, excellent grain colour and good drought-tolerant nature are being extensively used by farmers. C.P. 333 seeds are also high Yielding with an enlarged ear, and deep kernel colour. 


Tata Dhanya Seeds 

Tata seeds - DMH 8255 are high yielding and produce cobs which are cylindrical and slightly tapered at the end with deep orange colour. 


Hytech seeds

Hytech Sona - 5101 is a high yielding hybrid tolerant to lodging and diseases. Big thick cylindrical ears with superior quality grains are reasons for its popularity among growers.  


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